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  1. I've not got a faceplate like that...mines 1 peice.
  2. Xbox only chaps
  3. Yeeeeehaaaaaa...bucks fizz
  4. Yeah bop3 not been as good past 2 weeks tbh.....suddenly noticed it...still struggle with the odd game...but it's not the same it was 2 wks previous. Still plays better than iw.....even ghosts does.
  5. I really don't know why folk on here are getting the hump about it...it's free. Like i said in another post where someone else was throwing their toys out the pram, i'd rather have a stable build than for them to rush it out and it being a failure cause you moaning idiots are....well....moaning. It's a big update, i'm sure they are all doing the best they can, yes maybe they shouldn't of given an estimated date, but i'm not crying about it. So, shut up, and wait patiently like i and other folk on here have. Rant over.....yet again.
  6. Yes the duma is connected. Cheers matey. Have a good weekend pal.
  7. Cheers BD.....it's for a friend. I'll pass that on.
  8. Anyone recommend a replacement for the bt homehub 4? Its going to connect to the duma. One that is reliable please...thanks in advance. Bazza.
  9. Nice one. Still trying to get my head around photoshop. I make the customised mugs and stuff....so it's hit and miss with the programme at mo.
  10. Bloody hell Ben,,,thats friggin ridiculous m8. Kicked ass and you get banned for being good, heard it all now. Community has gone to pot. Your as calm as anything, so it can't be you said anything.
  11. Christ Ben....God knows what your scores are like now....they were good before you sorted this out, lol.
  12. Sorry I was just horsing around.
  13. On a serious note...I'm putting £5 on v-neck......it's a good jumper.
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