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  1. I think I also set my location on geo before adding the xbox filtering
  2. It was in game for call of duty... But I think I fixed it. I probably needed to restart the router after updating which I thought I did with factory reset or I changed the nat filtering to secured instead of open idk what I did exactly but I did manage to fix it
  3. I did it manually and I still getting matched to a 80 ping server it was just working fine before I downloaded the beta
  4. How do I revert back... I miss the geo filtering to actually filter lol
  5. Thanks, another thing is ever since I downloaded the beta on xr500 it's not recommending filtering mode at all or when I manually click the filter enable it won't filter anything in games at all I'm still joining high ping server compared to before where I had two very near me with average ping of 19-20 and now I'm in 60-90 ping lobbies... I have the same set up as previous firmware with strict mode enable and filtering enable. I did all the troubleshooting like clear clouds and stuff and I'm still getting into those high ping lobby... Anything that I need to do? Any update?
  6. How can I even enable that feature on my xr500 after I downloaded the .img version of 3.0? I don't see it at all
  7. Please and thank you! I'm glad to hear that 😊 please let us know so we can flush
  8. I can't play Apex at all it keep telling me authentication fail. I flushed the clouds and still. I also whitelisted a couple of bs and I still get sent to the main screen
  9. Thanks for the honesty if I knew this I wouldn't buy this router as I'm thinking of just buying another one. The holy reason I bought it it in the first place was because of the geo filter and the ping assist so I could play at the lowest ping as this thing promised. I have reduced it to 90% but lets be honest gaming needs fast upload speed and my Max is 35 and 90% of 35 is not 15 Mbps like I'm losing a chunk here and it's not my isp fault cause I connect to modem and I get all my speeds weird huh.
  10. I flushed the cloud so many times and Apex is unplayable... It keeps sending me back to home screen when I try to join a game. Geo-filter doesn't work on destiny because I'm matching with people from California or Australia and I set mines with destiny profile which is 2000 km around my state in Connecticut. I cannot see my average ping for destiny I only can see my peer to peer connection and they're roughly 30-40 ping. I'm pissed off on why I'm losing my speeds I pay for.
  11. Hello, I'm honestly having a frustrating time gaming honestly. I bought the xr500 about a year ago now and it's running the latest update, I play on Xbox and I'm the only one using the network so only my Xbox is wired in and my cell phone is wireless. I did everything on the guide and everything you can think off. My first issue was I can't play Apex legend because of filtering mode. It only allows me to play when spectating mode sadly so I gave up on Apex thanks to this experience. Now I've been playing destiny 2 and it's inconsistent and noticeable latency I've set the profile for destiny etc did ping assist as well it's just bad. Now when I did testing on Xbox, I lose an incredible amount of speed and this is frustrating because I'm paying alot of money and payed alot of money by buying this router. What I pay for is 230 download/ 35 upload and what I'm getting even after disabling qos and traffic prioritization is 172mbps download and 15.41 Mbps upload. At the moment I'm seriously frustrated why,? Because I spend 300+ dollars and i cant even contact customer support because I have to pay for that as well.
  12. Yes only with Apex at the moment it's frustrating. I could only play if I have it on spectating mode.
  13. I'm currently having this problem and it's been happening since I got the xr500
  14. I've seen your videos... I followed some of your advices but you never did a dslreport results or gameplay... Example like sims video. Idk I feel laggy and it's not butter smooth like what I used to have openwrt with cake script. Also perfect scores. I understand that what one admin is saying about dslreport not being accurate but I can feel it and see it on real time gameplay.
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