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  1. Please and thank you! I'm glad to hear that 😊 please let us know so we can flush
  2. I can't play Apex at all it keep telling me authentication fail. I flushed the clouds and still. I also whitelisted a couple of bs and I still get sent to the main screen
  3. Thanks for the honesty if I knew this I wouldn't buy this router as I'm thinking of just buying another one. The holy reason I bought it it in the first place was because of the geo filter and the ping assist so I could play at the lowest ping as this thing promised. I have reduced it to 90% but lets be honest gaming needs fast upload speed and my Max is 35 and 90% of 35 is not 15 Mbps like I'm losing a chunk here and it's not my isp fault cause I connect to modem and I get all my speeds weird huh.
  4. I flushed the cloud so many times and Apex is unplayable... It keeps sending me back to home screen when I try to join a game. Geo-filter doesn't work on destiny because I'm matching with people from California or Australia and I set mines with destiny profile which is 2000 km around my state in Connecticut. I cannot see my average ping for destiny I only can see my peer to peer connection and they're roughly 30-40 ping. I'm pissed off on why I'm losing my speeds I pay for.
  5. Hello, I'm honestly having a frustrating time gaming honestly. I bought the xr500 about a year ago now and it's running the latest update, I play on Xbox and I'm the only one using the network so only my Xbox is wired in and my cell phone is wireless. I did everything on the guide and everything you can think off. My first issue was I can't play Apex legend because of filtering mode. It only allows me to play when spectating mode sadly so I gave up on Apex thanks to this experience. Now I've been playing destiny 2 and it's inconsistent and noticeable latency I've set the profile for destiny etc did ping assist as well it's just bad. Now when I did testing on Xbox, I lose an incredible amount of speed and this is frustrating because I'm paying alot of money and payed alot of money by buying this router. What I pay for is 230 download/ 35 upload and what I'm getting even after disabling qos and traffic prioritization is 172mbps download and 15.41 Mbps upload. At the moment I'm seriously frustrated why,? Because I spend 300+ dollars and i cant even contact customer support because I have to pay for that as well.
  6. Yes only with Apex at the moment it's frustrating. I could only play if I have it on spectating mode.
  7. I'm currently having this problem and it's been happening since I got the xr500
  8. I've seen your videos... I followed some of your advices but you never did a dslreport results or gameplay... Example like sims video. Idk I feel laggy and it's not butter smooth like what I used to have openwrt with cake script. Also perfect scores. I understand that what one admin is saying about dslreport not being accurate but I can feel it and see it on real time gameplay.
  9. I'm connected to the modem and my nat is open. Everything is ok except sometimes I can't connect to certain party chat due to the Geo filter I believe. The Geo filter is probably the most useful kit in this xr500 but man it's so frustrating even if my Geo is set to around my area I'm supposed to be good with no lag and I get it we can't control all the lag but man everytime I shoot at someone I'm dead accurate I'm usually a 3.0kd in any if not most shooters, to feel that I did everything right on my part but I'm still getting punish. I don't have access to pingplotter sorry I don't own a PC or laptop to download. I'm currently running 70/70% and my Xbox is priority as game console, my total bandwidth for up and down are 200 down/35up max. Geo filter is set to my area and it's set to 2000km radius, strict mode, auto ping host, 25 ms for ping assist. Sometimes I even have difficulties logging in to Apex legends I waste literally 30-45min just to get in just so it could happen again I'm fed up I increased the radius etc still hit or miss. As for destiny I use the destiny profile and same issues sometime when I go against another person. You guys need to implement sqm/ cake or something because that was way better for me than this sorry. If you can attempt in helping please... If I see a difference I'll cancel the return process. Because I'm not having fun and so as many user out there even content creators.
  10. Alright I just recently spend almost $300 on the xr500 for my gaming experience. I play on Xbox one mainly shooter and the only games I play are cod, Apex legends, destiny2. I am frustrated I did everything optimally suggested from the dumaos yet I have a horrible experience when gaming. Example! If I see my target first and I shot first and I did everything right on my part I shouldnt be the 1st one to die instantly. So I knew something was off because it was like this for the other games so I went and tested my bufferbloat on dslreport.com even though you guys are telling me use pingplotter etc I'm not wasting my time downloading a free trial of bs when I clearly feel the difference in my gaming and dslreport is accurately confirming it... I seriously need some help if not I'm just going to return this product. Like $300 of false advertisement? Wow!
  11. I have this exact problem and it's frustrating because I spend a lot of money for false advertisement. I feel it in my gameplay and my dslreport says it, simple!!
  12. Will it fix my bufferbloat? Cause man I'm so close in returning this real quick!
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