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  1. Why is your upload 1000 and not 500? But the download is 21000? Is there any reason behind it, I’m just about to try the settings out 😉
  2. Have you tried Advanced Tomato? Not sure what’s the difference in the two, I will give the BW Limiter a try, Can you also priorities ports on Fresh Tomato? 😉
  3. What speeds do you recommend to try and beat Lag Compensation?
  4. What speeds do you recommend to beat Lag Compensation?
  5. What’s the settings knomax? Gonna give them a try .... 👍
  6. Just installed Duma 3.0 on my R1 and I can't join any party chats at all 😕
  7. Can I get access as well please? 😀 Thank you
  8. Yes, VPN’s are always going to be slower Unfortunately.
  9. Okay, I’m on Xbox, You have tips for that?
  10. What platform are you playing on? Xbox/PC etc ...
  11. Excellent, I'll give it a try, what percentage do you throttle down on your QoS? Alos any more tips you got?
  12. Where did you find these settings from? Any reason why you added 1514 to the HTB Quantum?
  13. I don’t think you can, This is only with the Edge Router X.
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