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  1. Yes, VPN’s are always going to be slower Unfortunately.
  2. Okay, I’m on Xbox, You have tips for that?
  3. What platform are you playing on? Xbox/PC etc ...
  4. Excellent, I'll give it a try, what percentage do you throttle down on your QoS? Alos any more tips you got?
  5. Where did you find these settings from? Any reason why you added 1514 to the HTB Quantum?
  6. Are these the default settings? Might try them my self
  7. I don’t think you can, This is only with the Edge Router X.
  8. I tried Gargoyle for MW and I just kept melting people it was so unfair, I used knomax settings, But for Apex is different 😕
  9. Okay, do you play Apex at all? I'm having a hard time with the lag comp 😕
  10. Have a look at this, Might work well for you might not, It works well with my internet https://gist.github.com/nsapa/74ff69256f86381fd329
  11. are you using a netduma product as well or just the DD-WRT Router?
  12. What’s your setup with the edge router X? Are you using a Netduma product with it?
  13. What Router firmware you currently using now? What’s your setup? I tried gargoyle and it was amazing for MW! But I’ve stopped playing the game now and moved over to Apex Legends but the hit detection is horrendous on the game, No firmware will solve it ☹️
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