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  1. Still unable to play Apex with the Geo-Filter enabled even with the update recent update on Apex. Is there away around this? Thanks


  3. The Geo-Filter better when you load the game up with spectating mode then turn on filtering mode when on main menu, For me anyways :)
  4. Hopefully the new update will resolve the issue, then the geo filter can do its job 🙏
  5. Yeah your right, The same with PUBG also unable to use the Geo-Filter on that, It was worth a try for you guys to get it working tho, At least you tried 😉
  6. Yeah, Definitely needs looking into, I'm unable to use the filtering option at all 😩
  7. Apex not working well with the Geo-Filter for me, Won't let me connect to the servers 95% of the time, When it does work it won't let me play again after the game has ended, I need to dashboard and restart the game, I'm playing on Xbox, When Geo-Filter is off it works alright, It didn't work well on PUBG either, I've flushed the cloud also 😀
  8. I would advise to enable cookies for your settings to save 😉
  9. I have Gold camo for my ICR-7 but all the reactive is locked?
  10. I Love Astro equipment, I have the Astro A40 TR pro headset and the Astro a20 headset for the ‘Xbox’ I will be certainly getting this if they do release a controller for ‘Xbox’ Thanks for the Intel BIG_DOG 🙏
  11. All sorted now Fraser, I re-installed the firmware now everything is running smoothly
  12. ID 2e5f11dcfccdaeb3 ID 2e5f0dd8fccdaeb3 ID 2d5f8d58fcccaeb3 ID 2e5fa36efccdaeb3 ID 2d5ffcc7fcccaeb3 ID 2e5f5d28fccdaeb3 ID 2d5f03cefcccaeb3 ID 2e5f6f3afccdaeb3 ID 2d5fe1acfcccaeb3 ID 2e5f0fdafccdaeb3 - Showing as Peer, I believe its dedicated server as is 10ms ping and domain is Choopa P.S these are really good Dedicated servers
  13. Still having issues with the AntiBufferbloat, Only way it changed if I reboot the router. Will there be a fix for this soon? :)
  14. I had it set to always but it didn't save it, I had to unplug the router for the changed to take effect, I have now factorey resetted the Router. When will we get a cloud update, I keep find terrible laggy games (peer) with migrating hosts all the time?
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