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    DanyKTM reacted to Netduma Fraser in Xr500 et Netduma   
    Vous n'avez pas besoin de jouer à un jeu en même temps. Cependant, il semble que vous comprenez ce que vous faites. Tenez-nous au courant
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    DanyKTM reacted to Netduma Fraser in Xr500 et Netduma   
    Ce n'était pas ma seule réponse. Chaque connexion est différente, nous ne pouvons donc pas toujours modifier tel ou tel paramètre car il ne s'appliquera pas à tout le monde. Parfois, vous devez expérimenter en fonction de votre connexion. Bufferbloat / lag se produit lorsque le réseau est saturé, c'est-à-dire lorsque beaucoup de choses se produisent sur le réseau. En faisant ce test, vous affinez vos paramètres pour éliminer le décalage, qu'il y en ait peu ou beaucoup. Nous sommes une entreprise anglophone, nous faisons de notre mieux pour communiquer en plusieurs langues comme je le fais actuellement. Je traduis la page en vous parlant, vous pouvez faire de même sur le guide. S'il y a des parties sur lesquelles vous n'êtes pas clair, dites simplement et nous vous aiderons, il n'est pas nécessaire de parler de cette façon car je vous aiderai malgré tout. Je sais que vous êtes frustré mais ensemble nous pouvons l'améliorer.
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    DanyKTM reacted to Netduma Liam in Can the r2 not take 1g speeds or something?   
    OK fair enough, I'll see if there's a way we can replicate this on our side and have it resolved for the next update!
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    DanyKTM got a reaction from Netduma Liam in Can the r2 not take 1g speeds or something?   
    ok here my conclusion, 
    After some testing yesterday, I have never been able to have the speeds detected by the router over 750 up and 200 down. even with disabling QOS or never checked, DMZ or by PPoE. Returned to version .66 first gear detected 960 up and 780 down. I believe there is still work to be done. I look forward to the next update.
    Thanks and greetings
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    DanyKTM got a reaction from PrizonerOfFaith in Can the r2 not take 1g speeds or something?   
    thank you @Netduma Fraser I will try when I get home
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    DanyKTM got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Can the r2 not take 1g speeds or something?   
    thank you @Netduma Fraser I will try when I get home
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    DanyKTM got a reaction from Netduma Liam in Can the r2 not take 1g speeds or something?   
    I had to go back to the old .66 software because version 3.0, I am not able to have more than 300mb while with the .66 software I get above 900mb / s. I will wait for the next update
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    DanyKTM reacted to Zippy in Latency - Lag - Issues   
    If you are using Bandwidth by Application it is very possible that the game your playing doesnt fall under the category of Gaming.. It could be that its falling under Uncategorized.. Something to think about anyway..  It is best if you dont know to keep everything equal.. Hope that helps.. From my testing everything for me is Uncategorized..And shows as such.. 
    Hope that helps!
    Btw if you see the screenshot above that Jack_DK posted.. Where he allocates alot of bandwidth to Gaming.. That is something I wouldnt do unless your positive that the game your playing falls under Gaming..
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    DanyKTM reacted to Netduma Liam in Latency - Lag - Issues   
    Welcome to the forum!
    Sorry to hear this, how have you got Geo-filter and QoS configured? Making sure these two are correctly optimised will be instrumental in fixing lag-related issues.
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    DanyKTM got a reaction from Locosano in Warzone - Significantly more latency   
    with your speed, please try to put 100 % both QOs and put this to never.  I know its weird but I got better game play with this. my internet speed is 900-750 MB 
    I guess the QOs is very good for lower speed internet like 30-5.
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    DanyKTM reacted to BIG__DOG in Warzone Bot Lobby Servers   
    Please be respectful to other members of the forum, theres no need to be rude or disrespectful to others. Also @titofuenla is a forum member and does not represent Netduma in any way and his opinions are his own.
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    DanyKTM reacted to Kyusuke39 in COD CW(PC): How can I have the NAT type: "Open" while on a wireless connection?   
    Yes, I tried various methods with my ISP Modem.
    In fact there's a whole different thread, involving it.
    One of the reasons I got a CM1000V2 is because my ISP Modem wasn't great and whatever we tried didn't work.
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    DanyKTM got a reaction from Kyusuke39 in COD CW(PC): How can I have the NAT type: "Open" while on a wireless connection?   
    Stupid question,
    Did you tried it only with your ISP modem ? Are you able to get open Nat on PC and PS4 ?
    For my side, I tried many thing and I wasnt ever able to get open nat on PC and PS4, so now, My Pc show me open nat and my PS4 moderate and I cant see anydifference.
    But yes It should be good to be able to have open nat on both.  The fact is, PS4 and PC use both 3074 to get open nat, but we can't apply manually 3074 for 2 differents consoles
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    DanyKTM got a reaction from Kyusuke39 in COD CW(PC): How can I have the NAT type: "Open" while on a wireless connection?   
    could you try 3074 for PS4, and also make sure you have static IP adress on it
    and put 3075 for your PC with static IP adress. both wired.   I tried many time to do this by myself, but I never tried to put 3074 for ps4 and 3075 for PC.  maybe you will get luck !
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    DanyKTM reacted to Kyusuke39 in COD CW(PC): How can I have the NAT type: "Open" while on a wireless connection?   
    Shit man, I wasted a good 4hrs trying to fix it through tech support and I finally did it myself.
    I simply had to change the connection type to DHCP.
    Now back to the original purpose of this thread, I will proceed to test what was suggested for my issue 😄
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    DanyKTM reacted to AlexType-R in Connecting XR500 to Bell HH 3000   
    Ok thanks for the input. The thing is I didn't put the XR500 into advanced DMZ. All I did was disable wifi and disable dhcp on the HH3000 and entered my b1 username and password on the XR500. It's working great I just bought the other box so I don't have to see the huge Bell modem but I guess I can live with it lol.  
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    DanyKTM reacted to AlexType-R in Connecting XR500 to Bell HH 3000   
    Ok so in the end i disabled wifi and dhcp on my bell hh3000 and did pppoe on the xr500. Everything works and open nat on my ps5. The only thing i disabled was the 20/40hz coexistance and dont really know what wmm is so didnt touch any of those settings. Thanks guys for all the input
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    DanyKTM reacted to Netduma Fraser in Connecting XR500 to Bell HH 3000   
    Hey, welcome to the forum!
    Yes you can change that on the Bell but no real need, setting it statically would be preferred as you're using the DMZ. You use the LAN IP so to access the XR interface. Seems like you've got the right idea so far!
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    DanyKTM reacted to N3CR0 in New patent exposes Activisions control changing real time attributes of a player based on skill/KD (REAL TIME!!)   
    Its not just gaming. Look at social media. We are doomed to self destruct.
    I really wish I could move to Mars. I'm sure the peoples there are much nicer than the ones here.
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    DanyKTM reacted to Mossberg in smooth cold war   
    Landing the first shot and hitting your follow up shots are all connected. If you can’t control recoil, when YOU THINK you’re hitting all of your shots, you’re actually missing which allows someone like me to turn on someone and still kill them. 
    I’m not disputing that there are people with REALLY BAD CONNECTIONS and it actively works against you no matter how good of a player you are.
    Dude, if you have a 3 k/d what are you responding to this thread for? I had over a 2.5 k/d in MP(when I did play) and have over a 4 k/d in Blackout and Warzone(which I actively play). My point is...disregarding my connection, I have a GOOD shot. I have waaaaaay more good games than bad ones as you should too.
    TRUE STORY: A few years ago, a friend of mine kept referring to my connection being so much better than his and that he was “behind” when we played together(BR’s, Fighting Games, etc). Well, I went and visited him out of state (was actually visiting my family) and for shits and giggles, I played on his “behind” connection. Literally, it felt like I was playing on my connection. I was killing people as normal. At that point, HE realized it was his own skill that held him back, not his connection. I even thought I would play bad based on what he was saying about the connection. It simply was not true. Since then, I have NEVER heard him mention “connection” being an issue and he theoretically plays better because of it. 
    I only say these things because I notice a lot of average to below average players use “bad connection” as a crutch. Based on the above story and how miraculously, I have moved several times since then, had difference ISP’s and I still play the same. I have shitty games like anyone else but finding the next great tweak or router hardware is not what I think about when that happens. 
    This will personally be my last response to this topic because I’m trying to down anyone. There are legitimate issues with connections, servers, hardware, software etc but after all of those issues, MOST of the time, it’s likely the person is simply not as good as they THINK they should be. 
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    DanyKTM reacted to stenmars42 in smooth cold war   
    I´ve been playing shooter games since Quake 3, back then with those shitty internet speeds I never had any problem like this. If you were a good player you noobs didn´t have a chance until they get better. As you wrote, this is only for cod. I never had any problems like these with Battlefield, Apex was good as well, although there I could also notice if there were issues with connection or not. Apex also have SBMM if I´m correct, but its more subtle than in cod. I´ve been asking streamers as well about this, but I´ve never got any response either. I´ve asked smaller streamers where the connection seemed really nice, but never got any replies. I´m baffled that with millions of subscribers they don´t get questions like these and they don´t see stuff like these. Sometimes I´m thinking that its only my connection, but I´m not sure. One day, I´ve been playing Cold War for half a day, then quit after being too frustrated of the delays. The next day on the first match I was 24-0 and I clearly had an advantage over the others. It was just too unfair. People were shooting my back then I turned and melted them with 3 bullets. Its not that they were really bad players, but I haven´t lost a single gunfight even when they shot first from close range. I understand the concept of SBMM, but this solution to delay others so you have more time to react is bullshit. I don´t have any problems getting killed by more skilled players, but loosing every face to face gunfight regardless of close or long range is not normal.
    I really wanted to enjoy cod games, but things like these are very frustrating. I thought that connecting to only servers would solve my problems, but thats not the case. To my closest server I have 20 ping. If I get fair deaths in a match I don´t care, but clearly loosing gunfights because of delays is infuriating.
    COD multiplayer connection is getting worse and worse for me. Of course this way holding the hands for the noobs will get them more money. I understand that these youtubers will only upload good matches , but I don´t know if they have a smooth gameplay all the time or only when abusing the SBMM. Thats all I wanted to know nothing more.
    Also, maybe I just shouldn´t compare my experience to those in the US, as there are a lot more players, more servers and better internet providers. I don´t want to prove to anyone how good I am or to argue wheter its my skill or not is the reason, because I can clearly see even from one gunfight how good the match will be, like you. I´m not sure if the majority of the cod gamers can notice these or even care, which is sad and thats why they can get away with this.
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    DanyKTM reacted to Netduma Fraser in How does this work?   
    Hey, welcome to the forum!
    Sorry to hear you're experience hasn't been great so far.
    Firstly, you've not got Filtering Mode enabled so you're just letting the game put you where it wants to. Remove it from the Geo-Filter, then go to the Device Manager and give the device the PlayStation device type, then add it back to the Geo-Filter and select the manual option, then ensure it is in Filtering Mode.
    When you search for a game not all servers may appear at that time, the game will put you on any one of those within the radius. So it may be more beneficial for you to use Polygon mode or reduce your radius to cover only the servers you exactly want, then search for a game.
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    DanyKTM reacted to Netduma Fraser in 2 routers, 1 modem   
    You could do ISP router (XR in DMZ) > XR500 in router mode (R2 in DMZ) > R2 for wired devices and see if that is more stable for you.
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    DanyKTM got a reaction from patoche2520 in J'abandonne..   
    Se jeux A le SBMM aussi ?,  Le problème est que au lieu de te mettre contre des joueurs qui on environ le même ping que toi, il te place dans des parties avec des gens qui on les même skill que toi.  Donc tu peux te prendre contre des joueurs qui ont 160ms et d'autre 30 ! ensuite tu as les lag compensation etc etc.  Je pense que se doit être les serveurs aussi.  Faut laisser le temps au jeux de s'adapter.  Quand tu te prend 3 ou 4 bullshit du genre, quite la partie et trouve en une nouvelle. regarde ton géofilter et garde ceux que sa va bien et enleve ceux que sa va mal.  c'est long mais après quelques jours te sera que sur de bon serveurs !  ces routers sont excellent mais faut prendre le temps de bien configuré  bon jeux !
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    DanyKTM reacted to patoche2520 in J'abandonne..   
    mtu :1472 ? tu veux dire mtu: 1472+28...donc 1500
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