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    DanyKTM reacted to Netduma Luke in ANNOUNCEMENT: DUMAOS 3.0 IS HERE   
    Hi Everyone,
    Today we are delighted to announce that signups for the DumaOS 3.0 beta are now open - this will be gradually rolled out to everyone who signs up, over time.
    This is a big step. It means that after many months of hard work, we are now ready for you guys to begin testing 3.0 on your DumaOS powered routers.
    What is in DumaOS 3.0?
    It’s named 3.0 for a reason. It marks the next generation of DumaOS, our router operating system. Not only will 3.0 come with a whole bunch of new features for your router, we have also overhauled a tonne of things under the hood which will make it far easier for us to get new features to you in the future.
    So far, we have announced four of the eight major features coming in 3.0. You can read more about each of them here:
    Geo-Fencing: draw multiple Geo-Filters of any shape around your favourite server banks Application QoS: prioritize the traffic that matters the most to you by allocating bandwidth by application type e.g. gaming, streaming etc. Connection Benchmark: run a pure test of your Internet line to find out how stable your ping is and if you are getting your full bandwidth speeds Traffic Controller: block any applications, ports or devices from accessing the Internet. Feature 5: Announcing Soon Feature 6: Announcing Soon Feature 7: Announcing Soon Feature 8: Announcing Soon Further feature reveals will be posted on our blog here: https://netduma.com/blog/

    How do I Signup?
    Netduma R1 owners - go here: https://netduma.com/r1-dumaos-3-beta-signup/
    Nighthawk Pro Gaming users (XR300, XR450, XR500, XR700) - go here: http://www.netgearinnovation.com/dumaos-beta/index.html
    When will I get the beta?
    When making a major software update like 3.0, it's normal for things to not be perfect at the start. So as much as we would love each and every one of you to get your hands on 3.0 right now, it would be risky for us to do it in one go.
    Instead we will be phasing the roll-out, starting off with a small number of testers. Once things are looking good, we will add some more, then more, gradually increasing until everyone who has signed up has received the upgrade.
    When we are ready for you to join the beta you will get an email into your inbox with instructions on how to join. Please be patient - we will email you when we are ready.
    We want to thank you for your support and patience during the development of 3.0. We are very aware that it has taken time. But it really has been worth it. It has allowed us to take DumaOS to the next level. Work is already underway on 3.1 and we're working on some seriously big features that will give you even more control over your lag and your network.
    We hope you have fun testing 3.0.
    The ND Team
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    DanyKTM reacted to Netduma Alex in DumaOS 3.0 Beta   
    Big announcement today. Keep it locked to our social media!
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    DanyKTM reacted to Netduma Fraser in MW update 1.21 Nat Type Issues   
    I wouldn't use all those methods for the ports as it could cause conflicts, DMZ would be easiest to leave and remove the port rules. It sounds like you do have an open NAT, the Geo-Filter can cause misreadings so change it to Spectating Mode before you boot up the game. If it says open then it is a misreading and you can enable it again and ignore the moderate reading from then on.
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    DanyKTM reacted to Netduma Fraser in Only use Netduma's Geo-Filter feature, but use qos function from Asus Router   
    Hey, welcome to the forum!
    Yes this would work with the XR300 but I would say you'd definitely be missing out on the state of the art QoS that the XR series provides with DumaOS.
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    DanyKTM reacted to N3CR0 in Defeat MW Lag Compensation!   
    It has options for console so not PC only.
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    DanyKTM reacted to Sable in Defeat MW Lag Compensation!   
    Nuke I got Last night on shoothouse.
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    Having a good Internet line is a vital part of every home- whether it’s getting high speeds for streaming to having a stable line for gaming. But current ways of measuring your line are inaccurate, since they can only run on your home devices and not on your line itself. We designed Connection Benchmark to solve this problem.
    Connection Benchmark is a pure test of your Internet line, measuring all the key metrics you care about with extreme accuracy. This lets you find out if you’re truly getting the Internet speeds you pay for, and how high quality the line to your home really is.
    Because the test runs directly on your DumaOS Powered router rather than from a PC or phone, it is the most accurate and powerful test of its kind. It cannot be weakened by a poor connection between your device and your router like a normal speed test can, giving you the ultimate insight into your home connection.

    Each test you run will grade your line based on your speeds, ping and bufferbloat results, indicating whether there’s a problem and informing your QoS settings. Soon you will be able to find out how your results compare to other people in your region or on your ISP, so you can see how well supported your area is and whether your home falls below average.
    DumaOS 3.0 is the biggest update we have ever built, effectively doubling the feature set. Connection Benchmark is just one of many features coming to your router with DumaOS 3.0, so stay tuned for our next feature announcement.
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    DanyKTM reacted to Netduma Admin in Cod port forwarding help   
    No worries - just let us know if we can help with anything. I would also recommend checking out our optimal settings guides here: http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/folders/16000090646
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    DanyKTM reacted to Netduma Fraser in Cod port forwarding help   
    Hey, welcome to the forum!
    I have the same VM 350 plan as you so I can tell you what I do, which works for me on console and PC. Firstly you'll need to get the WAN IP from the System Information page on the XR300 and put that into the DMZ on the VM Hub. Then you shouldn't actually need to use port forwarding as UPnP should open the ports for you. If it doesn't then perhaps an easier way so that it works for both is to switch from NAT Secure to Open in WAN Settings.
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    DanyKTM reacted to Crazy Cat in COD MW Packet Burst   
    Free to try if you want, I can tell you that my result is that I receive 1/10 of packet explosions compared to before.
    I deleted over 500 friends between psn and activision and made sure that the ones left activision were only from xbox and pc.

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    DanyKTM reacted to Fuzy in réglage routeur XR700 aide !   
    Il ne faut, je pense, surtout pas mettre un PC dans le DMZ !
    Tu peux fixer les différentes IP  (DHCP) dans le XR700 mais ça ne sert à rien à part si tu veux ouvrir définitivement un port bien particulier.
    Le mieux est de laisser l'UPNP faire le travail !
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    DanyKTM reacted to MySettingzSucks in Did i just get lag switched???   
    CoD is broken. It dosn’t have anything with skills to do. Without connection on your side your pointless. The Game plays diffrent on what settings you play with and who you play with. Playing solo strict played well on my older router then my newer ones. Playing party is random depend on who you play with and what settings they are using. Hit detection is going to change if your mate changes his QOS settings next game. (Its true I tried it today) And yes game is really random and these youtubers have the ”right” settings and ofc they are good but without the right settings even I’am pointless. It’s nothing wrong with our connections, its the game own ”lag comp” bullshit. Broken game.
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    DanyKTM reacted to Netduma Luke in COVID-19 and what it means for Netduma   
    Hi Everyone,
    We hope you and your families are keeping safe.
    The virus is going to be a challenge for everybody, but at Netduma we are doing everything we can to power through it. Some of us are now working from home, but we will not let it slow us down in delivering DumaOS 3.0 to you. After all, the quality of your online gaming & home network is an even higher priority than before!
    We will also be keeping all our support channels open as usual in case you're having any problems.
    The whole team is safe and we hope you are as well.
    The Netduma Team
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    DanyKTM reacted to kinel in Astro mixamp pro tr   
    Just updating zalias has a new stro mixamp preset for patch 1.14  its been out over a week now
    i just thought ide let forum members know
    I will ddit this postwith the link soon
    As i writing this on my ps4 so i cant paste links on it
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    DanyKTM reacted to PurpleHaze in Hybrid VPN   
    Yea not too sure what else needs to be done but it sounds good to me 👌👌
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    DanyKTM reacted to Seye in Caddy 1.2   
    Candy 2.1 just like Redbull mentioned open it type in your router IP and login details then port number depending console ps4 3074 I think xbox is 3075?Hit connect then search for a game, disable Netduma os Classified game under traffic prioritization. 
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    DanyKTM reacted to N3CR0 in I give up   
    Can't polish a t***. CoD's algo is whats wrecking our gameplays.
    No router can fix whats broken in the game.
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    DanyKTM reacted to RedBull2k in Caddy 1.2   
    When you decide to use my app to prioritize specific ports, just click start and it will keep running until you stop it.
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    DanyKTM got a reaction from Joe in Breakthrough connection - Gameplay feels good finally!   
    I'm glad for you if your settup works !! but for me, the geofilter it not a better thing cause I leave far from the server, If I try to force the server just next to me, I not anjoy the game like I play with only MS. I put the circle of the middle of the ocean and I set to 30ms, it is very good in black ops 4 but for MW I do not find a good setting because this game is very unplayable for me.
    My appologie for my english, my first langue is French 😅
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    DanyKTM reacted to Jayd150 in xr500 downgrade   
    thanks so much hope the 3.0 come soon andfix my problem
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    DanyKTM got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in whats going on   
    Thank you all,
    I made one more factory reset, I means by the pinhole in the back,
    and now, all good.  I get the red back screen an usual.
    I was little bit confused, but the map in black n white was pretty nice no ?? lol 
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    DanyKTM got a reaction from Newfie in whats going on   
    Thank you all,
    I made one more factory reset, I means by the pinhole in the back,
    and now, all good.  I get the red back screen an usual.
    I was little bit confused, but the map in black n white was pretty nice no ?? lol 
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    DanyKTM got a reaction from Killhippie in whats going on   
    Thank you all,
    I made one more factory reset, I means by the pinhole in the back,
    and now, all good.  I get the red back screen an usual.
    I was little bit confused, but the map in black n white was pretty nice no ?? lol 
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    DanyKTM reacted to Netduma Alex in whats going on   
    As Killhippie says, this could be caused by a browser caching issue or a browser extension/plugin. Try a different browser, or an incognito/private window in your current browser. If that works, you'll want to disable extensions or whitelist DumaOS, and you'll want to clear cache. You can do this quickly in Chrome by pressing F12, right-clicking the refresh button and choosing Refresh and Hard Reload.
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