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  1. by detected, I am talking about the speed that the router gives me after a reset. I always try with a speed test with different server.
  2. ok here my conclusion, After some testing yesterday, I have never been able to have the speeds detected by the router over 750 up and 200 down. even with disabling QOS or never checked, DMZ or by PPoE. Returned to version .66 first gear detected 960 up and 780 down. I believe there is still work to be done. I look forward to the next update. Thanks and greetings
  3. thank you @Netduma Fraser I will try when I get home
  4. allo, Patoche, j'ai essayer le 3.0 sur le XR500 et ce n'est pas encore au point, probleme de vitesse, avec la version .66 j'Ai mon 1000mb/s et avec le 3.0 jai peine a avoir 300... j'Ai dû retourné au vieux software.
  5. I had to go back to the old .66 software because version 3.0, I am not able to have more than 300mb while with the .66 software I get above 900mb / s. I will wait for the next update
  6. this new feature name Bandwidth allocation for applications can be the cause of lag ? how work this setting, how this apply knows is it a gaming appli ? I tried to put more bandwidth and put those equal and I've seen no différence. #netduma team can you explain me please.
  7. with your speed, please try to put 100 % both QOs and put this to never. I know its weird but I got better game play with this. my internet speed is 900-750 MB I guess the QOs is very good for lower speed internet like 30-5.
  8. you need to get dumaos 3.0 on it. you can get it to netgear website
  9. Stupid question, Did you tried it only with your ISP modem ? Are you able to get open Nat on PC and PS4 ? For my side, I tried many thing and I wasnt ever able to get open nat on PC and PS4, so now, My Pc show me open nat and my PS4 moderate and I cant see anydifference. But yes It should be good to be able to have open nat on both. The fact is, PS4 and PC use both 3074 to get open nat, but we can't apply manually 3074 for 2 differents consoles
  10. depend of your internet speed, XR500 is very awsome, R2 is a littlebit buggy but Dumaos work on it and XR1000 will be a beast ! otherwise, the ASUS ROG (GT-AC2900) should be good too but I never tried it. Netgear and Dumaos give to you a excellent services ! trust me
  11. could you try 3074 for PS4, and also make sure you have static IP adress on it and put 3075 for your PC with static IP adress. both wired. I tried many time to do this by myself, but I never tried to put 3074 for ps4 and 3075 for PC. maybe you will get luck !
  12. could you give a quick call to your ISP, I guess they can help you to DMZ your router or just where you can unable UPNP or you can try or or Like the R2 is
  13. you should call Bell. I don't think you can do that. you absolutely have to enter your Bell ID in a Bell machine. I have the same setup as you. advanced DMZ in my HH3K with ports forwarded, open nat ingame. Bell fibe, in my opinion is not the best connection for gaming on COD. I still have a little delay but with the XR 500 and the QOS help a lot for a good connection stability
  14. I have the same issue here, but I has open nat on PS4 on Moderate on PC, actually, I dont think that change something, I got pretty same lobby, I have same KDR PC and PS4 I can play with my friends without issue. I only have UPNP on, no portforward. I've tried many thing but I've got same thing. I keep an eye on this thread !
  15. on my side connected with the R2 I have a lot more lag than connected with the XR500, But one thing is certain I must put QOs a never. if I check auto or always I am much more late. UPNP on or port forward, no difference, warzone and multi.
  16. Se jeux A le SBMM aussi ?, Le problème est que au lieu de te mettre contre des joueurs qui on environ le même ping que toi, il te place dans des parties avec des gens qui on les même skill que toi. Donc tu peux te prendre contre des joueurs qui ont 160ms et d'autre 30 ! ensuite tu as les lag compensation etc etc. Je pense que se doit être les serveurs aussi. Faut laisser le temps au jeux de s'adapter. Quand tu te prend 3 ou 4 bullshit du genre, quite la partie et trouve en une nouvelle. regarde ton géofilter et garde ceux que sa va bien et enleve ceux que sa va mal. c'est long mais après quelques jours te sera que sur de bon serveurs ! ces routers sont excellent mais faut prendre le temps de bien configuré bon jeux !
  17. hello, I tried the ISP modem connection - R2 - XR500 (apmode) this weekend the problem is that I often lost the WIFI. I tried with mirror on and off. No difference. For the moment, because we need WIFI (telework and home school) I reconnected everyone to the ISP's wifi. I had closed the wifi on the R2, just kept the wired connection. I also had 2 or 3 restart of the R2 just this weekend. before we used the WIFI of the ISP modem and I kept the R2 just for my PC and PS4 no WIFI. I had never noticed any problem. but with the addition of the whole family on the XR500 in AP mode and the R2 as a switch, it didn't really work Ideas ??? Thanks again for your excellent work
  18. ok, I put R2 in DMZ in my modem, I let the UPNP ON in R2 and connect XR500 APmode for the WIFI ? UPNP on obviously
  19. I live Québec Canada, north east america. I play with Geofilter, I select only north east server and it is working well, If you do not set your geofilter well, you will pair with server outside your radius. I already tried circle and polygone, XR500 and R2, if I thck strict mode, I will pair with server inside radius.
  20. Hello Yall, I want to connect my to gaming router on this way, see the picture. I tryed with UPNP ON in my ISP modem and UPNP ON on each router and I can not get open NAT If you put one in DMZ mode, I can get open NAT. My question is, How should I config the modem with the R2 to keep UPNP ON on my router and get all good port forwarding. I have my whole familly to connect it, I mean tablet, cell phone, portable, PS3, PS4 Chorme cast, gaming PC etc etc... I want to separate my network because, me, I want to configure my router without mess with the other device. I want to connect my PS4, PS3 and gaming PC right in my XR500 and the other stuff in my R2 for the WIFI, should I put the R2 in AP mode ?
  21. if you do not have any issue, you should keep it like this, but if you want to do some test, you can do port forward. I recommand to restart console and router after you do some change. also I recommand to you to disable UPNP if you do Port forward because you can cause some port conflit
  22. exactly ! SBMM play with our nerves, ok, do this test. Play 3 games without kill someone or 1-2 no more. after that you will see, the game will find you a new lobby. you should get a bots lobby. you will destroyed them 2 or 3 games in a row and after that the game will find you a new lobby, and now you will play against good and try hard players.
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