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  1. That's what I'm hoping. Appreciate the replies
  2. Could be. It's not a big deal to me currently since nothing I have currently supports wifi 6. Great router otherwise. Though I think the R2 does a better job as handling ping under load. Thankfully my connection doesn't get loaded when I game
  3. I'm not seeing it anywhere. Maybe @Netduma Fraser can chime in
  4. Yeah I figured as such. I do not see any options for PMF
  5. See that's the thing. I keep getting disconnects with AX on. So I ended up disabling it. Nothing I have supports it currently but it still is unfortunate.
  6. Actually one more question sorry, should I keep AX on and MU-Mimo off? Or both on? Or just AX off and MU-Mimo on?
  7. Last question, for when I'm manually adding packets to prioritize, it has an option to "Apply to WAN" would you suggest that or no?
  8. You sir are a legend, that did it thank you. Also what are you doing working on a Saturday lol
  9. Just installed the .50 update from Netgear's site, did a factory reset, and still am getting this weird bug, otherwise it seems to work okay. Any idea what I can do about this if anything?
  10. I have 400/20. If I'm doing a big download I just set it to never and let it finish before gaming.
  11. Yeah that's how I understand it. Also. I almost never saturate my connection so buffer bloat shouldn't be an issue if I understand it right. Is that correct?
  12. It did it for me on the R2 as well until I started tweaking it, then stayed relatively flat. Not so on the XR1000 after tweaking it. And apparently the 500 too
  13. @Netduma Fraser Is there a planned cloud update to add the Cold War servers to the geo filter?
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