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  1. It's been six months now, was curious if one is in the works?
  2. Here you go, I will also note, I was able to repeat the issue. The first game I was able to connect just fine, then backed out, tried to connect again. And the error occurred again.
  3. I just looked, I currently have nothing blocked. I have four servers "allowed" but that is it. I recently had to factory reset due to not being able to access the interface at all even after a reboot. I attached a screenshot below of when I initially load the game, and when I go to search for a game in that order. The 2nd image is when I get the error. Funny enough, I got into a when I first tried. Backed out, searched again and that's when I got the error. I do have an open nat. I had to port forward to achieve this but it seems to have stuck. Before it would not but I believe portforward.com updated the ports needed to achieve open nat.
  4. I tried doing the same thing. It might be beyond your control. Your organization could have some sort of settings that only they can change. At least that was the case for me. In other words, I don't think it's your router.
  5. I have the below configuration, which should be more than enough for the geo filter to find matches. I keep getting the error "unable to join party" this is with an XR1000
  6. Anything on the interface being slow after a few days and requiring a reboot?
  7. Hey @Netduma Fraser any key changes with this beta software? I might be interested in it
  8. I unfortunately have done this also it’s not like the speeds are “slow” I just wonder if this router has a threshold where it can’t handle qos.
  9. Yeah I did that already, I set it to the exact speeds I’m supposed to be getting.
  10. I can achieve the advertised speeds (935/35) with QoS disabled, but whenever it's enabled despite congestion set to "never" I'm usually 200mbps or more off of the full speed. Just so I don't go crazy, can this router handle QoS for these kinds of speeds? These are over ethernet, wireless I don't expect to see those speeds. IPV6 is disabled, my set up is a ubee EU2251 (Spectrum 3.1 modem) and the XR1000.
  11. Awesome, I wasn't sure if packets were fighting each other, etc. But one thing I will add, I removed an "obstacle" that being an unmanaged gigabit switch. So now a 50ft Cat 6 cable runs from my modem to router. Idk if the switch would've been causing issues, but I thought if I don't NEED it, why use it.
  12. So I haven't done the factory reset yet, i've just cleared browsing data/cache and it seems okay now. I'll report back on that. Another question though. After playing a few rounds of COD Cold War, I had this many packets already filtered. (Image attached) is that correct?
  13. I honestly don't remember. I'll have to try it after work. If that doesn't work what would you suggest next?
  14. I use an XR1000 with firmware, I've already tried setting them to 5 also.
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