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  1. Anything on the interface being slow after a few days and requiring a reboot?
  2. Hey @Netduma Fraser any key changes with this beta software? I might be interested in it
  3. I unfortunately have done this also it’s not like the speeds are “slow” I just wonder if this router has a threshold where it can’t handle qos.
  4. Yeah I did that already, I set it to the exact speeds I’m supposed to be getting.
  5. I can achieve the advertised speeds (935/35) with QoS disabled, but whenever it's enabled despite congestion set to "never" I'm usually 200mbps or more off of the full speed. Just so I don't go crazy, can this router handle QoS for these kinds of speeds? These are over ethernet, wireless I don't expect to see those speeds. IPV6 is disabled, my set up is a ubee EU2251 (Spectrum 3.1 modem) and the XR1000.
  6. Awesome, I wasn't sure if packets were fighting each other, etc. But one thing I will add, I removed an "obstacle" that being an unmanaged gigabit switch. So now a 50ft Cat 6 cable runs from my modem to router. Idk if the switch would've been causing issues, but I thought if I don't NEED it, why use it.
  7. So I haven't done the factory reset yet, i've just cleared browsing data/cache and it seems okay now. I'll report back on that. Another question though. After playing a few rounds of COD Cold War, I had this many packets already filtered. (Image attached) is that correct?
  8. I honestly don't remember. I'll have to try it after work. If that doesn't work what would you suggest next?
  9. I use an XR1000 with firmware, I've already tried setting them to 5 also.
  10. That brings me to my next concern, the Ping Heatmap. After about a day, it refuses to load and I have to reboot the router for it to load again. And even then it takes a couple mins. Honestly its getting frustrating. In the meantime I decided to use an older trick, make my home location in the center of the Atlantic and use ping assist lol. That seemed to work okay. I wish we could schedule reboots for this router. I wouldn't care as much then about having to reboot it daily. Though, I shouldn't have to at all not for a flagship type of router. I've already done multiple factory resets, and am on the latest firmware. I've tried disabling browser cache and doing a hard reload on my browser too to make it reload and nothing. Sorry, I really do like Netduma software, and would like to stick with it.
  11. That did it. Thank you. So another question, well more of an opinion but I'm curious what you think. With the heavy SBMM in COD now, it seems like that if I draw a polygon around a specific server (in my case the server in Washington state is the best for ping) it won't connect, it just says unable to join party as it's about to join a match. As soon as I disable filtering it stops. Very frustrating because I know my ping would be good. Overall it is for the most part. But i'd like to be able to control it (after all that is a big feature for Duma OS). Any suggestions regarding this?
  12. Lately whenever I try doing a ping test, they all fail. How do I fix this?
  13. It seems to, but it could be just the servers, i was playing league play at the time. Oh btw, how do I get the tutorial to stop popping up for every screen I open? lol
  14. It's not bad in game, I can't tell if it's the servers (COD: Cold War) or not but I get random bits of lag here and there. I'm almost certain it's the server because other games don't seem to have this issue. Side note, that screen shot was from what the auto setup suggested. I did some tweaking and got this result. Auto set up had download at 55% and upload at 99%. I left the upload alone and ended up having to go all the way to 25% on the download to get this result. I'm basically limited to my connection itself at this point I feel. After all i do live in an apartment complex on a coax connection. At least I'm the closest out of anyone to the tap (its outside my window straight down)
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