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  1. Hi All, Few questions, ive noticed the XR700 is no longer for sale but the XR500 is? Is there a reason for this. Should i really be swapping the xr700 for the xr500 maybe?
  2. Currently i have my setup as ONT - BT Hub 2 - XR700 Is there any reason this is worse than ONT - XR700 I ask because i want to get the best possible connection, and in my head having that extra device for the internet to pass through makes me think it will weaken the internet some how if u get me. Should i be running ONT - XR700 Cheers!
  3. Can anyone post photos of what they mean by resetting? Im going to try this and see what it does but not sure how to do it. Cheers!!
  4. Its as if the QoS isnt working properly to my Gaming PC. So instead of application I changed it to Device to check. Lowered Gaming PC to 0.5 upload and 3 download. Everything else was 11 Download and 1.0 Upload. Ran a speed test on speedtest.net and my gaming PC is 11 down and 1 up... So its matching everything else at 3% on the sliders and not my gaming PC on 1% share. I have the PC set as a console, it is also in priority on QoS at the bottom etc. Unsure what's going on here really. Its worked before but just stopped working this time round after resetting the router. Weird!
  5. Hi, me again! So remember (i imagine not with all peeps on here ha) but when i was updating firmware and it wouldnt connect my devices on latest firmware but would on the older.... i found the fix it was i had to change my username and reconnect everything so before it was Marsden. Now MarsdenHome and it works now on latest software. That just for your info to help if your having the same issues... here are the issues i need fixing or advise on.. 1) I have my PC ip set, I have it as a ps4 in device type, i have it set as priority in QoS. But when i lower my internet for 'games' to say 1% it dosent do it. The speeds i am getting are for everything else. So the 1st phot games is set to 1% giving speed of 0.4... when i load warzone and in game and run a speed test, the speeds given are the 12% ones. Does anyone know why or what i am doimg wrong here? 2) On geofilter i have read that if you put your circle in the sea and set the ping assist to 30ms it should get you into closer lobbies etc. Previously i have had this work fine, but now it will load me into a game and them randomly disconnect me from the game mid game.. anyonr know why? Or what to change to solve this? Cheers all
  6. I noticed the first time using it it helped massively, then leaving it meant netflix etc was abit rubbish. Turned it back to 1500 then when going back to 680 it didnt work as well second time. Going to run that website test thing to see if a different figure would give a different outcome.
  7. PIPLOWE I COULD FUCKING KISS YOU!!!! It worked for me ladies and gentlemen, full speeds, full ping.... changed MTU value to 680 which was good for me... here is the results!
  8. This is my before and after for MTU, At 1500 i get a peak of 40ms, at 680 i get a peak of 20ms.. Why does mine shoot up drastically at start and then calm down? Is that something in my settings or just something i cant change
  9. Thanks alot for sharing that Piplowe - Im going to have a try tonight and see if it works for me or not. Will be able to come back with the results but appreciate the time and effort into replying =]
  10. Gonna try this tonight!! Quick one tho when you said you start at 1500 and lower by 100 and test each time. What result are you looking for if u get me, like what you trying to find! Thanks for sharing this btw
  11. You may need to read full post bro, ive not once claimed the usb ethernet is better than a regular ethernet. Ive actually stated its worse.
  12. No mate, dont use nolag at all. Gonna do much more testing, but will come back once i have the answer!
  13. Can i DM u it fraiser as i dnt want everyone knowing because the more that know the more that will use it the more useless it becomes if u get me
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