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  1. Just tried to follow that guide - Wireshark installed but the bit where it says to filter by udp.port==67 didnt give me any results.. Why is all this shit so hard !!
  2. Not sure - from what I read u dont put it in PPPoE but dunno. As for WIFI - I upgrade and nothing connects says cannot find IP address
  3. Hi, I Have read a few posts now but cant find anything I have just switched from BT to SKY and want to get my setup as Modem >> XR700 >> Internet Instead of atm Modem >> Sky Router >> XR700 >> Internet Reason is with current setup I am getting SUCH bad LAG and Packetloss!! I am on version XR700 V1.0.0.20 I use this version as its the only one that works for my WIFI I have upgraded to XR700 V1.0.1.38 to test it and still no option I read that you set up the Does your setup req password to NO but then I cant see an option for 61 - Username and Password? I have the Username and Password from sky already just need to find where you input it?! I see the Client Identifier String (Option 61): but this just has a blank box and no option for a username or password! Cheers
  4. Some of them I cant - I just don't get how it dosent work! THis is the ONLY router that it dosent work with? Every single other router i use works totally fine
  5. Tried this - Still my wifi devices dont connect... Some do - some dont! EG my phone wont
  6. Hi, I could really do with this sorting please, there must be a fix! If I update to latest software on the XR700 my WIFI devices cannot connect. Says Couldn't get IP address on mobile phone, if I go back to the .20 software, all wifi connects totally fine! I have updated, then rebooted and also factory reset to try see if that works and none of that has worked... There must be a FIX as this has been happening all year now. Cheers
  7. I connected to my phone - Shots were SLAYING.... except game was lagging like jolting which i dont get normally Just proves somethings up with my internet on wire
  8. I just used my phone and hit det was amazing just a shame i lagged lol
  9. So I have noticed alot on Lag Compensation: Here is my thought... Gladly hear you guys out. The game FAVOURS the average ping - Below = BAD ... High = BAD Go onto Twitch - Watch all the streamers - Jukeyz, Lenun, WarsZ, Tommey etc etc etc and check out there ping. There PING is always 27-60ms ALWAYS, when you watch them there shooting people and killing with 4 bullets VS my whole clip.. and just so you know i am not a NOOB i have a 2.5 KD on WZ, which is that low because of my lag COMP.... I run at a 19ms ping, I believe this is what is causing my lag... I have VPN to a server that gives me 50ms ping and I SLAAAAAY!!! The only issue with VPN is that I have to be host etc. SO, we need a way to increase our ping. I think this fixes the issue. I have read LOADSSSS on ping, but cant find anyway to solve it. I found a programme to do it for me but it only gives a 30sec trial and works perfectly in WZ but obv 30sec isnt long enough to test it - It is then approx. £180 for the software which I am not prepared to pay for! I have tried THROTTLING my speeds, although it does FEEL like my bullets hit better - It doesn't feel as smooth. No body I have spoke to or forums have any idea how to increase ping, I have asked EVERYWHERE... I have tried using longer cables, different routers, cheaper routers... ISP router.. My ping is always sitting at 19ms on WZ (8ms on Speedtest.net) If we can figure a way to make our ping 30ms I believe this is the FIX What are your thoughts??
  10. Hi All, I am having a little trouble with the USB Storage - I have plugged in a SeaGate Storage 4TB External HD into the USB slot on the XR700, if i go into readyshare on the router settings it shows it as connected \\readyshare\USB_Storage I then go onto my 1st PC, go to my computer, right click and select add network locatiion. I press the Browse and its there totally fine. (I had to turn on network sharing in settings) I then goto my 2nd PC, go to my computer, right click and select add network location..... Nothing there I then goto my 3rd PC, go to my computer, right click and select add network location..... Nothing there I then goto my 4th and its same as above! I Then have no idea how to access it from my mobile phone either. Anyone any ideas how this properly works cos i am confused. Cheers!
  11. Hi all, Is there a way to raise my ping without geofilter. Ive read so much about lag comp, when you watch the 'pro' streamers etc they all sit between 30ms and 60ms... they shoot first, kill first.. there bullets hit hard!! They slay.. Im not a noob, average 2.5kd player. So its not that am missing shots etc. Im with BT FTTP 1gig down, 120mb up. I use QoS etc and ping plotter to get best connection My ping in game is normally 15ms to 19ms.. i think lag compensation is seriously fucking me. Is there a way i can raise my ping to 30ms. I have tried using a 30m cable, tried on wifi... still such a low ping! Ive tried ppaying on bt router rather than xr700.. still 15ms If i switched my provider to say sky? Would that lower my ping as they dont offer full speeds. If i switched to bt business on 300mb down wud that lower my ping. Its going to cost me £200 to leave BT, i dont want to leave and say join sky at slower speeds and still have a 15ms ping. I played blackout at my old house, on sky with a 30ms ping... i had a 5kd! I know i am so much better than my KD, my movement, play etc i just know i dont get alot of kills due to bullets missing and losing some 1on1s cos am behind. So yeh.. any way to raise my ping slightly? Just need to add 15ms, dnt wanna add like 100 haha. Reason for not using geofilter - alot of people hack out of the uk and my team who have 40ms pings atm would raise alot higher etc. I tried to VPN that didnt work either really. Thanks for your help 👍👍
  12. In game overlay = 19ms in game settings = 50ms Tried every way possible, it never works.
  13. Also i cant upgrade to the latest software because it never works it kicks of all my wifi devices. So im on an old version!
  14. No sorry, in call of duty you can turn your ping to display in the game screen as like an overlay. This is in the top left of the screen! This is different to the ping in the options settings.
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