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  1. I got it working in the end not as method above but by just master resetting and setting up about 3 times in total to get it to work. I am still on old software though and really want to upgrade to new but cant..
  2. Nope that didn't work either says 'tftp' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. That in my CMD file
  3. That link wants me to sign in then says ACCESS DENIED when i do sign in
  4. No idea i just forgot to do this when i set it up and it worked so didn't want to mess with it 😂
  5. Yeah leave Share Excess for both Traffic Prioritization I UNTICK DumaOS Classified Games and do not add anything else to this at all!
  6. Hi, So I have been having mega issues recently with COD playing shoot first die first.... Kill cams showed me not even shooting them after I put a full clip in them! I did research, I changed every setting possible, PC settings... Router Settings...... EVERYTHING!!! I believe I have found the fix. Now this has worked for me, it may be worth a try to see if it works for you. AS for research goes I found something called 'LAG COMPENSATION' basically that means, he who has the best internet... gets F***ED... Like really, I am being punished for spending a fortune on internet! I had 1000mbps DOWN and 100mbps UP. Basically what this means is that my connection was super fast, way above the UK average of about 54.2mbps, this then meant that when I was joining lobby's my internet would be the best, meaning I would essentially become the HOST. COD see this as an unfair advantage, not the fast I spend a fortune to get good internet for COD.. But nope, they say how dare you hold that advantage on other players! And thus.... LAG COMPENSATION begins! So I tweeked my settings, I thought of Virgin Media hitting 500mbps... I read that COD and Gaming dosent really use that much Down and Up.. Here are my settings! I hope this helps for you guys and if it does GREAT!! If not, don't give up.. I spent almost a year trying to sort this out. GeoFilter: Set my PC to Xbox, put this in Filtering Mode. Set my location to the UK, 900km search. Strict Mode ON Auto Ping host ON QOS: ALWAYS Download - 60% which gives me 459mbps Upload - 60% which gives me 61.2mbps In the devices section I set my Gaming PC to 50% for both Upload and Down... Essentially meaning my PC is limited to 229mbps DOWN and 30.6mbps UP. UPNP ON. Open ports for COD on Gaming PC. Over time I am going to try slowly alter these settings to try find the PERFECT balance.. My next trial is to UP my UPLOAD speed to approx 50mbps and see how I get on. I am then going to try turn of UPNP so that my ports changes my game to a OPEN NAT type rather than a MODERATE NAT type to see if that helps also. I will keep this post updated! Hope this helps people. 'shoot first die first' 'call of duty lag' 'COD LAG' 'Gaming LAG' 'Game LAG' 'Game Lagging' 'XR700 LAG' 'XR700 GAME ISSUES'
  7. I use both methods. Have tried both... Normally i use the Pin in the back of the router button method! So reset the router recently, worked fine again... Come on today, R-APP will not load. I have reverted back to .20 software due to the latest + dumaos 3.0 not allowing me to connect my WIFI devices to the unit. I even bought a new XR700 to try that, still same...!
  8. Hey jack welcome! What internet speeds do you get... I think i may have the FIX!! Had 3 days now without this issue... 14 kills in Diamond Lobbys!!
  9. The game is approx 1.5 seconds behind what is actually happening in game... so an approx lag of 150ms, meaning for example on my screen i run through, jump, aim... shoot..... DIE! Then on their screen, i've not even jumped, ive just died.. Not hit him with a single bullet... What ever it is its got DRAMATICALLY WORSE recently with me trying to sort it out, gone from a weekly KD of 4.5 / 5 to a weekly of 2.2 ..... EVERY 1 on 1 i loose.. EVERY single one! Where as before i win every single one.. its too obvious!
  10. Looks to me like nothing works to fix this issue... seems to me that its an issue im just going to have to live with =/ ....
  11. I saw on another thread about open nat types. I have made mine Open.. But i saw that you can do a xbox networking test. When doing this test it showing me a 150ms PING... Could this be the root cause as to why I am 'shooting first and dying first' because even tho COD shows my ping at 20ms.. my game is actually 150ms behind? Which would make a hell of alot of sense because i have always said when i shoot first i seem to be around 1.5-2 seconds behind what is actually happening in game.
  12. Just tried again just to QUADROUPLE CHECK Yep still fucked!
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