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  1. make sure you have nat filtering set to secure in wan settings of the router
  2. in settings go to wan and put nat filtering on secured
  3. go to wan set nat filtering to secure and it will block servers outside the radius
  4. bro idk its the only thing i have in traffic prio none of the pass stuff worked for me
  5. it helps my bullet reg for some reason
  6. 40k to 65k is source 443 is des
  7. 40000-65535 443-443 TRY THAT SEE IF IT DOES ANYTHING FOR YOU
  8. make sure nat filtering is set to SECURE i have the same issue
  9. ok got it do u know when its gonna be released lol or u cant say ?
  10. i give up i tried every setting in traffic prioritization almost every gunfight is shoot first die im getting shot by people i cant even see on my screen i literally dont know what else to change if anyone can help please share
  11. im using a xr300 btw latest firmware
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