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  1. Not in traffic prioritization and I'm getting 80down and 8up
  2. It only buffer on my ps4 no matter what quality I set it too any help ?
  3. Well sbmm took over guess I can't get anymore 60 kill games lmao
  4. I deleted that game nth can make it better and I have a 4.50kd on bo4 it's just not playable
  5. 1-65535 1600-65535 TCP Try that might look stupid but I don't know how it's working for me I'm on ps4 btw
  6. I wrote about this a few months ago that I deleted over 800+ inactive friends off my ps4 and it completely eliminated my packet burst problem but no one believed lol
  7. Idk man I was doing the regular method that everyone does and then I tried to experiment and did that ever since my bo4 shots are just HITTING btw the only time the red light come and when packets move in high priority is when I play cod
  8. I use 1-3074 to 30000-450000 was using the 3074-3074 but this works better for me idk why but it does
  9. Probably that's what's happening to me too thanks for the advice
  10. tehwayne


    I can't find lobbies too for like 2 days now bo4 works perfectly fine
  11. I can't find lobbies on bo3 but I can on every other cod why, I was finding games on bo3 the night before it stopped working
  12. Use port forwarding and disable upnp
  13. I was using lan but I set port forwarding with the 3074 port to a different ip other than my ps4 with upnp off reboot the router then turned upnp back on and started cod and saw those ports
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