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  1. I don't know, I may buy one anyway, just to see. I don't consider £140 a lot when it comes to something new for a PC so I would happily spend that as an experiment. The only thing that slightly concerns me about the R2 is that the hardware is not, shall we say, up there at the top, but truth is I don't really need it to be. Many of the routers I get I am paying for firmware features I don't actually need or use.
  2. Disrespect intend, do you like putting people down? I mean, intended, because that's what you showed me. I was unaware of the R2 but also was asking the question because its a much cheaper product hardware wise. Why is it future proofing? What is so different about the R2?
  3. Hello! It's a PC. The game is happily being recognised as a game by QOS, the little red light comes on, but the one problem I have with it is that it keeps on connecting to poor servers with significant lag.
  4. Title says it all. I am new to the router, so can anyone tell me is there a way to manually configure what I need??
  5. I have to say there seems to be something a little odd here. I have an XR1000 and have never had any trouble with it at all. The interface is a bit slow, but only a bit. I generally don't like Netgear routers tbh, but dumaos is great. It does take a bit to understand it, whoever wrote the manual clearly was not a technical person, lol, but that is a frequent complaint of such people. They don't really fully understand the product or their use of language is not fantastic. But apart from that it has been great. UPnP is an issue, yes, but I am just waiting for an update on that. It takes time but I am not about to scrap an otherwise good router for that.
  6. I think the problem here is how the XR1000 I have determines whether something is online or not. It happily shows PC's but printers, switches and so on it includes on the diagram but always shows them as offline.
  7. In general I do think it is not a great idea to update firmware unless you actually have a problem or desperately need a new feature.... If it works, don't fix it. In passing, writing software takes no time at all. Testing and releasing a new version of software takes forever. Every possible consequence and effect of the change has to be evaluated and tested. Any company worth it's salt will not take shortcuts. There are many ruined companies that did. THAT is why it takes a long time to release a new version.
  8. I don't know whether DMZ actually bypasses anything ( other than security ). It does sound more like it needs a port setting up or something. I'm a router clutz but perhaps you could do this manually? I found this.... https://portforward.com/fifa-22/
  9. Your options are rather limited for routers that have a broadband port that is above 1gb. There are some, but not many, and they are going to cost you. The only one I know of is the ASUS RT-AX89X. It has a 10G wan port. But I am afraid that is going to cost you around £400. There are probably other routers around with a 10G port but I have not heard of them. They are as rare as hens teeth.
  10. I am not sure there is an optimal setting, rather there is a sensible setting The way I see this is it's not a fixed allocation rather it is the minimum a device will get if the broadband is really busy. If you have tons of devices then it makes sense to allocate say 20% to your gaming PC and let the others fight over the rest, but other than that you probably don't care on exact numbers.
  11. I do have a Synology NAS, but I am very wary of my ability to configure the NAS and the router correctly! With the USB it would be simple. Two settings and it's done, with the added advanteage that there would be no data on the USB stick that would be a worry, except of course the web interface is just horrid. With the NAS I am afraid of doing something wrong and making my network more prone to hacking or opening up something to the internet that shouldn't be...
  12. I guess there is no real need for a setting, just that I find the timeout a bit short when I am on the internet researching stuff at the same time.
  13. That doesn't surprise me, I got the idea from a Synology NAS. I really like that feature. It's so nice to be met with something other than a dull logon screen. You didn't notice that gamers like bling? 😮 I'm shocked. Almost everything has a LED show these days. It makes your PC go faster. I assume it would make your broadband faster too! OF COURSE IT DOES! Silly you. Even my graphics card has a mini monitor on it displaying important gaming stuff that makes me a better player!!!! Put a mini monitor on a router! That would be awesome for a graphical interface. Real time display of broadband performance ON THE ROUTER! Sheesh! That would make me a GREAT player!! Haha. But seriously, it would tip the balance in many decisions, if DumaOS ever sells a top end router.
  14. If the user creates a specific folder on a USB stick, places a specific size jpg in there, and plugs it in to the router, the router then uses that jpg as the background for the router user interface. If nothing else, for the login! I mean, come on(!), its a gaming router (!), it should be more blingy!
  15. It's horrible. Unfortunately it just presents an interface that is so unfriendly and nonprofessional to the people accessing it that I won't bother. It would be much better if they just give direct access to the root and don't bother with the secure access and forced folders. All this readyshare stuff, they are presenting a solution when there isn't a problem. Incidentally, a question specific to the XR1000, the router interface times out too quickly. I can't seem to find a setting for this. Anyone know where it is?
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