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Found 14 results

  1. Hello Liam, Fraser, I have got the error below right after performing the usual login into the interface. Before that, I cleared the cache and cookies from Chrome, then paused browser's ad blocker extension on all sites. Is this somehow related to the AdBlocker feature newly added in firmware version? Or where is this error coming from? Log output: Apr 17 10:57:37 XR1000 user.warn lua: config write 'com.netdumsoftware.geofilter.settings' 96 Apr 17 10:57:48 XR1000 user.info com.netdumasoftware.neighwatch: DHCP new event. 86 Apr 17 10:57:48 XR1000 user.info com.netdumasoftware.neighwatch: DHCP lease change. 89 Best Regards, Adrian M.
  2. Disconnects start to occur after a few days of being connected. Log can be found here VPN Config file attached, I have tried with client added to the top of config as seen suggested in other threads. Firmware is latest available my_expressvpn_uk_-_east_london_udp.ovpn
  3. Hello Fraser, Liam, Ping Heatmap view is not loading anymore. See the attached log file. I switched the Congestion Control from Never To Always, lowered / set the sliders to 70% and then enabled the Traffic Prioritization on a LAN device. Next, I switched from Polygon Mode to Radius Mode and Set Home by Address to my home location and then set it back to Polygon Mode. Next, I just clicked the Ping Heatmap to perform a Ping but the view is not loading anymore. Best Regards, Adrian M. log-1649855843739.txt
  4. Hi Liam, Fraser I cannot use the ping heatmap anymore. Tried re-flashing, rebooting, and factory settings multiple times. Nothing helped so far. Can you please help me with this issue?
  5. Hello there, I just logged out, cleared the cache and cookies logged back in and got this reference exceptions. Before that I have deleted the Allow and Deny list. See the snapshot below:
  6. Hello Fraser, Liam I just moved quickly from Geo-Filter to Ping Heatmap and back, and it seems that the Ping Heatmap view did not have enough time to finish the operation. I would expect to see a loading screen or animation as long as something is still running/loading//executing in background on the current tab (Ping Heatmap). There are 2 ways to avoid this exception from user's point of view/perspective: you can either freeze the buttons or content of the entire left menu or to add another pop-up /alert saying Ping Heatmap is still running or it is in the Connecting state. Please wait... This way, I would know exactly when to move to another functionality/view/tab in the menu without the risk to try this to early or to interrupt the current operation. Best Regards, Adrian
  7. Not sure what this is but it shows up after I log into router. Also I cant turn on upnp. Any bosses able to shed some light? Cheers
  8. TL;DR: the v3.0.394 update broke reaching devices after they have been offline for more than a couple of minutes, therefore breaking PC-waking functionality (from sleep, hibernate and shutdown states). Context: I was able to wake my PC from hibernation remotely (from a different country) for the whole of last year without issues, but it seems that updating to firmware v3.0.394 has broken this setup. I am sure that the issue is with the router rather than with the PC since replacing the router with the one from my internet provider and applying the same DHCP and port forwardings works fine (and because no significant PC updates or settings-changes occurred around the time of this loss of functionality). Details: The port forwarding works fine while the PC is awake (I can see the packets arriving). Even more interestingly and worryingly though, whatever went wrong does not seem to be fixable even by a factory reset followed by a rollback to v3.0.205 followed by another factory reset. I did consider the idea that perhaps some setting survived until v3.0.394 even from v3.0.179, but this should not be the case since I followed the suggestion of factory-resetting the router after every update since I got it. The only settings involved in this remote Wake-on-LAN setup are the following: A fixed IP for the PC under DHCP Port-forwarding UDP 7-9 to said IP (and also TCP 3389 for Remote Desktop, but that requires the PC to be awake and has always worked) I frequently rely on this functionality, but especially so if I am not in the country, therefore unfortunately I will be forced to not use the R2 over the holidays (unless it is fixed this week, which I am aware is not a reasonable timeframe ).
  9. Comme dit dans le titre lorsque je mets mon géofiltre sur Warzone il ne marche pas j'essaye de bloqué des serveurs et de mettre une zone de filtrage mais rien n'y fais je tombe toujours sur le même serveur que j'ai bloqué de plus j'ai remarqué que même si mes amis ne sont pas dans ma zone de filtrage ils peuvent rentrer ce qui pour moi est une preuve du non fonctionnement de cette option j'aimerais avoir de l'aide au cas ou je serais le problème
  10. Hi, I have been having major issue here in my netduma R2. This is my current setting. It's my ISP modem+router --> Netduma R1 using PPPOE --> Linksys WRT54GL via DHCP. Thie recent issue I have had with was that my R2 wouldn't give or assign ip to my linksys which I find it strange because it was normal yesterday. So I tried with R1 and it worked!! so I'm sure issue must be from R2. So any idea how to fix this?
  11. Hi, I have a big issue with my XR500: Since couple of days Dashboard, Geo-Filter, QoS and Network Monitor are NOT working anymore ,I have a spinner that load forever without loading the components. I can only access the Settings panel. Tried to reboot the router, tried on different browsers (Safari and Chrome) with the same result. Some can help me with this? Thanks, Leonardo
  12. Hey! This ping problem is kinda difficult to explain: A few weeks ago I encountered a big latency problem while sending text messages over WhatsApp. It took multiple seconds to send a message and almost 10 seconds for a voice message. (My connection: 60mbits down and 12 up.) I checked my ping via Speedtest.net and Fast.com: 9-10ms. I restarted the router and it was fine again. As the problem occurred a second time I checked my ping on another website (Its a German website as Im from Germany) www.wieistmeineip.de. It reported a ping of 1900ms! I restarted the router and it was back to 160ms (Speedtest was still reporting 9-10ms). This seems to be some kind of multi-server ping maybe?? Anyway, I connected the xr700 behind our DSL-modem/router and tested this kind of ping on its WiFi (5Ghz) (90-110ms) constantly. I finally managed to isolate the problem. It was the guest network I had set up. It was causing the 160ms normally and the enormous ping spikes of almost 2 seconds (reported by www.wieistmeineip.de). This affected 5Ghz aswell as 2.4Ghz when both guest networks were on. Also this kind of ping seems to be "used" in things like tweeting tweets or chatting on Discord. Do you guys know what this kind of ping is? Anyway, this kind of ping on the xr700 seems to be on point with our modem/router now and I dont have those huge spikes anymore. Its just weird that the guest network causes this weird problems with the normal network if its just enabled and no one is on it. Btw. I get those huge ping spikes (2 seconds) with this kind of latency constantly on the guest networks. The ping spike problem when the guest network was enabled happened after 24-30 uptime. The website that I mentioned states that it sends 5 packets for testing.
  13. Great update guys. I didnt have bugs with the past firmware until I downloaded that "no feature, Just bug fixes" firmware !!
  14. Hi everyone, I found a bug on the DHCP lease setting that invalid the process of setting registration. I don't know if everybody got this error but on chome i couldn't not validate the form and i was getting the error: "You have duplicate host numbers, please change". I got this error because all my filed was empty (i've never configured it before) and i tried to update more than 1 change. This issues seams to be cause of the javascript function named validate who check if the form contains duplicated values and interrupt the submit with this error if it does. But the way the function get the Fields's values seems to be the wrong method: var value = $(selector).attr("value"); Here it try to get the value from the "value" attribut that's set when the form is generate. But when you didn't configure DHCP before the value is just empty and even if the field get fill the value attribute didn't change. So if you try to update 2 field the too "value" attributes contain an empty string "" so the validate function return false end block the form's submit. The correct way is to use the getter .val(). So if you want to configure DHCP for the first time just do your changes one by one. OR open your browser html inspector, find the validate() function and copie it, replace the line 12: var value = $(selector).attr("value"); by var value = $(selector).val(); Past it in you javascript console and your done.
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