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  1. I tried both. When just upnp no ports were listed so I forwarded myself. Still not open nat in bo4 and nothing on geo filter either way.
  2. Just after upgrading my R1 no ports listed under upnp after forwarding
  3. Just after upgrading. On the r1 After firwarding my ports under upnp nothing shows up.
  4. IM having issues getting an open nat for bo4 on ps4pro. I have the netduma in the dmz of my isp modem and I have all the ports forwarded for my PS4 on the netduma but it still says port 3074 isn’t open resulting in a moderate nat. Am I missing something new? This setup worked on the old firmware perfectly
  5. They were never appearing. I used the flush cloud option and they showed up.
  6. Whenever I switch geo filter to filtering mode in bo4 I keep getting lobby is not joinable errors. Also on my map no servers etc are showing up except those friends I have added manually. I even cranked it up to 5000 km range and still nothing and I know there are numerous servers near me. The closest bring 600km.
  7. Ok. That’s great. One more thing. Is there a way to change network monitor settings to kbps instead of mbps for the graphs?
  8. Question about traffic prioritization. I don’t see an option for call of duty specifically when I add my PS4. Which option should I be choosing or do I need to manually forward ports?
  9. Any news on the next wave of people? Surely the better part of a day is enough to see if 50 people are having issues or not. Really want it installed before midnight. DumaOS hype and BO4 hype combined is killing me.
  10. Come on next wave. I’m #101 on the list and I got 12 hrs till bo4 hits.
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