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Black Ops 4 - Getting P2P Only? Post Here!

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Guys - you have to realise that there is a lot of variance in server quality, from game to game and from gaming session to gaming session. DumaOS will get you the best possible ping, from there it's over to you to do your best. If the game is sluggish, try restarting the game as there's that key network check at the starts.

On our side, we will be rolling out many Cloud updates to keep our location database very up to date - we'll have another one out for you guys after the holidays. #

@thelasteleazar - try rebooting your game to see if it works after that. If not, increase your Ping value to a higher number, perhaps 70ms. Or enable Fast Search. Your settings look fine though so it may just be the game being odd, so give it a reboot and see if it's better afterwards.

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You're right. I find that as soon as I get bounced to a P2P , and it's quite obvious in gameplay , I just restart the game. Takes about 2 minutes and all is good until the next obvious shoot first die first moment and I know I'm back on P2P. Restart again. Simple solution for this R1 user. 

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