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  1. Weirdly, when I reset both routers earlier, I went from finishing last in almost every lobby to finishing first and second in lobbies. I think I need to get my isp involved
  2. The Nat identifies as fine before I load up Black Ops 4. UPnP is enabled on the Netduma, and dynamic IP.
  3. Thanks again for the help. Had a look at the router and while it's in modem mode there is no dmz setting. Typical Virgin Media crap.
  4. Hi again, are you saying that my isp router should be in dmz mode ? This is not something that I have done. .. Ok thanks again for the support, back to the drawing board. Does the isp router have to be bound to a specific ip address, or will suffice? Thanks in advance for the patience and help.
  5. Unfortunately the moderate setting has returned, and I have no idea how to fix it.
  6. Can anyone tell me what the blue circled icon in the attached capture represents ?
  7. Ok scratch that! restarted my isp router and the problem sorted itself out!
  8. Tried this but can't get my head around some of the instructions. I set up a static ip on my xbox and decided to forward it on the router but I am getting bogged down because the router is looking for incoming and outgoing tcp and udp ports. I know which ports have to be forwarded, but I have no idea about incoming and outgoing ports.? any site I visit has a list of ports, but nothing about incoming and outgoing as requested by the router.
  9. Hi again, played a few games this evening and to be honest it was pretty woeful. Went into my network settings on the Xbox and saw that my nat is set to moderate. Is there anything I can do in my rother settings to change this.
  10. Played a few games and there is a definite improvement ! Liking the newer interface even more than the original one. Much appreciation for the help again, especially the speedy replies. it's great customer service.
  11. Thanks again for the help. Updated the router and I can now see those settings. What kind of ping should I expect, it's averaging between 30 - 46 ms?
  12. Hi again, I just took a screenshot of my geo filtering page. I dont see an option to spectate or filter. I must be going blind.
  13. Sorry I feel like an idiot here, but I have set up my xbox using the filtering option on the router, but I don't see a Filtering or Spectating mode? Where can I find this setting. Thanks again. Also, I'm not in the UK, I'm in the republic of ireland, so I'm guessing that the nearest server to me is in the UK.
  14. Thanks I'll try that out later thank you.
  15. Can someone enlighten me regarding the "Duma OS users set to filtering mode" thing as I don't see a filtering mode button or option on my router web page. Also, filtered host to 650kms because I live in the republic of Ireland and I'm hoping to connect to a server as close to home as possible, can anyone recommend a good average distance to set on the filtering diameter. My gaming experience has not really changed to be honest, and I'm beginning to wonder if I have set up the router correctly.
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