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  1. Seems to have fixed the issue so far. Thank you, Liam! May I ask how we know when there is an update for the router? I thought I would press the update option within the router.
  2. Got these errors out of nowhere when loading the router settings on my phone and laptop. I tried rebooting and factory resetting from inside the router settings. It keeps showing up and nothing loads. https://prnt.sc/1ypzzv6 https://prnt.sc/1yq01id ROUTER LOGS
  3. I have the same issue with Xfinity and I now live in Illinois, actually I live like 2-5 miles away from the data center lol. My ping goes anywhere from 8-11 ms. I have tried figuring out why late at night the gaming is amazing and during the day it's not so good. I wish xfinity offered me fiber optic line/gigabit pro plan where I am so it would be just a direct line and possibly better amazing shots registering etc. The only thing I could think of is during the day the shared lines are congested or it's just an over subscribed isp issue where many people are on during the day. Best gaming at night, not so good during the day with xfinity.
  4. I usually connect to NA servers since I live in Illinois now, however for black ops 4 is this a missing server on the ping heatmap? For some reason all the cods play good for me, however on black ops 4 this game plays garbage to me always dying to gunfights first. It does also show dedicated though. Can anyone clarify if ping heatmap pings all servers or if there's still missing servers for the ping heatmap? I don't know how that works, but I do love the ping heatmap feature. I also live by one of the servers because I usually get 8-12 ping Also is it possible to add cod ww2 to the ping heatmap? It is still a favorable game by some people in the community like me. a92d622dca483a3f Ping 11 ms Host Tick Rate 66 Client Tick Rate 63 Send Rate 72 Kbps Receive Rate 229 Kbps Host Type Dedicated ID a92d622dca483a3f Domain Name Unnamed Name 0/20
  5. I checked up on this or heard a similar situation to this. To even possibly get fiber in the area you might have to take it up with hoa which sucks! Thanks you for your response.
  6. Thanks for this, this is the kind of article I was looking for. After it reaches the first node, then goes to the next node data exchange point, until it reaches to the destination server isn't this still shared at some point, or from there is it fiber till it reaches to the destination server? Ugh, I wish Xfinity would use ftth instead of hfc! Thanks for these numbers in the example, I definitely understand it more now. I guess that's why these cable companies have that odd internet packages 1,000 mbps download and like 35 upload, haha. I'm wondering why with Xfinity's gigabit pro plan which I believe is ftth they only offer it to home owners, and not people in unit apartments which I find really strange. Do you know why this is? I'm also going to research on docsis 4.0. Thank you for your response!
  7. Hey guys, I can't seem to google a well in depth article about this and wondering if we have experts here on this topic. I am moving to a place in Illinois and there's 2 apartments nearby. One is offering Xfinity and they using hybrid fiber coax cables for how they have the internet wired I'm guessing? Which isn't probably the best for providing consistent good ping/latency for gaming correct? Because it connects to a node or something with everyone in the apartment something like that? Could anyone explain what a node is and how it differs from people with fiber optic connections? Wouldn't they also be shared with the node in the neighborhood? I would appreciate it if anyone could give a well in depth explanation of how this works. Oh, and the other option is using at&t's full fiber optic services with 1,000 up/down symmetrical speeds. Thanks for taking the time to read!
  8. Great news! Excited for this new firmware for my R2
  9. I don't think so, it's just very weird lol.
  10. I think this is already a feature with Netduma? Are you talking about like this for example, I connect to a game -> auto ping host option set: ON router -> this is what it shows (picture spoiler) -> trace ip using a website to see where server city/state is located Also are you sure you traced correctly? I tried it on 4 different websites and it shows its located in New York instead of Utah. My sources for website tracing were these below. What was your ping connecting to this host? Connecticut is really close to New York so if you had very low ping that would make sense for this host IP to be in New York instead of Utah. https://www.ipfingerprints.com/ https://tools.keycdn.com/geo?host= https://whatismyipaddress.com/ip/ https://www.whatismyip.com/ip-address-lookup/
  11. Tai N


    Hi there, I just wanted to confirm this. I actually was looking at where I was being connected to on multiple CoD games and I did test bo3 too. I'm not sure whether they are local servers or p2p lobbies (most of them shows as p2p), but what you might actually be seeing is possibly what's left of the bo3 community. You live in the US in California, I am currently in the US too but in Minnesota. It only listed 2 lobbies for me and I know my Netduma settings on point for spectating mode. When I was researching this on reddit it appears nobody can find other games too and they aren't even in the Netduma Army. That Domain IP does show that it's in the UK, but that could be wrong. but yeah 16 ms should mean it's really close by you in California. I hate to say it, but I think the bo3 community is history now.
  12. Ah, I see. Okay. I will check on that. Thank you so much for this, Fraser!
  13. Wonderul! Thanks for this Fraser! Here are the results for these from when I searched each of them. I think I'm going to visit Colorado and Wyoming first. Would these be the same for all cod games like black ops 4 and ww2 if you know? Would you also happen to have one for fortnite? Not sure if this is legit or not from fortnite server status website. Ohio, USA Virginia, USA California, USA Oregon, USA Tokyo, Japan South Korea Osaka, Japan Mumbai, India Singapore Australia Canada Frankfurt, Germany Ireland London, UK Paris, France Sao Paulo, Brazil
  14. Looking for a list of locations ex. City/State (whole list) I know there is a map of it, but it doesn't really give you detailed information on the city & state. My R1 router on DumaOS shows it for like 10 seconds, and then it disappears after I ping only 1 server in a state. I don't think it's showing all of them either on the DumaOs because on the regular R1 OS it shows much more, but it does not give you the server IP on the R1 OS. Is there a way I can make all the servers show there forever & ping each one of them to trace the dedicated servers ip? I've tried spectating mode which sometimes does/does not show + filtering mode to the radius all the way up. Like this dedi IP here: - if you trace it with an ip tracker from a website it shows Chicago/Elk Grove Village, Illinois. Long story short, a fortune 10 company reached out to me to work for them remotely anywhere to travel with a high salary & paid to travel, so this is my chance to visit any state(s) while working remotely anywhere and I want to visit some of these 10-20 ping gaming experiences. Here's where I live (blue arrow), and there practically is no gaming servers in the north which is awful. As always, thanks for taking the time to read and help out, DumaArmy!
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