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  1. Just curious how a P2P works. I play exclusively BO4 and when my dedi is at 25 ping I melt yet when i get bumped to a P2P at 25 ping and same distance my gameplay stinks. Not a techno guy so a basic answer for dummies would be fine.
  2. Try throttling. My service is 50down 20 up and my gameplay is crap. ONLY way I can win consistently is throttle it to 1down and 1up.
  3. I am in Toronto so I had been using an Ohio server. Now it ranges from Florida to California. Crazy stuff. Also I have throttled my connection down to 900kbs down and 900kbs up and it seems to work. Who bloody well knows why ??
  4. Under this belief I situated my home hovering ontop a dedi with 18 ping. Great right? Well as an average player I found that I was constantly going against really high prestige guys with rank 200 - 400. So I opened my geo up on my R1 with the old OS to 3000 miles and the servers are now P/P and some dedis with higher ping ,say 45 -85. And the noob players showed up in droves. It's like my favorite dedi really limited the player pool. So experiment as a close dedi is not always king.
  5. You're right. I find that as soon as I get bounced to a P2P , and it's quite obvious in gameplay , I just restart the game. Takes about 2 minutes and all is good until the next obvious shoot first die first moment and I know I'm back on P2P. Restart again. Simple solution for this R1 user.
  6. I have 50 down 10 up and I throttle to 1 down 1 up and my games in HC are amazing. Geofilter radius 8000 miles. Ingame bandwidth is around 500. Anything higher game stinks.
  7. My experience is net code is broken for core but works fine for all hardcore games.
  8. Ok well it's working for me at least. Since day one release throttling had zero effect. But for the last 4 days it's now working like a charm. Im even placing first with smooth shoot first kill first in Nuketown and Firing Range. My service is 50 down 10 up so I'm throttling or congestion controlling it to 5% and 5%. Its been frustrating but maybe give it a shot. If I start a game and it's obvious I'm on the wrong side of the lag rather than screwing around with the settings I just get up get some fresh air and come back in 5 minutes and it's all good again.
  9. Geofilter only gets me crazy bad close servers so I figured I'd give the ocean locale a try for best ping. So middle of ocean home location at 68 mile radius. Ping at 25. Strict ticked with all servers showing yellow triangles. Strict unticked then servers available at 25 to 50 with spikes over 200 at times. Any ideas. Using original R1 xbox.
  10. Oooo..the perm ban on dedis in a big carrot. So if I decide to take the plunge do I still need to contact you guys or is there an update link now.
  11. Have used the R1 for a couple years with great success. Very happy and zero complaints. So why should I upgrade it or is it a case that the old R1 OS will become redundant in the near future.
  12. Yes with the R1 the game is playable. Without the R1 it is unplayable
  13. Canadian lingo maybe. Shelved = unplugged. Juiced up = plugged back into the power outlet..
  14. Annoyed with my gameplay I shelved the R1 for a few hours. Lord knows where the servers I was on were located but cripes all mighty the lag was near unplayable. Juiced up the R1 and the diff was like night and day. Sometimes I question its validity , especially with this current game , but for those unbelievers just do the test.
  15. Well no server is blocked and now everything is back to normal.
  16. Still 100% loss with strict mode unticked. But with radius set at 12000 I get 0% loss.
  17. My Xbox1 shows 100% packet loss when I run a network test and no games found. Remove duma and lots of games and zero packet loss. Duma not working with patch. Using R1 and no new OS yet.
  18. The only reason I would consider upgrading my R1 to the new OS is if there is a permanent server ban option for both peer and dedi?
  19. I rate it about 7/10. Am anxious to get the OS for my R1. Maybe in a few weeks.
  20. So my closest dedis from Toronto is about 400 miles away. 15ms but still iffy. So I shrunk my geo to 150 and have been getting a smoother play at around 35- 50ms on all P/P. Go figure but not questioning it. Using the R1 original OS.
  21. What do u mean it no longer "queries" peers?
  22. No question yet just great support from netduma for BOPS4 gamers. I'm sure there'll be lots of inquiries how the tweak things to make the game even more awesome. Thanks.
  23. I have flushed cloud and yes I am using auto cloud and BE. But honestly this is the first time I have ever used peer banning. Maybe it would have always been delayed more than usual. I won't sweat it anymore and just wait for the new OS. Sounds awesome. Thanks.
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