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  1. Isn't there a server in Missouri? Do they use more than Amazon web services?
  2. I've noticed it too, Chicago server sometimes plays good & then the next day bad.
  3. I really wanted it, but I bought the XR500, if there was a way to do a trade in value thing for the XR700 I would have definitely taken it. I really really really want it I don't know a good place to sell it for cash either
  4. Interesting, does the xr700 wifi range increase by a lot too? Or is it not that good compared to the xr500?
  5. Honestly wish this was for the xr500 too, man. I feel your pain since I have both right now. :(
  6. Is there a fix for this, guys? My xr500 is also restarting itself for whatever reason. The things I have connected to it by wire are modem, samsung tv, and laptop. Not sure why it restarts itself.
  7. Do you know if the XR500 will have Ping filtering or Ping Assist? This is my favorite feature because without it I can't get good games!
  8. I have my XR500 wired to my Netduma, and then my Netduma wired to my PS4 Pro The XR500 imo is only good for wifi signals (it doesn't even have ping filtering!), the gameplay won't be better. I use the Netduma more because of the ping filter. I use the Cod Ultimate profile & wait to get in the game Velony actually lives in St. Louis, Missouri & there's a server right in that city which is why he has an EXTREME advantage. His ping is like 1-10 each game. Do you have a channel I can see of your cod ww2 gameplay? What city + state do you live in? I live in Duluth, Minnesota & the lowest ping I can get is 28 because the nearest game server for PS4 for me would be Chicago, Illinois. I have some gameplay recorded from my PS4 Pro if you want to see what it looks like for me. Here's a list of Cod Servers for Playstation (idk if this is updated) - Credits to IIIrl
  9. I thought everyone was just happily gaming, I come in visit every few times a week. I think the forums is a great place for news/support + Twitter. Just a few days ago Nadeshot from Call of Duty Optic gaming I think he was from (moved onto his own 100t), did a xr500 unboxing/review video. That should bring in a lot of people for Netduma & Netgear maybe soon. I also love the support the staff gives & am thankful for that, but what else can the moderators say or do besides tell them the usual to the fellow madness of netduma army. They must feel the wrath!
  10. I don't think it matters tbh, some say a manual port forward will be better, but I think it's placebo. I use upnp
  11. I don't think you need to use it, only if a friend, or someone else in the house is using the same router using a lot of bandwidth is when you might want to use it.
  12. You cannot permanently ban a server, fellow Duma army solider! I believe it temporarily bans a dedicated server for 5 minutes.
  13. I live in North America! Duluth, Minnesota Use the cod ultimate profile for the R1, 50 ping if you want pretty decent games, but 40 ping if you want the amazingly best games.
  14. I'm actually thinking of moving to St. Louis Missouri or wherever the fuck the server is located there just to get closer to the server, and I'm in Duluth, Minnesota right now. The nearest server I live close by is the Chicago, Illinois server, but I heard there's been lots of shootings over there so I'm scared to move there as my first choice, so second nearest server St. Louis Missouri it is! LOLOLOLO
  15. Tai N

    Realism for COD

    Yeah, someone hit me from a mile away with one of them 2 barrel shotguns with incendiary shells and apparently the fire was 'close' enough to kill me, yeah right.... and yeah the outfits are just strange. Some of them look like space gear to me LOL
  16. Does it make a ceek ceek noise? That's what happens to mine too under some heavy load, but when I have my headset on since I'm kind of a crazy gamer guy, I don't hear it, but mine is not loud. It just makes a deep ceek noise.
  17. I have a PS4 Pro, and use my scuf controller to play most of the time, I actually tried keyboard and mouse, and let me tell you that it is kind of difficult to get used to. I've tried keyboard and mouse for a week now, and I still haven't got used to it. I honestly feel it's hard to get used too, and don't understand how people can like this. (I guess if you started with keyboard and mouse first and went on to controller, it's different.) Are there any advantages you ask? Well the thing I used was a cronus max plus to use keyboard and mouse for my PS4 Pro, easy to setup, but I didn't feel like there were advantages. You can customize your keyboard buttons to do the actions in-game, and people say the precision is or should be better for aiming, but meh I didn't like it that much, or have not used it long enough to be good with it. It just didn't feel the same with a controller in your hand. Gameplay was more difficult too tbh. People say you can turn around faster, but you can do the same with controller and put your in-game sensitivity higher. I'm not sure what they mean by moving faster. Honestly, I don't think it's better, but as you know I haven't used the Mouse and keyboard long enough. On my Scuf PS4 controller, the only thing different is I have the kontrolfreek vortex which makes my aim alot more better rather than the small default ps4 thumbsticks, and then included with the scuf controller is the paddles that come on the back, but I think you already know about that.
  18. Try uploading it to a website like https://imgur.com/- just click 'new post' But yeah, upgrading your internet speed for upload/download won't help your ping unfortunately, I wish though!
  19. https://netduma.com/features/hardware/ This says 500-800 approximately, so yeah you're right about that. You should be able to get at least 400-500 Do you have the reactive algorithm enabled and IPv6 disabled? Are you making sure you are using the correct and capable ethernet cables wired to your device when doing the speed test?
  20. Just got my XR500, love the DumaOS so far. It's very clean When I go to qos -> traffic prioritization, and then add my device for Playstation the service says 'Xbox', but I'm not sure if I set it up correctly. When adding my device I chose my Playstation, and then I didn't see call of duty in there, so I selected 'Games Console'. Is that correct? Also in the traffic prioritization are you supposed to have the DumaOS classified games enabled? I assume call of duty is in there, so I should have it enabled?
  21. It's actually in the When you go into the router settings you will see the categories like host filtering, congestion control, vpn etc. You pick 'Device manager', and then edit and then find that device and change the name.
  22. Yeah, Device Manager -> Edit -> Change the name to what you want
  23. I just wanted to see what it looks like for a fellow MN mate. To share you should be able to just press the share button on the left top of the ps4 controller if that's what you're on, and then just sign into youtube and upload since the ps4 records all your activities. Here's one of mine with good connection just recorded from my ps4 pro. Don't laugh at me! I think he did at least, he now advertises the xr500 router in his video description instead of the R7800.
  24. Tai N

    hello all!

    Welcome and enjoy your browsing
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