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  1. https://imgur.com/a/bHrBQ5g please this is not located correctly
  2. id like to roll back to old firmware again as this really just isnt working with os can some one post the download link? when i reset it defaults to OS thank you
  3. geo is still broken and cant find any games...good news is atleast I can find a game when its off without having to roll back to J
  4. @Netduma Fraser thoughts on why I can connect to the 14ms server in utah in old firm ware but not OS?
  5. yes, as you can see from my previous post. thanks again for the try though. really wish OS worked well but its still in beta so I have hope
  6. Black ops3 duma os https://imgur.com/a/PjdDaM0 Black ops 4 duma os https://imgur.com/a/AcDO7e4 flushed cloud and followed directions still cant find game with duma os with 30ms PA. I will post pics of "j" with same settings for the games in a moment black op3 "j" no games found after 5 min https://imgur.com/a/XcN3NVQ black ops 4 "j" instantly found game with 14 ms ping (mislocated server in utah) https://imgur.com/a/A4iPWfc
  7. duma os I played 25 games yesterday of those 25 18 were p2p which took forever to find but this has been happening since launch of duma os. geo set in the atlantic ocean off the coast of new england. PA 50ms. anywhere from 45-100ms when in game. When reverting back to original j 20 games all dedi, same geo setting was put on a server in Utah every game. Obviously mislocated server with ping anywhere from 13-26
  8. listen i know you guys are working hard but the game just plays flawlessly with original r1 firmware. (good call on the rollback) It has to be something with the new duma os. the cloud is the same across both correct?
  9. 1845e4afe2b71f24 geo in atlantic ocean server is in Utah im in massachusetts ping is 14
  10. big dog are you 100% sure this is true? pings are different and locations are not the same with dumaOS vs r1original firmware
  11. I rolled back again even after the v2... ping is anywhere from 50-100 on v2 with the worst hit detection I’ve ever experienced. On that same server on the original firmware I get 18-24 with better hit detection....has the cloud been updated in v2 yet or is that a bigger work in process?
  12. roll back, that was my fix. Duma OS looks great and features are awesome but I'm waiting until the cloud is fixed and ping assist is back...hopefully really soon
  13. after all my complaining of not having OS I completely agree previous version just is better at the moment for bo4 until the location of servers is fixed. 30-50 ms on nj server when I can get it with OS. when I went back I was pinging 15-25 on that same server...something is just off
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