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  1. really delayed response but im not sure whhat you mean 3074,3075 thiose are separate ports wouldnt each pc/console need 3074 open? I thought you could list 2 of the same ports...
  2. It is open in dmz... problem is every console in the house now is strict...any fix for that?
  3. now all im getting is a spinning black circle after factory reset "rapp is not loading"
  4. 3.0.105 when i reboot i still only get mac address. im trying to filter out the entire US but it keeps trying to force it. So game will join then boot because its a us server...or maybe that what filter is supposed to do. if i deny that server another just pops up in the same place with a different address.
  5. yes Fraser all the devices online and connected do not show an ip just a mac. geo cant find a game outside the US for me bocw
  6. my geo filter is not working it works in the original firmware but not in OS and in my devices I can only see the MAC and not IP am I missing something?
  7. pretty sure I cant do that from modem? setup is dlink modem>r1>asus in ap. there is no interface for dlink modem
  8. Sorry had never done this before how do you access the web interface for modem?
  9. Hey all, having issues with getting an open nat on pc. Fine on console but even with port forwarding and placing pc ip in dmz i cannot get an open nat. It's for all games but for now cold war. thanks for the help
  10. I did send a DM also but I have also yet to receive 3.0 in an email. i signed up about 10min after announcement I believe
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