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Netduma Fraser

Cloud - Incorrect Server Locations

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EMERGENCY *** ccb9b580566b1d22 *** still is there at 4752km from Montreal Quebec Canada and still never showed on the map !!! Set it to 2% so it's in the Not allowed list but still appear as the host even if it don't show on the map !!! Also we can't temp ban it...never and even if it appear with the 2% in the not allowed list !!! Strict mode on as always... it appear even when distance is set at the lowest 111km with ping assist at 0 !!!  43 41 29 are the manual settings for the cloud since at auto it completely block us from playin COD !!! Problem did appear between week 1 and 2 of the BO4 beta !!! Resets have been done !!! Factory resets too !!! Tested with 4 different dns !!! Tested on my 7ms vdsl2 51/11 mb/s ... on a 8ms cable line 134/23 mb/s with docsis 3.0 and also on a 10ms cable line 63/11 mb/s with docsis 3.1 ... one on the same neighborhood and the other is at 1hour car ride... they also have different dns servers than the 4 i tested on my vdsl2 !!! Still the same on every setup except on my line i have really better ingame ping compared to them even if there is just a lil difference between our base ping but same problem with the Unbannable * ccb9b580566b1d22 * !!! PLEASE at least remove this one so it stop affecting our gaming experience with COD !!! It's now showin with other games !!! There is also a problem with auto ping host...it pings only between matches and not while in it and refreshing the page as it used to work...or maybe this bug is only caused by this annoying Unbannable *** ccb9b580566b1d22 *** ???


I'm always the host of my team and of the lobbies and of the parties since i'm the best and the boss 😂😂😂 but even more because i provide the best lobbies with my Netduma and they feel the huge difference from with and without me so it affect a lot of people right now !!! I succeeded in bringing back WW2 haters in loving it just because of ...hell yeah Netduma R1 😎 and now everybody's hatin it again since even with me and my A1 setup it's not playin well anymore 😭 !!! As a reminder i'm not blaming the team for the online problems of the games or of internet wich are the biggest causes of the bad online playability these days... i'm just pointing out a cloud problem that can be fix in minutes by you guys wich is makin our gaming experience really non enjoyable since more than 2 weeks 😭!!! Fraser told that it's now even easier than ever to update the cloud so PLEEEAASE do it guys so we can still enjoy fun COD sessions while we wait for our DUMA OS positively and optimisticaly 👽😎😂😉 and even then it will prevent us having problems with the DUMA OS since it share the same cloud...well i suppose 😂😉 !!! Thanks again homies for your time and energy !!! Take care... Peeeaace !!!


ps i tried to locate it on the map even if it never showed up !!! Also remember that it only appear as the host as a dedicated server even if it never showed on the map while the biggest chopped circle is surrounding one of my allowed Montreal dedis wich still runs at 7ms at the same time the auto ping tells the host is the 4792km one and at higher than 21ms !!!


































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