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  1. if it's just a cosmetic problem, I will not ask.
  2. it was assigned correctly no problems. Just today when I tried to reset it to the factory defaults this problem has appeared
  3. yes but this problem just happen these days not earlier. I have purchased it from 1 year
  4. replacement of what I don't understand. I bought my XR500 from 1 year and this the first time I see that.
  5. I have a problem with LAN ports indexing as follow LEDS/Duma OS : 1 2 3 4 Ports equal: 4 3 2 1 how to solve this issue Router: XR500
  6. the problem has arisen again. Don't know the cause of it. I thought that it was my local DNS server, but it wasn't.
  7. it happens with all browsers. I don't know but I followed up the settings and found that the cause of this is my local DNS server. I have set up my own ad-blocker DNS server and it was the reason for the problem. after removing it the router worked normally.
  8. every time this problem happens with me, and I don't know what is the cause of it. I have reset the router many times, and it still exists. any solution?
  9. to confirm the problem has been solved. I've built the server again and the problem has been solved.
  10. ye I know as it's new but Linus Trovalds talked about it. I have tested it myself it works like a charm. firstly, it doesn't consume any resources, lowe ping higher speed than any other protocol
  11. nothing added, I use my own server it was working and it always working no any disconnect, and I haven't enabled block if disconnect. the problem is that the app stops and it always connect from the first touch of the button
  12. I've tried different new browser cleared cookies and cache also I made a factory reset I'm on firmware V2.3.2.40 V2.3.2.40
  13. a new protocol implemented consumes lower resources and provides a better connection than open vpn. is it possible to implement Wireguard VPN www.wireguard.com
  14. I add the openvpn info, user and password and connect that's it
  15. this problem always happen when I activate Hybrid VPn and doesn't go until I restart and after about 15 minutes from restart it happens again, while activating VPN
  16. Hi, I have a 250 Mbps and an XBOX ONE. when I try to download anything the speed doesn't exceed 50Mbps I use full duplex wire and the line read 1 Gbit on the XR500. any solution to read the full speed
  17. thank you brother, but when since last update it has been more than 3 months since the last release
  18. Hi, I have a problem with Geo-filter as follow: 1- when I deny a peer or server, it doesn't actually block him, and I can still play with him, rested many time the router, and still the problem exists 2- still I can see servers and peers in location which are not supposed to be. I made some dns lookup for the hosts and it shows different locations 3- Geo-filter doesn't connect to all servers available in FIFA games, and alway always connect me to 1 or 2 servers at most despite I apply the geo-filter in a location that has a server in it. therefore, please please give us a cure for this Geo-filter. I've got frustrated from waiting hybrid VPN update that still hasn't come yet, and this Geo-filter Issues
  19. bro is there any news regarding XR500 upcoming update?
  20. still there is a problem with geofilter at XR500 it realy doesn't work correctly. here is an example of one peer as in the photo seems to be located in USA and he told me that he is from Saudi Arabia here are his details Type d'hôtePair IDc5a9dfaa46642126 Nom de domaineaa.64.26a9.ip4.static.sl-reverse.com https://imgur.com/a/JMV8wRE also when I block someone it really doesn't block him, is there any update?
  21. when do you expect the next update round for XR500?
  22. Is it possible to know all FIFA servers and check which one has the best ping for me and block the others?
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