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  1. Here are my speeds what settings would you guys recommend
  2. First off i want to thank the Duma staff for getting me back up and running because you guys didn't have to look out for me the way that you did and also thank the Duma army for all of the help on the forum since I joined. With that being said I'm currently unable to connect to the netduma wifi its fresh out of the box and the card said put the first 12 characters of the s/n found on the Duma but that doesnt work however lan devices are working. Thanks in advanced.
  3. It was but dhl never came for the collection date set for the 14th
  4. Is there anyway I could dm netduma rep for a conversation.
  5. I have sent the email. Whether you guys can help or not I just wanna thank everyone who took the time out the help me with this issue.This is the greatest forum/tech support group I've ever dealt with.
  6. Idk why but when I switch to Duma OS I couldn't reset the router from the back but once I down graded to original firmware 1.03.6.i it worked again
  7. Yes. And I will try it again it's just when I do it the second way it dont beeps or nothing.
  8. Factory reset?if so I did by unplugging the router and holding the reset in the whole plugging the router in the wall because the reset button wont work by just pressing it alone
  9. I dont have internet and I cant access the interface either
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