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  1. I have sent the email. Whether you guys can help or not I just wanna thank everyone who took the time out the help me with this issue.This is the greatest forum/tech support group I've ever dealt with.
  2. Idk why but when I switch to Duma OS I couldn't reset the router from the back but once I down graded to original firmware 1.03.6.i it worked again
  3. Yes. And I will try it again it's just when I do it the second way it dont beeps or nothing.
  4. Factory reset?if so I did by unplugging the router and holding the reset in the whole plugging the router in the wall because the reset button wont work by just pressing it alone
  5. I dont have internet and I cant access the interface either
  6. Quick question I decided to check my connection on with my down time and I'm not to familiar with the software but I have 100.0 PL on the second line but there is no ip address the what could this be
  7. I will try in 24 hours and report back to you thank you so much for your help.
  8. I'm not sure if I followed the right procedure but I unplugged the router from my hub and the I hooked the router back to the ISP hub but put the lan cable in port 2 and tried to reach the interface I also attempted to reach the interface with the Duma not hooked to the ISP hub and a lan cable wired in port 2 to my laptop
  9. No luck I can't recieve internet access through lan either
  10. I was upgrading my r1 back to Duma OS when my power went off I can no longer access the Duma website and or receive wifi.
  11. I have downgraded to firmware 1-03-6i and attempted to change my dns servers in the router in the wan and lan section how do i know if it applied i have my ps4 booted up and i set up the internet but it still show as my dns. i have done this on other routers and the change show on my ps4 is there any other ways to check if it changed
  12. for some reason my qos is set to 70/70 but i am receiving my full speeds i made sure the router webpage was not running on any other device the only temporary fix is to factory reset every time it decides to stop working. I usually us always when using congestion control. ive tried using when high priority traffic is detection but it will not detect nba 2k19 when playing only nor does hyper traffic but it does work for cod and fortnite.
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