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  1. I have a subscription to vpn unlimited service https://www.vpnunlimitedapp.com/ I have their profile, and it works perfectly with me no any issue, but the Duma os can't connect through it. I just need to know how to configure it
  2. No, it's a normal server I know it, it belongs to I3D servers, I want to blacklist it, because another server by Amazon has been installed in the same region and my ping to it is 6 ms, while this one is 13ms, and I want to connect to Amazon one, cause it is powerful.
  3. Hi, attached photo of Geo-filter, this is a Fifa server, I have blocked it as seen, but I'm still able to connect to it. How to block it totally. I have restarted the game and the router and my whole devices, but I can't solve it
  4. I have a problem; the setup is; I have a router with a vpn client behind Duma os router, when I try to connect the vpn, it doesn't work, it seems that Duma os block it, also tried to portforward, it didn't work. so how can I allow a service behind Duma OS. I have tested the router that is behind the Duma OS. while connecting it directly to my modem, it works perfectly.
  5. when will we start to recieve the new version for testing
  6. setting it to zero makes every thing working perfectly.
  7. the problem I get people with a higher ping value than what I have decided
  8. I have reset the router many times and still I connect to people that are not in my circle or ping assist as per the following pictures I use the default settings I have flushed the cloud many times
  9. if it's just a cosmetic problem, I will not ask.
  10. it was assigned correctly no problems. Just today when I tried to reset it to the factory defaults this problem has appeared
  11. yes but this problem just happen these days not earlier. I have purchased it from 1 year
  12. replacement of what I don't understand. I bought my XR500 from 1 year and this the first time I see that.
  13. I have a problem with LAN ports indexing as follow LEDS/Duma OS : 1 2 3 4 Ports equal: 4 3 2 1 how to solve this issue Router: XR500
  14. the problem has arisen again. Don't know the cause of it. I thought that it was my local DNS server, but it wasn't.
  15. it happens with all browsers. I don't know but I followed up the settings and found that the cause of this is my local DNS server. I have set up my own ad-blocker DNS server and it was the reason for the problem. after removing it the router worked normally.
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