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  1. No. they are the same I do only the bridging on one lan port. I tested all ports they are suffering from the same problem
  2. Hi, I had XR500 before, it was working perfectly with IPTV with VLAN bridge. Now I bought the XR1000, and it is a nice router, but the IPTV doesn't work properly. I activated the VLAN bridge, but still the channels shuttering and not working properly. I tested it on another router with mode bridge, it works perfectly. I rested the XR1000 multiple times, and the same problem exists.
  3. Hi, I bought XR1000 2 days ago, but I can't find the vpn option to connect to any vpn providers. The one thing that I found is the vpn server. please tell me where is it, or how to activate it?
  4. I’m totally disappointed from the delay, and vlan option will not be in the update. Then why the delay? Beta update for nighthawk includes the vlan.
  5. when will Duma os 3 support Vlan and usb sharing ?
  6. Could you please send me the latest build
  7. Do you have a suggestion for AX extender
  8. I think we need to find an effective solution for adding servers to Heatmap as many servers don't respond to the way you use to add them to Heatmap. We need another option to allow users to add their servers easily or detect the servers from Geo-filter. This is because all time you will miss some servers. Also, I have sent a call of duty Middle East server, but you are not able to add it in spite of my capability to ping on it .
  9. I have sent some Middle East server especially FIFA servers have you added them ?
  10. why can't ping heat map get the server list from the geo-filter when the game connect for first time to its servers the, all the server are show up on the geo-filter which could be easily to implement
  11. Call of Duty Server in Middle East which is hosted in the same datacenter in Bahrain Host type Dedicated ID 4f0fefbaaceeb4b9 Hostme ec2-15-185-238-186.me-south-1.compute.amazonaws.com another one also in the same datacenter for call of duty war zone Host Type Dedicated ID 4f0f6e39aceeb4b9 Domain Name ec2-15-185-238-57.me-south-1.compute.amazonaws.com FIFA server in Bahrain Host Type Dedicated ID ee0fb782ac8db4b9 Domain Name ec2-15-185-141-130.me-south-1.compute.amazonaws.com
  12. here in this image there is 2 servers in Middle East for Call of Duty MW: https://imgur.com/LMjMywP
  13. here is the amazon server in Bahrain for FIFA : Host Type Dedicated ID ee0fb782ac8db4b9 Domain Name ec2-15-185-141-130.me-south-1.compute.amazonaws.com https://imgur.com/dVRhJCZ
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