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  1. Thank you so much will definitely give it a try today
  2. Wifi seem to be good for now no luck with increasing the upload speed I’m getting more than I’m supposed to on the download side I tried disabling qos but I didn’t find that disabling goodput removed packet low I was receiving low upload speed and 1-2% packet loss when running test on Xbox but now I just have low upload speeds
  3. I pay for 300 down 30 upload im getting around 250 up which isn't bad at all this is more than enough but I'm getting 5 upload or less not using qos and i use speedtest.net and xbox speed test which shows the lower speeds on the upload side but on the benchmark i get about 260 down and 29 upload also wifi is dropping out of nowhere and not connect back to some devices but will automatically connect to others I've also experience 2 connections drops while working with devices connected via lan but after unplugging the router and plugging it back in everything was back up and running.
  4. Hello I've been using the r2 for a few weeks replacing the r1 I've notice the speeds that I'm receiving is not close to what i receive on the edge router or the speeds i received on the r1 before upgrading to dumaos 3.0 beta any suggestions?
  5. I don't' have the xr700 but I've had the issue before make sure you're using chrome or Firefox also be sure you don't have anything blocking the site and the JavaScript is enable for the browsers if all fails try connecting a laptop or pc to the router and visiting the site hardwired ( assuming you're trying to modify your settings via wifi).
  6. Make sure you have the ports going to the correct ip address also I would reserve the address in the dhcp section. After that I would turn off the console unplug it and load cod again (not really necessary if you quit cod and load it up again you should have a open nat) keep in mind the port you're forwarding for ps4 is 3074 but if your on Xbox you need 3074 for Xbox Live itself and 3075 is the port for cod.
  7. perfect thanks for the advice and no qos i am using the geo filter though i was previously using qos setting but i haven't been seeing much of a difference in gameplay so i haven't used qos in a bit
  8. they change but sometimes they do reach the advertised speeds the consoles speed reflect the drop in speed the whole time and allow auto feedback, allow remote access and turbo mode nothing too crazy. But my issue is just getting my ports open since im not able to use dmz or bridgemode.
  9. so my isp is cox and let me tell you their panoramic gateway is horrible every time i hook up the r1 and put the gateway in bridge mode or dmz the r1 the internet speeds drop from 150 mbps download and 10 mbps upload to inconsistent speeds like 70 mbps download and 887 kbps upload resulting in crazy packet loss currently i have the gateway set to its defaults and the r1 behind it but now my ports are not able to open so i cant chat with friends any suggestions? thanks in advanced duma army. Also I do believe that it's worth mentioning if you have a setup similar to mine to check if your gateway or router does the same. First check your internet speeds via the console i the reason i recommend the consoles test is simply because i would see drops in my speed on the console but would sometimes not see that same drop when testing from my laptop. After you run the test via console factory reset the gateway or router to it's defaults i wouldn't do it via the button on the back of the router sometimes the settings wouldn't reset but the router would restart so i recommend factory reset via internet browser. from here you can you can run another test on your console from your gateway or the duma hooked to your gateway i found that i got the same speeds for both which were 176 mbps down and 14mpbs up pretty much every test when i didn't get those speeds it was my advertised speeds. Now i played a lot of fornite but the gaming experience was horrible because i would have packet loss through the whole game and it caused jerking,skipping,and everything in between. since resetting i have not had packet loss one time on fortnite or any other game for that matter and my gaming experience has been awesome for 2 months so i would also recommend you guys to go into fortnite before your reset and turn on your connection meter see what happens before and after the reset(i say factory reset because after using dmz or bridge mode simply turning it off didn't fix the issue and i've tried it numerous of times the only cure was a full factory reset) . initially i was strictly a cod player and i would often look at their connection meter but the meter never detected packet loss but i would be jerking etc so fortnite is a good source to use. this method should be tried even if you don't have a r1 but you have a device in dmz mode or have a setup that calls for bridge mode. let me know your results very interested to see if i could help out the duma army.
  10. no longer needed I switched isp's speed 15x better and the price saved me 40+ dollars
  11. Here are my speeds what settings would you guys recommend
  12. First off i want to thank the Duma staff for getting me back up and running because you guys didn't have to look out for me the way that you did and also thank the Duma army for all of the help on the forum since I joined. With that being said I'm currently unable to connect to the netduma wifi its fresh out of the box and the card said put the first 12 characters of the s/n found on the Duma but that doesnt work however lan devices are working. Thanks in advanced.
  13. It was but dhl never came for the collection date set for the 14th
  14. Is there anyway I could dm netduma rep for a conversation.
  15. I have sent the email. Whether you guys can help or not I just wanna thank everyone who took the time out the help me with this issue.This is the greatest forum/tech support group I've ever dealt with.
  16. Idk why but when I switch to Duma OS I couldn't reset the router from the back but once I down graded to original firmware 1.03.6.i it worked again
  17. Yes. And I will try it again it's just when I do it the second way it dont beeps or nothing.
  18. Factory reset?if so I did by unplugging the router and holding the reset in the whole plugging the router in the wall because the reset button wont work by just pressing it alone
  19. I dont have internet and I cant access the interface either
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