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Ive been trying to find out what his  ping is to cod mw when he searches for a game 

Ive been watching his videos but with no luck trying to find this out

Im hoping you guys and girls could yelp

When you search for a game it  shows you your ping to the server  

This is displayed in the top middle of you scredn

eg from 25ms 42 ms 58 ms 75 ms and higher

A  kind dumar forum member ghost1- ec posted a link to where it shows his latency  on the scoreboard this was on pc

It cleary showed his latency was 41ms  in that footage 

So 'please can any one post any clips or footage where it shows him either searching for a game and it shows his ping to servers

Or footage whee it shows his ping ingame

The ping ingame seems harder to find as i think it only shows latency on scoreboard on pc  not console  

i know on console it shows your ping in settings \account

Tis info would be a lot easier to find if he live streamed 

But far as i am aware he dosent

Also if you could timestamp it it would help

I hope i made sence   and thank you ghost-1-ec for your help before 

Ive b




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Its highly unlikely you're gonnabe able to get a connection to the game as good as his.

He's in a different part of the world for starters.

Also, CoD is his job, he most likely has a very expensive line, with probably 0 jitter.

Also, KS does stream live... seen his live streams many times on Youtube so you're not looking very hard.

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1 hour ago, kinel said:

Ive seen him live steam older cod  but what i meant was live stream cod mw 

He does live stream. Maybe not on YT anymore (although I saw him live stream on YT only a few weeks ago but was BOps4) but he'll be doing it somewhere.

Theres many many streaming sites nowadays and alot have left YT and Twitch for other platforms.

Regardless, even with the same ping as him, its unlikely you're gonna get a crisp, flawless connection like he does. He will be paying ALOT of money for a perfect line, thats how the big stars are getting such great connections to CoD games.

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Hes brilliant player

but i was asking about footage or live stream where it shows his ping

In cod mw

please if any one can send any links to his live streams  of cod mw  

Cheers again 



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if you look Bobbypoff or dougisraw or teepee, this guy don't play the same game than us ! they are 1 or 2 sec faster than the other player ! if he move left and back to right, the adversaire start shoot in right side but it is on left ! Now for myself if I'm on left and move on right, unlocky, the adversaire don't miss a single bullet !  I guess ILL do a good game play with this kind of Co !

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I've seen other players like Shroud livestream. He pings around 10-11 ms. I've seen most of American Youtubers/ streamers pigs around that range. It's hard to see anyone pinging above 25ms in that region in COD. 

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Where di d you see bobbypoff and dougisraw playing cod mw just wandering as i never heard of them till u mentioned them

So i searched youtube but only found footage of them playing cod blackout


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