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  1. I remember that. I be like I'm downloading so no one use the phone!!! And then the phone would ring *facepalm* And if something was more than 1Mb in size, I just didn't bother downloading it lol.
  2. What el Doggo said. I had the same problem when I first got the Draytek Vigor 130. Just input ya PPPoE info and it should work great
  3. Gotta let the bad players they wanna protect get plenty of kills on the smaller maps
  4. Thats another reason why running and gunning isn't viable in this game. Everyone runs around holding hands every damn match. If I kill one, 95% of the time I'm instadead a second later and if you manage to get the two guys, there always seems to be a third.
  5. I've been backing outta pregame lobbies left right and center coz I keep getting matched with 4-6 man parties. I already get shit teammates, what the hell are they gonnabe like against a party.
  6. Yup haha. They copyright claiming everyone who posts it LOL.
  7. Surely thats the server at fault since all the hops before look good. In which case, nothing you can do I guess.
  8. Its just like DumasOS CC silders... ya gotta try and find that sweet spot.
  9. I've tried it on Mod and Open, plays the same to me. Have you tried different values? Its just like QoS, you need to find a setting that works. For me I'm using 87% of my bandwidth up and down, its not perfect, I still get BS deaths but they happen alot less than using all my bandwidth.
  10. I don't bother with DMZ. I use Cake and Layer Cake as SQM.
  11. What settings were you using?
  12. Thats what I have. Haven't had any issues with it, had it a year now.
  13. Its every single map in the game though... not just Rust and Shipment.
  14. Yup. Had a couple of matches of Rust tonight, had peoples spawning in front and behind me at the same time... Just as bad as Shipment.
  15. I bought my router with OpenWRT already on it so can't really help tbh.
  16. I've never found a tutorial for CoD... just like Duma, what settings work for others, probably won't work for you. I've never used DD-WRT.
  17. Nope. Just the SQM. Nothing else.
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