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  1. Thats some lucky lobby you got there! I just played HC TDM for 30 mins, nothing but idiots sitting in corners. I didn't die once in a 1v1, always in the back by some prick in a corner.
  2. I have a Asus RoG laptop. Loving it!
  3. Wouldn't trust any Craptavision servers!!! May as well connect to a potato.
  4. I know one or two of us are using Elgato HD60 for the capture card. It works great for me to record and stream. As for mic and anything else, I can't comment as I don't use a mic, facecam or anything else.
  5. My Plotter looks the same but gameplay is still inconsistent. Its Craptavisions servers I'm telling you.
  6. Looks great CrossFitKila717. Doesn't get much better than that.
  7. I've tried what Bert is saying many times. Never worked for me. Not on BOps3, IW nor BOps4. I don't think it works that way but thats just from my experience. In fact, iirc, lowering your bandwitch as much as 256k/s, you can't even connect to the CoD servers. I remember having trouble connecting when I tried lowering mine to 1mb. Also, thats no good when you have 25+ devices connected to your router 😛 Gonna piss someone off when they try to connect and can't. EDIT : In fact... just tried it... made no difference. I'm not even sponging, everyone still spots me as they should.
  8. Nice one. Never had a nuke on BOps4. Too much random crap to die from and crap teammates for me to ever get one.
  9. Like I said... give up chasing settings coz you're never gonna hit the right spot.
  10. 99% of the time I am the only one using my connection when I play CoD... PingPlotter shows complete stability even with the QoS off but guess what, CoD games play like crap without it. Low ping, low jitter etc don't seem to matter (every other game of course it does but not in CoD) Like I said... the servers and netcode are bloody awful on CoD games... for me at least WW2 and BOps4 have been the worse. IW I found consistency, last two CoD games I've found none. What works one day won't the next.
  11. Its their servers no doubt. I've been having a really crappy time lately with lag (PingPlotter shows 0 spikes) Honestly, hardly anyone plays BOps4 now. Even with an open NAT and no geo filter, takes me sometimes 30 secs to actually find a match.
  12. You're half right I don't use DumaOS on my R1. I find the orginal firmware does thejob just fine. I had an XR500 with DumaOS and found too many features not working as they should and see folk are still complaining about the same things still not working right so I've not bothered with DumaOS on my R1
  13. The in game connection meter isn't accurate. Don't worry about it.
  14. Nope. I stream so can't go on ADSL. Will be going back to Virgin cable since thats the only other option.
  15. I bought the HH with OpenWRT already on it. I wanted to try out OpenWRT so bought a cheap router, would like to buy a better router to run it on but don't see much point since I have line problems that my ISP can't be bothered to fix so will probably be ditching fibre next year anyways.
  16. OpenWRT on a BT Home Hub then R1 behind it.
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