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  1. Yeah, I can get my connection practically perfect in MW, Warzone on the other hand... bad hit reg and guns not doing nearly as much damage as they should be. I'm sick and tired of pulling out my sniper and either getting 0 hit reg or only getting a hitmarker on someones head despite on a headshot in Warzone is an instakill. Really wish Acti would pull their finger out and actually give us a good server system for once.
  2. He's using Ping Assist. Ping Assist is where the filter looks for servers under your cap, in this case 45ms. While Ping Assist is being used, it doesn't matter where you put the geo circle as that part is not being used.
  3. Nice one. Gun looks abit OP or maybe thats your crisp connection. I don't play CW so have never used that gun before. Anyways, typical. Go thru all that and still lose lol. Story of my life, the better you are, the worse your teammates are.
  4. He doesn't seem to know much about anything its true.
  5. Believe what you like idiot. Just because in your opinion my settings can't possibly work, doesn't mean that you're right. Been throttling my upload that much for months and it works almost flawlessly.
  6. I believe thats the authentication server... not the match server. Everyone connects to that server at first.
  7. Excuse me? You realise I can prove that I can connect to the game with speed that low right? I can also screenshot my QoS setting that'll show the same... Watch who you're talking to.
  8. I don't use a Netduma router. Haven't for about 2 years now. I've been using 0.2 for a few months now and I choke alot of nukes... defo not placebo. In fact, its not even 0.2... its 0.190 My QoS works differently to how Netduma's does. I have a few videos on my YT channel that were made using 0.2, I also have a few others that I haven't posted yet. All CoD games have played like utter tripe for me without QoS.
  9. 2.5 was shit for me, hence why I don't use it. 0.2 works. However, I have yet to find anything that works for Warzone. Its bad with my QoS settings, its bad without. Getting annoyed only getting hitmarkers all the time.
  10. I don't use a Netduma router so can't really say. I play on Xbox and PS4. I DMZ the console, I don't prio any ports. I use QoS to throttle my speed to gaming traffic only.
  11. Tried that before, didn't work out well for me.
  12. I mainly play MW19 MP, it works great for that. Warzone I'm not too sure as I rarely play it and I don't play CW so don't know about that one.
  13. It'll have nothing to do with the router you're using.
  14. I have 60d 20u and have to drop my upload to 0.2mb to get ridda shoot first die first, bad hit reg etc and even then its not perfect. That crap still happens on occasion.
  15. CoD's in game ping includes processing time. Its been the same in all CoD's.
  16. No router can beat SBMM. What peoples are saying about Netduma's getting them into easy lobbies just isn't true.
  17. MW19 has been running like crap for me for weeks now and it seems to be getting worse. Aim assist seems weaker, sometimes not there at all... I used to play on 19/19 sens but now for some reason thats far too high. Shoot first die first happening alot more than before. I lagged out of a couple of matches last night and thats never happened once since the game has been out for me. Nothings changed my end so I put it down to their servers.
  18. Probably because your PC is alot higher spec'd than the Xbox I assume. Higher FPS is gonna make everything look and feel faster.
  19. Never had any problems with Cloudfare. I'd recommend.
  20. Was the same during the last free trial 3 months ago LOL.
  21. The hit reg in CW is total ass! I'm playing the free trial and the amount of times I've clearly missed all my shots but still killed the guy LOL. Never known a CoD game like this.
  22. I believe its the direct ping to the server (so no processing time like you have on the in game ping) so yeah, the same as the Duma would show. My nearest server on CW is showing 24ms... which is the same as my base ping. In game I usually have around 30-40ms.
  23. I wouldn't worry about it. Its not accurate anyways.
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