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    MarkonikovBR reacted to Knomax in how to get better hit detection   
    I agree with @bbursley  when people keep buying COD....they think that people like these "system" of matchmaking...SBMM it doesnt matter what skills you have in aiming ..reactions and so on...algorithm decide if you will "win"...how can realize that..it is pretty easy..in one match with one magazine you kill 3-4 enemies with 2-3 bullets....and the next games you hit a hole magazine in one enemy and he is keep running!!!!
    The problem isn't Netduma or your connection ..it is the game....that's why in previous COD's the configuration was needed was simple and 100% working....find your speeds..adjust bars to eliminate bufferbloat....adjust geofilter...and thats it...you will play sollid games 90-95% of the time.
    In the topic there are so many configurations but i think no one can say that is working all the time....it is just "lucky" to have good games....algorithm SBMM decide it for you.And for sure it doesnt matter for this game what is your ping...even players with really low ping has problems and crap games!!!...."Ping is king" is for old COD's not for this.
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    MarkonikovBR got a reaction from Densha-Warrior in how to get better hit detection   
    I do not expect miracles, but support from the manufacturer itself ... and not two hundred and so many solutions, without any proof, all placebos ... I just want a minimum of support, in the form of clear and proven instructions to get the best out of my network and geographic region ... now, we don't even know which ports are used for each platform, there is no well-explained tutorial, by the duma, on how to get the best settings for your connection ... it's a post here another one there and that's why ... it doesn't even have a specific profile for the cod ...
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    MarkonikovBR got a reaction from Densha-Warrior in how to get better hit detection   
    I'm with you my friend ... I've tried all the settings here suggested to play warzone on the PC and nothing works ... but what makes me more insulted is that I paid a fortune to import this router, which promises worlds and funds, and the netduma team does not lend itself to making a tutorial that is, updated, for the game most played by everyone who buys this router .... including, there is no specific profile for it ... there are for several games that nobody plays, and for the main fps game of the moment, there is no ... seriously thinking about selling this router and getting a router that can put open source firmwares with better QOss ... a shame
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    MarkonikovBR reacted to Densha-Warrior in how to get better hit detection   
    The prioritization for pc doesn't work, no relation to the level. And I just need to know why it doesn't work on pc, that's all,
    I never said "I'm the best"
    I have been playing FPS for 15 years.
    Just COD has a problem , I'm not the only one to say that.
    and for info, players in 9, 20ms lobbies like you said has not 9, 20ms but 40, 60 120 sometime 200, all the ping possible
    But this, you don't know because on console, you can't see the ping players, just yours and on the pause menu 
    Just Cold War PC Shows the bar like console
    I'm not looking for an advance , I'm looking for something Logical!
    By exemple, a guy with 60, 80ms ping and you shoot him with 20ms and you die even though you shot before him or become red almost every time,
    It's not Logical
    I need Logic,
    we need logic 
    for a better world
    I said lol but I'm serious
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    MarkonikovBR reacted to Netduma Fraser in Found mislocated servers? Let us know here!   
    All you need to do is adjust the radius or polygons to just cover Brazil and block any other country like the US that has a lot of servers and you should be able to force them if they're available.
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    MarkonikovBR reacted to Netduma Fraser in Best settings to Warzone   
    If you have multiple gaming devices I would recommend gaming application, otherwise I'd allocate to the specific device.
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    MarkonikovBR reacted to badrisuper in Best settings to Warzone   
    I too had similar problems.  I tried different routers.  The best worked for me trying different value for congestion control.  At present I am using 35% for both.  For bandwidth allocation I configured 50% for my game console and distributed the remaining.
    Check dslreport for bufferbloat.
    Badri M
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    MarkonikovBR reacted to Netduma Fraser in Best settings to Warzone   
    Does the ping spike at all? What does the ping show in game? If you do the Connection Benchmark test and try different Congestion Control percentages you'll be able to find the best percentage to get the Ping Under Load test down as low as possible, closer to the average ping.
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    MarkonikovBR reacted to Netduma Fraser in NetDuma R2 - Ping HeatMap Warzone(South America)   
    You have to use the Geo-Filter to have your radius or your polygons just covering those servers and then that should help you force it. In the Device Manager change the PC to a PlayStation then add it to the Geo-Filter and select the manual option to filter better.
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