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  1. I do not expect miracles, but support from the manufacturer itself ... and not two hundred and so many solutions, without any proof, all placebos ... I just want a minimum of support, in the form of clear and proven instructions to get the best out of my network and geographic region ... now, we don't even know which ports are used for each platform, there is no well-explained tutorial, by the duma, on how to get the best settings for your connection ... it's a post here another one there and that's why ... it doesn't even have a specific profile for the cod ...
  2. I'm with you my friend ... I've tried all the settings here suggested to play warzone on the PC and nothing works ... but what makes me more insulted is that I paid a fortune to import this router, which promises worlds and funds, and the netduma team does not lend itself to making a tutorial that is, updated, for the game most played by everyone who buys this router .... including, there is no specific profile for it ... there are for several games that nobody plays, and for the main fps game of the moment, there is no ... seriously thinking about selling this router and getting a router that can put open source firmwares with better QOss ... a shame
  3. Hello ... how do I connect to only one specific server? for example, here in Brazil, only two servers pings in São Paulo, i wanted my game to only connect to such servers ...
  4. Thank you very much for the feedback ... I am testing here, I will follow the friend's recommendation to 35% ... a doubt, I do the bandwidth allocation by devices (in this case, my PC that I labbeled as a PS4, following your recommendation in another post for the geofilter) or by aplicattions (in this case, gaming)?
  5. two servers are dripping on the ping heatmap, both in São Paulo (largest city in Latin America) ... I would like to know how I force the Warzone, PC version, to only connect to these two servers? I already saved them in a list ...
  6. Hello everyone. I just bought an R2 and I only play Warzone on the PC, I live in Brazil and I know that the servers are all in São Paulo, I am 200 km from such servers ... My ping to these servers, which started to appear only now with this last update, they are in the range of 19ms ... However, my shooting record is horrible, I have already tried several configurations ... I opened the doors, put them to prioritize such doors, put 70% congestion control, changed dns, etc etc .. I can even get good pings, but the record of shots is still horrible ... I would like to know what are the best settings for Warzone ... thank you all .. .
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