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  1. Both are different animals. XR700 is a great device for larger networks, in the way that you can run a 10G link to your switches. So you can build a 10G backbone to avoid local congestion. If you have clients streaming off a NAS etc this can become a problem. XR1000 has wifi 6 which is obviously better in terms of wi-fi. But it has no SFP+ support and I believe only 4 LAN ports. For a regular home setup, the XR1000 is probably the better choice.
  2. I managed a 20 killsstreak + chopper gunner in the first half of DOM lol. Streaks are useless. That choppergunner got me one whole kill.
  3. Not one single TDM or KC game has gone to the score limit for me today.
  4. Not all servers are used either as far as I can tell, at least in EU. Italy and Spain are not there. Either that or the Geofilter doesn't have the right locations.
  5. The whole thing feels like MW 2.0 -Maze like maps (Miami feels like Picadilly 2.0) -Waaay too loud footsteps -Scorestreak system etc scream participation trophy all over Everybody is already camping their ass off to get streaks. Because of the above. Player desync is enormous. Hitdetection is crisp though but you can tell they definitly have issues with their lag compensation system. Gunfights are very inconsistent even with 150HP. Streaks barely do anything. I have been raining attack choppers and they barely get kills. Weapons, use AK-74U or go home. Except for snipers which are super overpowered. Doesn't help that there is so many hiding spots for them. LMG's have a stupid amount of recoil. I am sitting at 2.09 EKIA/D average so it's not like I can't win. Its just not very enjoyable. Haven't tried any connection or geofilter tuning yet, I am basically playing with all that off.
  6. Not sure what you are trying to achieve. With link aggregation you can't combine 2 ISPs, you can only combine multiple ports to another device, like a switch. You shouldn't run aggregation to your S10 switch but use 10G SFP. Won't really do you much good though unless you run a NAS off your router / switch or something. If you want to combine 2 internet connections you need a router that has load balancing capacities or a separate load balancer. XR500 is their most popular platform so it makes sense the beta is run on that. XR700 is a niche product really. You can have 10G support but since there is only 1 SFP+ device it won't do you much good as you can only connect to a switch or to WAN, not both. It's a product more aimed at users that have heavy internal traffic like when using a NAS / Media server with many clients.
  7. I like how it looks as well. Just worried that SBMM will be back. So far I am kinda done with MW, I don't really feel like playing it anymore. I haven't even reached 155 or finished the BP yet for this season.
  8. What might be the issue is link speed / auto negotiation. Was just reading something about Mikrotik routers and here it was mentioned that they don’t seem to work right with most USA providers due a speed auto negotiation issue. Basicly because the Mikrotik router in question could only do 1Gbit or 10Gbit. Most SC fiber SFP+ need a 2.5Gbit link speed. So it would depend on the XR700 if it can do 2.5 Gbit or only 1 or 10Gbit. I know from my own Huawai ONT that it definitely operates at 2.5Gbit with SC fiber.
  9. You can see on your first screenshot that it isn’t detecting the SFP+ module correctly. I suggest looking for a different SFP model that others have used or that Netgear says is compatible. It appears to be a regular SC fiber module. it does happen from time to time that there is compatibility issues with these SFP modules. Also you would need to know if your ONT is simply acting as media converter or if your ISP has software on that that is required.
  10. Actually if you set the sliders to 100% it should disable ABB and give you full speed regardless if QoS is on or off. Same for the ‘When high priority traffic detected’ setting, if there is no high priority traffic you should receive full speed. I have noticed though that the sliders are not that accurate. When I set mine to 450mbit on a 500mbit line it will give me around 400mbit. That is not only a XR500 issue but the R1 also has it. When you get to lower speeds it does become accurate at some point. for most automated QoS systems like Codel and so on you set a value below your normal connection speed, like 5-15% lower and this will in fact lower your bandwidth.
  11. I tried a bit this morning, but if I play on the Amsterdam server with 8-10ms I get lightning fast hitdetection but if I switch to the Italy server my game seems to play a bit better. You will get a somewhat higher ping but you get less issues with lag compensation. First game on this morning:
  12. Warzone normally reads higher due to processing. Multiplayer is a bit closer but usually 16ms over what you read on DumaOS.
  13. Try setting your geofilter to the Spain or Italy server. It looks like there is definitly some lag compensation BS going on.
  14. That gameplay is only 13 seconds long with 1 gunfight, you can't really tell much from that. But, since he was replating and shot at you right when he got up he knew where you were. FPS games like CoD have something called peakers advantage. If he attacked first he would have a window of opportunity where he can shoot you while he's not visible on your screen yet. This is made worse because of the 10Hz servers. Normally the game engine takes 2-3 updates before it renders the player image to make the player movement look more smooth. For a 10Hz server there is 100ms between every update.
  15. What you probably need to do is connect your laptop to the switch with a LAN cable. Then you manually assign the laptop a IP in the 192.168.1.x range. Then you should be able to get into the switch by typing it's IP adress. Then change the static IP on the switch to something in the 192.168.77.x range. After that you can probaly acces it through your network. Or, if you factory reset the switch it will probably turn DHCP back on and it will get a IP in the 192.168.77.x range and you will be able to acces it.
  16. Most likely that the test server just isn't fast enough. I have that as well with my FTTH connection in Asia. You only max out the upload in this case. You don't need to run much ABB in most cases with so much bandwidth on a FTTH connection.
  17. KPN possibly. But you're limted to their ADSL service I imagine. I have no direct expirience with them but have read it's more stable. Would limit speeds though, to 100 mbit in my case. So really getting 100 mbit ADSL or choke the Ziggo connection to 100mbit is "lood om oud ijzer" Where I stay there is no real alternative to Ziggo. So in the mean time it's praying to the fiber gods if they want to roll out a network here LOL.
  18. I ping the Ziggo gateway that is after the modem, so the first hub on their network. So I can tell it's in their modem, not upstream in their network. You can use as well, google on AMS-IX.
  19. I think that is something else tbh. A lot of ISP's nowadays integrate stuff like IPTV and so on and they prioritize video streams from their side. Aka they run QoS on that. So if you try to supress your bandwidth, they are slowing down your other traffic in favor of these streams. This is done so customers don't complain when their TV gets messed up when other family members are downloading etc. In a very high bandwidth scenario this should never be an issue but as far as I am aware connection speeds like 70/10 are pretty common for BT and you could have an issue there. On this particular ISP there is no such thing as they deliver TV services over another channel (Coax cable) It's purely down to the modems they use.
  20. For reference, Here is my graph. I use a XR500 but it would not matter much, my R1 produces the exact same result. I use the speedtest app to run a quick test and see what happens at different settings.
  21. It's not an issue with your router. You probably have the Compal Connect Box (lucky guess, location holland + 500/40 DL/UL = Ziggo) and it's an issue with that. You can't really iron out these ping spikes, at least after my expirience. Also when you start generating some datatraffic these are suspectible to giving bufferbloat. Best is doing it manually with pingplotter.
  22. There is a tool from Netgear called "Netgear Switch Discovery Tool" if you run it on your PC it will find the switch on your network and you will see it's IP. Also there is a button on it that takes you directly to the managment interface. https://www.netgear.com/support/product/netgear-switch-discovery-tool.aspx
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