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  1. It's most likely a auto detect issue. For 1000M you need all 4 pairs and 100M uses only 2. So if signal strength is low on one of the strands for whatever reason it negotiates at 100M. This can be a faulty cable, or even a faulty socket or port at your router. Sometimes even a compatibility issue. You can't force a link speed in the router so it's definitely not a settings issue. Some things you can do. If you have a gigabit switch, put it in between the router and the wall socket and see if anything changes. Ie if link speed on your XR500 increases to 1000M but your speedtest still shows 90Mbit the wall socket is likely the issue. Or vice versa, if you can see link speeds in the switch, and the link to XR500 is showing 100M then most likely the port on the XR500 is the issue. Or it all works correctly, in that case it's an issue between specifically the ONT and the XR500. Something else you can do is plug a PC/laptop or whatever in the XR500 WAN port and see what it does in the XR500 menu (access it over wifi if you must) you won't have a valid connection but the menu should show you the link speed when the cable is connected. It's not clear to me how the tech did his speedtest. Was that done with a router supplied by the ISP? If so. Plug that into the wall socket and connect the XR500 WAN to that and see what you get.
  2. You can always run your DumaOS router and buy a Wifi-6 AP.
  3. Go into the settings menu -> monitoring and check if your link speed is 1000M.
  4. In custom games you have a playerhost so there can be lots of things going on with that.
  5. If that was an old switch you were testing with it was probably a 100M switch. Or the cable got detected at 100M.
  6. Is your WAN link also showing 1000M in the menu? I know you checked the cables but whenever I see 100/100 coming out of a speedtest I get highly suspicious of the cables. You have cat5E cable, but if there is a bit of damage to one of the strands it will often downgrade to Cat5 or lower. Reason is 5E needs all the pairs while cat5 only uses 2 pairs. This can also vary between routers. I had an issue in my home with a damaged connector, when I used the ISP router I would get 10Mbit and when I used the XR500 I would get 100 mbit with the same cable lol. Also for the setup you are trying to test, you need to set the XR300 to DHCP mode, so disable VLAN's and logins, and use DHCP to obtain a IP automatically. Normally you would enter the XR300 in the DMZ of your ISP router, and disable wifi on your ISP router but for purpose of testing speeds this doesn't matter.
  7. If I turn off crossplay in WZ you can sometimes find a match but usually the lobby is only half full and it takes ages. There is another factor to it, the other console players that have crossplay turned on will connect to the crossplay lobbies and not you. The game pushes crossplay really hard, like when you search it gives you about 3 seconds and then it pops a notification that you should turn on crossplay.
  8. That is exactly the issue. If you play other players with shit connections the server disadvantages you. So really these routers work well just the game works against you. It's called atrificial latency balancing, a variation of what happened in the old days when the host got given a artificial disadvantage.
  9. That is your issue probably. Most WZ players in the area is on PC. I turn crossplay on for WZ but off for MP.
  10. Yes. I stay in Thailand and have about the same radius as you, strict mode on and PA 63. But since base ping for you is lower in Malaysia you could do with 50 I would think.
  11. That last is a known issue. Your friends need to be on your allowed list or in your geofilter radius to be able to party chat. You can actually solve it by not being the party host and just turn your geofilter to spectate mode.
  12. blackfirehawk in had succes with a MTU of 1450 on his PC. You could try that for xbox. Seemingly it has something to do with proxy servers used in crossplay. I use standard 1492 and have never seen the issue though. But I don't play warzone much and in normal MP I have crossplay off.
  13. They changed their hosting in Singapore from AWS to Choopa. Best setting you can use at the moment is about the radius you set now and a ping assist of about 50. That ensures you never get into Jap or Aus servers.
  14. Bert


    Not really since the SX10 only has 10G uplink ports. Maybe you can use one device on the second port but then you might as well just plug it straight into your PC if you buy a 10G NIC. And you need be able to use multiple IP's if you want to use a switch alone. Otherwise you need a router with a 10G WAN interface and 10G LAN ports.
  15. Bert


    Yes, you need something that can handle 10G. In enterprise networking, 10G is only used for backbones most of the times, and clients still have 1Gbit connections. XR700 allows aggregation on 2 ports I believe so that still doesn't get you up to 8G. You need a router with a 10G Wan port, 10G Lan output and then a 10G switch. Full 10G switch, not just uplink ports.
  16. Bert


    You're better off with the XR700, because you need routing, the SX10 is just a switch. Also I believe the SX10 only has a 10G uplink port. You won't actually recieve 8G on your devices. Same for the XR7000 really. It only has one 10G SFP port so your devices will run on 1Gbit. The good thing however is that you will never have any sort of congestion. This also gives you the issue that you can get 8Gbit into your XR700 but since there is no second SFP port, your switch will only see 1Gbit. Unless you use link aggregation, but that uses up ports. I would actually look into more professional equipment if you want to use a 8Gbit WAN connection.
  17. Why do you set your MTU in the router to 1480? It's usually 1500 for a regular connection and 1492 for PPPoE connections. Try running it in auto on both your xbox and router. The fact that you only have it on high player counts would indicate that there is an issue with packet sizes (more players, more data) so an akward MTU setup is the first thing to investigate.
  18. When I use crossplay, DumaOS will show the regular servers though. So how does that go the proxy connects to the regular server?
  19. Can I be bumped up for DumaOS 3.0 as well please. R1 and XR500.
  20. Bert

    Scuf controllers

    It's not hard to remove it but it voids your warranty. You use a dremel like tool with a diamond engraving bit. You cut a slot in the head of the screw and then you can undo it with a regular flathead screwdriver.
  21. It's snake oil. Gaming packets don't even reach the minimum MTU size, at least not in multiplayer. Maybe in warzone where they had some packet splitting going on at the start, don't know if it got fixed yes or no. For me setting auto or 1492 on my PS4 makes absolutely no difference at all.
  22. How would you build a router that can decide what hops it uses? As that part is controlled by ISP / backbone providers not your router.
  23. Bert

    Scuf controllers

    What I have been told is that the ones delivered in Europe seem to be better than their USA counterparts since they are put together in the USA. But in the end it's all Sony parts with a few add ons, so repairing it yourself isn't too difficult. Just getting the security screw out can be a bitch, but Mobel posted a link here once where you can buy a removal tool online.
  24. That depends on your provider and signal strenght. Here in Asia it doesn't work well for me as I only get 2-3 bars in the house, but I have tried it in Europe and it works fine, as long as you can live with the occasional timeout.
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