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  1. That will also work since it just covers a larger destination range. It really doesn't make much difference if you set it to destination 3074-45000 or 30000-45000. Say the server is using port 33548 then both ranges would cover it. Only if the server used something below 30000 the rule 3074-45000 has effect and 30000-45000 doesn't.
  2. I actually never get a 5 digit port when I look at UDP tables. But since you found 3074 in the in game port, the only rule you need to add under QoS: Playstation 4 Advanced Source start 3074 Source end 3074 Destination start 30000 Destination end 45000 If that doesn't work, ie the traffic prioritisation light doesn't light up, then there is something wrong, possibly the port at the server is different and you need to widen the destination port ranges. The rest of the settings is all personal. You can leave bandwidth sharing on in QoS. On a 900Mbit connection that really does not make a difference, your devices won't use enough to saturate that.
  3. I think what Slickrick means is that you only need this rule: UDP SRC 3075 DST 30000-45000 The reverse one, you don't need. I have tried this also actually and traffic prioritization stops when you only use SRC 30000-45000 DST 3075. This means that it won't detect it like that. I understand what causes the confusion though. Some routers you need to add them as a separate rule but in case of DumaOS you don't. In other routers, they just look at the packets. When you download a file, the port at the server becomes SRC and your local port becomes DST, and when you upload your local port becomes SRC and remote becomes DST. Not in DumaOS though.
  4. By the way with your playstyle, try the FAL. That gun absolutely demolishes if you're accurate. 1-2 shot kill with stopping power.
  5. I have the same. I had a 34-1 the other day buy it's campy AF so really boring to look at LOL.
  6. Pingplotter is good, just some other way to saturate your connection than video's. I get a little spike every now and then when I start the speedtest, I think that's the QoS just beeing a hair late reacting.
  7. Try loading your connection in a different way. Might make a difference, might not. I normally test with speedtest.net for a number of reasons, I need too many HD video's to load my connection but also using video's doesn't seem to be as reliable. One is that you don't load your connection on the upload side. If I do a speedtest without any sort of anti bufferbloat enabled I get the ping spike only on the upload side. Many ISP's who are selling bundles with IPTV actually prioritize video by themselves so if you try to choke these down, chances are that your ISP in response kills your other traffic to keep the videostream going. There is many topics around here where firesticks's etc give issues even though everything is correctly set. I believe this is due to the nature of these video's. If you look at data from YT, Netflix etc then these send their data in bursts rather than a constant stream. I find that QoS in the XR500 takes a bit of time to kick in so to say. In a constant stream it handles it just fine, but when you hit it with a mega transfer you get a pingspike at the start of a transfer. Since these video applications send data in bursts, this is just happening over and over again. What I also like on the speedtest method is that you can verify your setting. I have found that there is inconsistency in DumaOS regarding these settings. Like if I set the base setting lower than my actual connection with ABB off it will completely ignore those and just go to my connection maximum. Also you have to remember that you share bandwith with the rest of your ISP's subscribers. So lets say I set a 500mbit download in the ABB sliders but speedtest returns only 200mbit and I get ping spikes, I know it's a provider issue rather than an issue with my end of the connection. It's very hard to compensate for this unless you go really low in settings.
  8. LOL my lobbies are often filled with jumping Scump wannabee's. It would make sense that SBMM is lower in 10v10 though. I just hate the maps on 10v10 thats why I don't play it.
  9. It's actually quite logical that the client and the serverpackets are not the same size. When you send data to the server you are just sending your own data, when you get data from the server you get data from 12 players (11 enemies and yourself)
  10. You don't really need all these rules. UDP from 3074 to the server is all you need. So even if you set UDP 3074 source to 1-65535 destination you should be good. Most seem to use UDP 3074 source to 30000-45000 destination and that works for them.
  11. If you used wireshark, what ports did you get and how did you use wireshark? Ie what was the physical hookup. In Modern Warfare for example the ports change from server to server and also with the way I have hooked it up. Ie when I run my PC in between the XR500 and console I get source ports in the range 62000-65000 and with my PS4 directly connected I get 3074 as source port. The suggestion to use the games console setting is actually a valid one as it simply works for all games. A quick search on Google brings me to the EA site and the UDP port range of 10000-20000 is only quoted for Playstation 4, not Xbox. One other thing, the UDP packet you display from Wireshark shows the following: Source: 59012 Destination: 10577 That means it's not in any of your QoS rules hence the light not coming on. You need to change the last rule to UDP Source 55000-65000 and destination 10000-20000. It seems like you have that reversed.
  12. A lot of folks are using wifi as well. When you play at one of these old Linksys routers you get half duplex wireless-G. That probably nerfs your connection significantly LOL.
  13. I don't think moderate NAT is so relevant in this game, unless you play in parties. In previous games, there would be a pre game lobby, and as soon as the match started it would be transferred to a dedicated server. So to connect to other players or to become prelobby host, you needed open NAT. Even here you can argue that if you had moderate NAT, there would be plenty people with open NAT so matchmaking wasn't an issue. In this game, the pre game lobby is actually hosted on the dedicated server, so open NAT is not really relevant. When you want to be party host it is though. Since Scump plays for Chicago Huntsmen, he probably lives in their teamhouse, and you can bet they have a serious internet connection in there. Plus he's right on top of the datacenter in Chicago. If you run a edicated leaseline you probably nearly connect straight into the datacenter LOL.
  14. And the worst thing is. You will spawn right around the corner from them, and drop them like flies after you respawn LOL.
  15. First is how is your PS4 connected to your router? wired or via LAN cable? That 3 squares indicate packet loss or packet bursting. Also that method of putting your geofilter in the ocean has never really worked well for me, I just set radius over the server I use and then set PA to 0. Also do you have open NAT? Depending on the setup I use I need to use different ports. If you go the network menu in MW, you can see the external IP adress and that tells you the port you need to prioritize in the end. I have found that if you have 3074 it's always 3074. But when I connect through my windows PC I am in the 62000-65000 range.
  16. I stay in Thailand. Japan gives just over 100ms, it's playable on a good day but often it's way more laggy than you expect from 100ms. Australia is a bit better but gives 140ms, don't get it often though. Singapore gives me 33-40ms depending on the uplink which is great. Bahrain I never actually connect to that even if I play without geofilter. Which is odd since these Arab lagmasters have no issues ending up in my lobbies LOL. Before BO4 there was no server in Singapore, so we used Netduma to avoid connecting to Japan and play P2P games since that played better LOL.
  17. No input on your actual question, but I don't understand why you would want to use a NAS on router 2 and connect that over wifi. I would put it at router 1 if you use it from your PC. And if possible I would actually hardwire your AP. Also what speeds do you get when you plug the NAS in your XR500? (Router 1)
  18. Your router just forwards the DNS it's set to. So you can set that to anything you want, your ISP, google, cloudflare etc. I usually just pick my provider's DNS though. DNS server has no influence on your gameplay.
  19. If you just plug your PS4 straight into your ISP router and use DMZ, on your PS4, does that fix things? Or Xbox for that matter. You have a FTTH connection judging by the bandwidth, so do you have a public IP or internal IP? If you have a internal IP and the above doesn't work you might have to resolve the issue with your ISP since that would mean there is an issue forwarding from them. A good way to see if you have a internal or public IP is going into MW's network menu, and look what it says at external IP. This should match the WAN IP in your ISP's router. If not it's probably a internal IP. Another way is just google my IP, this should match your ISP router's WAN IP, or else you have a internal IP.
  20. It all depends what you want to get out of it. Congestion control sliders are nice but there is other ways to combat anti bufferbloat. Same goes for QoS. It also depends on what connection type you have. If you share a 80/10 mbit line with your family it's a bit more important than when you have a 1000/1000 fiber pipe, then QoS and anti bufferbloat will do very little. At least there is very little times where you are actually able to saturate a connection like that. The standout feature for me is that I can filter the server I want. In EU this is not actually that necessary with the distances to dedicated servers, in USA it's probably a bit more relevant with East Coast to West cost distances, in Asia where I live you need to because only one server is viable. If the game connects you to Australia or Japan you're doomed. And if you play with geofilter off it's handy to see where you are connecting to. If QoS / ABB is something you are looking into but you don't need the geofilter there is other more advanced stuff you can buy. People also forget that CoD has changed. Going back to the MW/MW2/BO days etc, when you had listen servers, having control over connections was a lot different than nowadays when you connect to a dedicated server most of the time. It's a tool you can use with your game but it won't make you god at the game.
  21. Too small of a map to tell. If you have the autoping screen you can copy paste the adress and insert it here: https://www.ultratools.com/whois Or zoom in on the map. In that area you typically would have Amsterdam, London, Paris and Frankfurt.
  22. You only have 7.5 Mbit upload. So if somebody has a phone that's syncing to the cloud or whatever it can already cause issues for you. QoS isn't that necessary if you have 100+ mbit upload but 7.5 is a tad on the low side depending if you have a lot of people using it. If you choke that to 70% you have 5.25 Mbit left. So you really want to use QoS in this case. Also if you run QoS you can set your anti bufferbloat to be only active when priority traffic is detected, so you won't loose any bandwidth when the PS4 is off. Most guys here set specific ports for CoD but if you don't want to make it too complicated, just use PS4 and use PSN or what the setting is called. It automaticly prioritizes UDP traffic from your PS4. You could also give powerline adapters a try if ethernet cable is not an option. If it has to be 2.4GHz wifi, you can try tweaking that as well with different channels and disabling 20/40 MHz coexistence. Also make sure you do the pingplotter test, and see which anti bufferbloat percentage gives you the best line. Some connections are more sensitive to others. Like there is no reason for you to run 70% if say 90% gives good results. That saves you some more bandwith.
  23. XR500's wifi is pretty good, try putting it on 5GHz. But really a wired connection is much better. It also depends where your PS4 is in the house in relation to the router. If they are next to eachother for example wifi works much better, but if it's on the other end of the house you can get a dodgy signal. Make sure the PS4 is set in QoS under the QoS tab. That skipping you see is also visible in the killcam. You have packetloss to the server. The lag compensation model in Call of Duty games is mostly client authoritative. That means it allows you to move and the server tracks your inputs & extrapolates a few updates. But if there is dataloss to the server, the servers prediction and your client's path get out of sync too much and the server resets your place to where it thinks you should be.
  24. That guy at 0:58 had a 725 shotgun though. That is supposed to be a instant death (I think it was play of the game actually, although IMHO your 3 piece was better than that shotgun camper) Nice play!
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