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  1. We got so much topics already, i get it. but its quite obvious that what works on PS5 and etc, go differently to PC and what not. so is it okay if we can just use this topic for the PC configuration of the NEtduma on cod. this can be for Cold war (where the problem mostly lies) and i guess warzone as well (i dont see this same problem there as much) just trying to throw a lob for my PC people.
  2. lmaooooo. out of curiousity what is your lowest ping as well?? mine is like 15-20 ms so i can see why my gameplay can be better than some. but yea, on the PC side of things, this game is horrible when its comes to hit detection. i have a ps5 too. and its truly day and night sometimes. also are you on M and KB on PC or nah?
  3. honestly on pc just go 70/70 keep on the duma classified games. DMZ ur PC IP in the Duma OS UPNP OFF my hit detection has greatly improved. (this is while wired)
  4. i been getting sub 20 ping since the update which should be a good thing, but i notice that since then i been getting in al0t of shoot first die first fights. but the moment i get to like 40-50 ping or a few higher, all the sudden its like the game favors my connection and i can seem unkillable for a stretch. what is wrong with this game ATM? FYI i throttled down to a 30-30 Up/down speeds and im using geo filtering to get the low ping games . i get 40/50 + when i run normally
  5. the problem is still occuring. off stream i can find games fine. onstream its alot harder till i turn off geofilter. when i do find games, it works fine till the lobby crashes. then we back at the 10-20 min waiting game
  6. i can still find servers and etc, but all weekend whenever i do a heat check, i get this... whats going on?
  7. just saw that this was posted too. and yes cause after i added the dmz, my nat opened up. i was port forwarding all the time till like last week
  8. for those trying to get good hit detection, i set my upload speed to 14 MB (your % will vary) and i started beaming people. DMZ on UpUN off . and i turned off duma os certified games in traffic and etc my PC on QOS is at 43. CW is still ass, but just a suggestion for those who wana try something. been frying in league play
  9. i had auto ping on, i try again tonight with it off and will try to allow servers. my ping assist is on 20
  10. ok so i streamed last night abd i kept getting failed to join game/party error 3. if I turn of the geo filter i get games fine. if i stop streaming i get games on geo just fine. but geo on and stream on makes the game try to make me join other lobbies. i have my pc dmz'd as well so what are my options here
  11. on the topic of league play, that shit is more of a joke than the actual SBMM. it honestly feels more random than BO4 which is funny cause its a literal COPY AND PASTE of that same system. like all my games are randoms where i still feel like im on the wrong side of the matchmaking. my team are people playing with their toes vs the literal 2nd coming of scump, simp and abezzy. on top of that, my team quits like every other game while the opponent this weekend never have this problem. i havent won a game this weekend AT ALL at the elite level. of of like 10 + games i only had 1 game where i shat the bed and that was a 3v4 SND. League play is a fucking joke. worst ranked mode i ever played
  12. i second that, the SBMM is why i got this router. like i dont mind having to play people my level and etc, but on 80+ ping is fucking wild. idc how much you want skill to be over all, its wild that ping isnt king in a game this fickle, and with that said, the hit detection of this game is also a fucking joke.
  13. my usual server in the OK area (the circle) is missing, 2 of my lowest pings are based here along with like 4 other servers in the same hub
  14. this has worked for me too. thanks for the detailed steps
  15. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. like most of my issues are with cold war more than the router in the terms of gameplay. the rebooting of the router for raps is annoying but i'll live but this has been one of the best 150s i spent in a while but lol you would think with the constant crying here, there was actually something wrong with how the router works, it does what its advertised, people just want alot and are never happy. (minus those who are actually having legit issues, cant speak on those as much any more, moreso now that i know most of it is a Cold war Defense system thing....)
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