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  1. on the topic of league play, that shit is more of a joke than the actual SBMM. it honestly feels more random than BO4 which is funny cause its a literal COPY AND PASTE of that same system. like all my games are randoms where i still feel like im on the wrong side of the matchmaking. my team are people playing with their toes vs the literal 2nd coming of scump, simp and abezzy. on top of that, my team quits like every other game while the opponent this weekend never have this problem. i havent won a game this weekend AT ALL at the elite level. of of like 10 + games i only had 1 game where i shat the bed and that was a 3v4 SND. League play is a fucking joke. worst ranked mode i ever played
  2. i second that, the SBMM is why i got this router. like i dont mind having to play people my level and etc, but on 80+ ping is fucking wild. idc how much you want skill to be over all, its wild that ping isnt king in a game this fickle, and with that said, the hit detection of this game is also a fucking joke.
  3. my usual server in the OK area (the circle) is missing, 2 of my lowest pings are based here along with like 4 other servers in the same hub
  4. this has worked for me too. thanks for the detailed steps
  5. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. like most of my issues are with cold war more than the router in the terms of gameplay. the rebooting of the router for raps is annoying but i'll live but this has been one of the best 150s i spent in a while but lol you would think with the constant crying here, there was actually something wrong with how the router works, it does what its advertised, people just want alot and are never happy. (minus those who are actually having legit issues, cant speak on those as much any more, moreso now that i know most of it is a Cold war Defense system thing....)
  6. im 2nd on the " you guys are expecting the world" from this router thing. i had mine for like 4 weeks and i will say that i am very happy with my purchase. the router promises to get good ping lobbies which it does. my time with this router i went from 80 ping games to 20-25 which has made this game ALOT MORE ENJOYABLE. what some of you guys are expecting is too much, you want to laser people, win all your fights and get bot games..... bruh. the router cant help yall if yu have no gunskill, thats on YOU to actually get better. but alot of people will blame everyone but themsleves in that area.... one thing i will say, cold war hit detection us naturally shitty and you need to deal with it. everyone is.
  7. i will test this out and let you know how it goes next time im live. thanks as always so far
  8. yea to get consistent games, i need the geofilter off. so the solution here is to port forward that port? and yes things are blocked sometimes
  9. so when im not on twitch, i can find games near back to back. but the moment i start to stream my games, it keep failing to find lobbies and what not, and sometimes even gives me a error to crash my game on pc. is this a known thing?
  10. what? geofilter works in warzone for me i spent a day messing around with it trying to play in different countries, and ended up in alot of 150 ping lobbies. it does its job. just doesnt force you to get bot lobbies (like alot of people are trying to use the router for , which is comedy)
  11. what are the chances of these being added
  12. i have a PS5 and a PC. i mainly play on PC tho, but i been on the PS5 as of late on my GF account ranking her up and im noticing the PS5 hit detections feels ALOT stronger than on the PC, i know about the M/KB stuff but im on controller on pc as well. so im trying to figure out here is it possible to get the PS5 hit detections on PC? or nah. cause its really weird how the same game has 2 different hit detections
  13. for me this is normal. if i see a server pinged for 15 on the filter, i feel like Cold war adds 10 ish more ping. the ping assist is still working imho
  14. i have 100-100 (about) in the terms of speed, how much should i go in percentages, im doing 70% each for now
  15. what arent you telling us? cause i doubt they are flagging just off the router, thatll be aids
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