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  1. In the WAN menu set NAT filtering to open. That usually takes care of it. When you manually port forward then I usually only had to forward UDP 3074. But in my case the backend server is at the same location as the game server. If your geofilter somehow blocks off the back end servers this can also happen, but they should be white listed.
  2. It can display the incorrect tickrate yes. But I think this just happens when the timing between packets is off for example. A 60Hz server sends an update every 16.6ms. Say one of the packets is delayed and you get it after 23ms and the next after 10ms etc. In CoD I often see it flip between 30 and 120Hz for example while actual is 60Hz. You get the best connection experience when it displays actual close to 60Hz, in my opinion. Also I don't know H5 specific but aiming is usually client side, but with a bit of leeway. It's called input prediction. You can walk, aim etc without ack from the server and the server predicts/extrapolates your next move, up to a certain point. If prediction and what happens on your screen is deviating too much though the client will reset your position from info it got from the server's game state. This is the rubber banding you would get under heavy lag and packet loss. I would not think this would cause heavy aiming though as you normally have some leeway in this. It might also have to do with aim assist. I know from CoD that aim assist can sometimes cause some annoying disturbances like actually keeping you off the target. If you aim in and you are straight on target it's ok, but if you need to drag it over it will sometimes just stick next to the target.
  3. Can be various reasons, the timing between packets can be off or there can be packet splitting. But it's just displayed wrong on the UI. You can't achieve a higher tickrate then the server.
  4. That's funny because when I play from The Netherlands I always have a miserable time on the Paris server. It gives a higher ping then others as well. Like I will have 26ms to Paris and 28ms to Spain wtf.
  5. Bert

    Scuf controllers

    Depends. I also make my own controllers and you can make them yourself for less. Just with 2 paddles instead of 4. Works fine and 4 paddles is not a huge advantage over 2. Main reasons I like the Impact is that you can remove the sticks without opening the controller. If you do that too many times, things like the flatcables etc all start to wear. Normally I spray a bit of WD40 in them every time I change the sticks. That helps to prevent the the infamous CoD sprint issue. Need to be careful that it only goes into the analog potmeters, if it flows into the L3/R3 button it's ruined. Also I have rather big hands (size 13 glove) and the impact model holds a bit nicer over the DS4. I can do most of the repairs on it myself though, that is the reason I don't go for the prestige since it's Scuf proprietary tech. My first Impact I bought at the launch of BO4 and had it's mainboard replaced once and my second I bought 8 months ago and never had an issue. 1st has Trigger control system & EMR 2nd has digital triggers & no EMR I literally changed paddle assignments once, for Doom 2016 and never after so didn't see the need for EMR on the second one. The digital triggers is nice, but in practice has no advantage over the trigger control system. All in all I don't mind spending $250 for a controller since I use it quite a lot.
  6. Bert

    Scuf controllers

    I have 2 Scuf Impacts. The sticks wear out fast. Otherwise they have about the same issues as regular DS4 controllers.
  7. It just doesn't work well with PPPoE. Use it together with your Asus router: Modem -> Asus (wifi off, enter PPPoE details here) -> R1 (in DMZ of Asus router) -> Devices
  8. LOL. The account that I used for testing SBMM is called MelissaNL1981 or something. The stuff you get in game, texts, people want to spectate your gameplay etc etc.
  9. Nuke is a nuke. Maybe they let you have it because of your screen name LOL.
  10. Strict NAT doesn't help you as it essentially doesn't change your latency. The game balances latency across the lobby so you're right that the server gives you a disadvantage whenever your connection is too good compared to the rest of the lobby. This is not only hitdetection, but it also manipulates player positions, like extrapolating their position forward etc. On host advantage after MW3, the game does the same here. It gives you artificial latency to eliminate the host advantage, it takes the average latency in the lobby and adds that.
  11. Is your gamertag GT9484 on Xbox? Post some gameplay see what's going on.
  12. It's not a actual server afaik, but it is or was a backend server.
  13. One thing you could try is force your device to connect on 2,4GHz instead of 5GHz. Because you more likely get a stronger signal on that.
  14. I live in Asia and I don't have it. Not too pressed though, I doubt my games will perform different and as far as beta testing there is far more people more knowledgeable about the inner workings then me
  15. On the original FW it's under Misc options I believe, on DumaOS I am not sure if that option is there. I think turbo mode is on by default, super turbo mode you have to enable yourself and this also disables QoS. With over 500mbit of bandwidth I would get a XR series router though.
  16. Your issue is probably in the wifi. If you test somewhere in the house, then your wifi speed is not as high as the 1000/1000 set at your router and thus this becomes a bottleneck. For gaming devices etc I would always avoid wifi and simply use wired connections. Like on my XR500, I will achieve full bandwidth on my phone sitting at my desk next to the router but when I walk to the living room it drops significantly. If you really want to use wifi one option is using a additional access point closer to the device you use.
  17. You won't be able to use QoS at 600 mbit. I have 580/500 connection and I will achieve those speeds in superturbo mode, but if I turn on QoS in turbo mode it drops to about 430mbit. This was on old FW though, not DumaOS.
  18. Yes that's what I mean with the last. Modem -> ISP router (handles PPPoE) -> R1 (In DMZ of ISP router, R1 set in DHCP mode) -> devices That will give you full bandwidth. If you have the choice though I would go with a XR series. Since the wifi etc is all much faster than the R1's. I am in the same boat as you and it's the reason I swapped my R1 for a XR500. Next to that, if you ever want to exceed 400mbit of bandwidt, R1's QoS will max out at that so at this point I would not buy a R1 anymore.
  19. No. The only solution is get your ISP's router in front of it. Have that handle PPPoE. And then connect the R1 to that and put it in your ISP's router DMZ, or forward all the ports. For PPPoE you need a XR series ideally.
  20. Are you using PPPoE mode? R1 doesn't work well with that. When I use that it maxes at 25mbit with DumaOS and 50mbit with the old FW.
  21. Normally if the server doesn't return ping it will ping the hub before that.
  22. Bert


    Exactly this. If you remember RL he lived right next to the FTTC cabinet. I think he was on 7ms to his local server, which was 60km away or so. You can have lower baseping with FTTP/FTTH by simply eliminating the DSL component but I doubt it's much. Unless you have a huge distance to the cabinet. The biggest advantage of FTTP is you usually get a symmetrical upload / download. At those low latency's it's more important how your ISP is connected up to 3rd party backbone and internet exchange points. In Holland my place is about 70km from the server and I get about 7ms, the people that live in Amsterdam get about 5ms I would think. I don't think FTTP would decrease that very much as it's going from the ISP network to a 3rd party backbone across AMS-IX and then to the game server.
  23. Bert


    It would depend on how far you are off your dedi and how far the cabinet is where your FTTC connects to. It's it's right around the corner it won't make much difference.
  24. This will only give you a advantage if you get sub optimal routing from your ISP. If you have proper routing it will do nothing at all.
  25. I always have a bit of variation with that as well on DSL reports but that is also because the server is far away in my case I think.
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