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  1. Too small of a map to tell. If you have the autoping screen you can copy paste the adress and insert it here: https://www.ultratools.com/whois Or zoom in on the map. In that area you typically would have Amsterdam, London, Paris and Frankfurt.
  2. You only have 7.5 Mbit upload. So if somebody has a phone that's syncing to the cloud or whatever it can already cause issues for you. QoS isn't that necessary if you have 100+ mbit upload but 7.5 is a tad on the low side depending if you have a lot of people using it. If you choke that to 70% you have 5.25 Mbit left. So you really want to use QoS in this case. Also if you run QoS you can set your anti bufferbloat to be only active when priority traffic is detected, so you won't loose any bandwidth when the PS4 is off. Most guys here set specific ports for CoD but if you don't want to make it too complicated, just use PS4 and use PSN or what the setting is called. It automaticly prioritizes UDP traffic from your PS4. You could also give powerline adapters a try if ethernet cable is not an option. If it has to be 2.4GHz wifi, you can try tweaking that as well with different channels and disabling 20/40 MHz coexistence. Also make sure you do the pingplotter test, and see which anti bufferbloat percentage gives you the best line. Some connections are more sensitive to others. Like there is no reason for you to run 70% if say 90% gives good results. That saves you some more bandwith.
  3. XR500's wifi is pretty good, try putting it on 5GHz. But really a wired connection is much better. It also depends where your PS4 is in the house in relation to the router. If they are next to eachother for example wifi works much better, but if it's on the other end of the house you can get a dodgy signal. Make sure the PS4 is set in QoS under the QoS tab. That skipping you see is also visible in the killcam. You have packetloss to the server. The lag compensation model in Call of Duty games is mostly client authoritative. That means it allows you to move and the server tracks your inputs & extrapolates a few updates. But if there is dataloss to the server, the servers prediction and your client's path get out of sync too much and the server resets your place to where it thinks you should be.
  4. That guy at 0:58 had a 725 shotgun though. That is supposed to be a instant death (I think it was play of the game actually, although IMHO your 3 piece was better than that shotgun camper) Nice play!
  5. About that killcam. What I think they have changed is that they have adopted a lag compensation / latency balancing model which works on extrapolation rather than interpolation which was used by the older games. Basicly on a interpolation model, your client receives 2-3 updates from the server, stores them in memory and then draws the playermodel. The obvious disadvantage is that you get something that is called interpolation lag, which acts on top of your connection lag. The advantage is that there is never any doubt as to where the enemy was. By using extrapolation model, the server takes your last position and direction and speed, and calculates where you would be in realtime. The advantage of this is that player to player lag, or player desync is much smaller compared to a interpolation based model. But it creates some errors since the server can't 100% predict where you would be going. If you revisit the Battlenonsense netcode video, one of the things that stand out is the very low player to player delay, 60ms for 2 clients running 27ms ping. That means there is about 33ms processing time involved, or 1-2 updates. which is too short for a interpolation based model. This was a video I watched this morning: Never mind the video, pay attention at what happens at 0:40 He was about to enter the building, the enemy comes storming out of the door and shotguns him. But now watch the killcam. On the killcam, he was the one storming into the building and the player killed him inside. So in both cases, the player model was moved forward, the shotgunner was already outside on his screen and he was already inside on the killcam. I am in the middle of testing a few things. basicly if player extrapolation is based on your latency, you can influence this by using asymmetrical latency. Ie if you give the game 100ms of lag, it probably can't tell if you have 10ms downstream ping and 90ms upstream ping, or if you have a 50/50 split. This would influence how much characters are being brought forward.
  6. It's possible to do it through a PC with internet connection sharing or a bridged connection, you need specialized software though which is not cheap. But the results are inconsistent like ugotstretched says. You can also do other funky business like throttling, bursting and inducing packetlossbut the results are highly inconsistent. The only thing I found is that it reduces some wonkyness in killcams. But if you didn't have a killcam you would not have a idea about that anyway. Also if you happen to have a good lobby where everybody has low latency you are hurting yourself instead since your hit detection is also slowed down.
  7. LOL. You can definitely have a peer match. It's a backup mechanism in call of duty games that makes sure the game is playable if dedicated servers are not available, or if your region doesn't have access to dedicated servers. You can force it if you want. Set your geofilter somewhere in the ocean, turn strict mode on, and PA at 0. Then boot the game, wait until it pings the servers. You will see the blocked icon coming up for all of them. After that switch off geofilter and search for a game, good chance you get peer matches. It's just that with DumaOS, some dedicated servers are marked as peer while they are in fact dedicated servers (actually this is what happens in 95% of cases if you don't try to force a peer game on purpose) And you can tell this by the tickrate if it's happening. If it reads 60/60 it's dedicated server. If it reads 60Hz client 12 Hz host then you are in a peer game. I actually have no issues with MW when it comes to hitdetection LOL. And about SBMM. I am very well aware that there is SBMM in the game. And I am dead against it. But dudes like that videomaker take it a step further and are suggesting that the game is actively giving you bad hit registration as a way of mitigating skill. If you're making allegations like that, you need some more "anecdotal evidence" than a few reddit clips you have downloaded. This is just spreading false hearsay, since apparently people are picking up on it (like you). It's the same with his video he ran before that, claiming the servers were running 12Hz. Which obviously isn't the case but this does spread false rumors through the community. And with 15 minutes of research he would have known that this isn't the case. It's pure clickbaiting.
  8. Most likely you weren't connected to the USA with that ping. The game itself can also refuse you of the server and give you peer hosts instead if it deems your ping to USA is too high.
  9. Could also be SBMM. In peer games, you should not have SBMM active. At least that's how it was on WW2 and BO4. By the way I think you were the actual host in that peer games. That's why your Client tickrates and send rates are so high.
  10. You can assign devices to your VPN. So for example set up your firestick to go through VPN and your PC directly connected to the internet. Be aware there is an issue with DNS leaks though, I had issues getting netflix to work with my VPN because of this. As for the D7000, you can do it both ways really. Either use the modem from your ISP. Or you use the D7000, switch off the wifi system and set the XR500 in DMZ. I would probably go with the ISP's modem though and go straight into the XR500. You have less connection issues etc when you eliminate 1 router from the process.
  11. Well netcode is part of in game mechanics in my book. Since latency balancing is an aspect of the game. And you were the one defending that video from Blame Truth where he's suggesting that hit detection is rigged in favor of less skilled players. So you tell me
  12. I guess it's just easier to blame "skill based hitdetection" for losing than to actually research in game mechanics Everybody can believe what they want
  13. That's because I don't have the time to go through 14 pages, and for fact know that it's impossible to perform magic on aim assist with aftermarket devices like Xim. On the rigged video: It's not his own clip. It's a clip he copied off Reddit. I have seen the original post on Reddit. So he knows just as little about the situation than I do. For somebody with such an audience they really need to do better than "anecdotal evidence" since everybody just seems to copy it adding fuel to the rumors. I have played p2p / custom games for years since we didn't have proper dedicated servers in Asia up to BO4. So I have seen that exact scenario unfold literally countless times. And the way you can tell is from the killcam, since it is registering his shots just fine, just doesn't want to count them. Also you will notice there is no connection indicators on the left side of the screen. If it was a dedicated server and you had a connection issue like that, these indicators would have lit up like a Christmas tree & you would be rubberbanding like crazy. And the last bit is, he is right in the face of the other player, also visible on killcam. If this was some weird hit detection issue the other guy would have killed him right away, so you can draw the conclusion that the host knew that the player was shooting at the guy in the corner, but wasn't displaying this on the other player's screen. There is 2 scenario's in which this happens to a host: 1. A player in the lobby is lagging out. This drags down the host in the way that he gets a huge artificial latency penalty. The other players can just keep playing as normal. 2. The host himself has a connection issue. This lags out all the other players and the same mechanism kicks in. But in this case all players will get disconnected if it persists long enough. (host ragequitting usually gives host migration) The aim assist thing: That's a XiM instruction. What does aim assist actually do in CoD? 1. Aim assist slowdown. It slows down your sensitivity when you're over the target 2. Rotational aim assist. It follows the target when your character is moving, it's not active when you stand still. This is why people move in gunfights. What are they actually doing? They are simply tuning the mouse response curve so you don't drop out of aim assist because of sudden movements, or mouse jitter. That's essentially also what we do with setting sensitivity and response curves for controllers. Is it cheating? Obviously yes because a mouse is not supposed to have aim assist. But there is no magic going on in terms of extending or enhancing the game's aim assist. That is equal for a XiM or controller user. We can touch on the other device while we are at it. The Cronus Max doesn't really give more aim assist either. But what CM users do is make their character strafe side to side with very tiny movements to activate rotational assist. Good players do this by themselves anyway so for anybody that half knows how to play the game this is of no value.
  14. I have to port forward UDP 3074 on my XR500 to have open NAT in CoD, even though I have uPNP on. So on your ISP router, either put the XR500 in DMZ or just forward all ports. On XR500, port forward UDP 3074. If you play Modern Warfare I would not worry too much about open NAT since they changed the way the matchmaking works, and because of that it's not so relevant anymore.
  15. By the way that Youtuber "Blame Truth" is an idiot. Just spreads rumors and doesn't know what he's talking about. Has no proof and has no idea of in game mechanics. Forward to 2:44 in that video (the infamous shoothouse clip) I can tell you exactly what happened there. The guy was in a p2p game and was host and his connection lagged out. You can tell from the killcam, the killcam registered his movements. It's the host's POV and that is running on his system, that's why you see his actions. But if the host himself lags out, the anti host advantage / anti lagswitch measure kicks in. Meaning all the other players have infinite latency for a moment, giving him infinite latency as well. So that's why the hits don't register at that player and that's also why that player doesn't shoot back.
  16. Haha where is the video? XiM only lets you use keybaord and mouse while having aim assist, because the game thinks you're using a controller. It won't magically make your aim assist stronger.
  17. Sorry but that's BS. Stuff like a XiM merely emulates controller inputs. So there is really no way of extending aim assist ranges.
  18. LOL nice gameplay with 33 kills. But really like others said they are a absolute bunch of clowns in that lobby. Not just their team but also your team LOL. In this game you can tell the type of lobby you have in the first 30 seconds. You can see they all use standard playermodels, no jumping and sliding, crouchwalking everywhere etc. Look at the playerlevels. I haven't seen a player sub 55 since season 1 started. Even my alt account that I use rarely is over level 55 LOL.
  19. Actually it depends on what servers is available. When you start the game, it tries to ping all the servers. If it finds only one because you use a geofilter, it will just keep looking at that. So when the first ping is say 38ms, it will stay on the 42ms window and it won't expand the search.
  20. The issue is that optical cables don't have enough bandwidth for proper surround sound. When I used my PS4 in the living room I had the sound going to my home theater through a HDMI switch which fed HDMI signal in the TV and the audio to the HT via optical cable. And instead of selecting linear PCM in the PS4 menu, I had to select Bitstream (Dolby) in the PS4 menu. Otherwise it would muffle front center speakers. Bitstream is essentially a compressed format. The only time optical shines is that it eliminates all interference, like from the electrical components in computers and consoles. In both of my places I have PC and PS4 set up together and I use a mixing panel with RCA inputs and then output to my speakers. That way I can mix game sounds and PC sound like music toghether. But in one the signal from my monitors give interference on my audio system on higher refresh rates and on the other it's the electronics in my PS4 that give interference when it's in sleep mode.
  21. I have the same on the SG server. It goes back and forward between the two because your ping is just on the edge. Talking in game ping. The game measures latency every once in a while and bases this figure on that. Nothing to worry about.
  22. You have to look at how you play. If you can run around and just aim at people and shoot them, good for you but it's a rare skill. If you think about this, with SBMM in the game you are facing players around your level. So play smarter not harder. That is my last game from today. 21-5 in TDM. I am doing really nothing special in the video. The class has restock and shrapnel on it. I find that a good strategy for solo plays since you have a bit better control over the area. Some statistics: 50/50 gunfights: 12 50/50 gunfights won: 7 / 12 Uncontested gunfights: 8 Mine kills: 6 So from the 50/50 fights I am winning roughly half of them and that is usually how it is. Now look at my 5 deaths: 1: I paused a bit to orient myself. While it looks like a 50/50 fight, he probably would not have spotted me if I had remained backed up in the corner. He most likely heard me and that made him turn. 2: Absolutely wrong positioning on my part. I see on the minimap that they are closing in on both sides so what I should have done is backed up. I already put a mine on one side so should have let it do it's job. 3: I should not have challenged that with an SMG due to the distance. 4: 2v1. I could not have known that they were coming. They take out my teammate on the fence but I was shooting the guy just before that so most likely would not have spotted it. Managed to kill the first get killed by the second. I should have been 2 meters to the left, there I would have been in better cover and both would have lined up preventing the second from shooting me simultaneously. 5: This is probably the only death where connection played a significant role. He came sliding around the corner and landed his shots. He would have had a good peakers advantage there. My fault is trying to hipfire, if I ADSed I just might have gotten him. Still, just a better play on his part. It's often people blame connection but it's worth it to look at the other stuff to win in game as well. Because you won't win every 50/50 fight. That is like betting red and black in a casino, the outcome should be 50/50 but you can be unlucky and have 10 times black in a row.
  23. That's not true, when you get a latency increase is usually when you have a lot of high ping players in your lobby. It has nothing to do with SBMM.
  24. That function would be nice Jack The issue with setting hard limites with switches is obviously that you can't do it with wifi devices unless you get a AP. So incorporating this into DumaOS would be the best way.
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