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  1. Hi, can we have an update please?
  2. Do we have any idea when? It's been over 3 months since it was first reported
  3. Sorry Fraser, please ignore my post. I was tired and I didn't read the replies above properly. I thought you had said to buy the R2 @ a discounted price to fix the problem of Xbox live party not working.
  4. £130 isnt cheap if you invested into netduma early on and bought an R1. Are you willing to buy back the R1's so we have money towards the R2? I'd really like to be able to use netduma on the Xbox again
  5. thanks for the reply. i will justn leave it for now as i had the same problem on the older version which is why i upgraded
  6. hi, I updated to the beta version of Netduma today, i like how it looks and its much better that the original version. that said, im having trouble connecting to XBL party chat. i have a BT home hub, ive set the netduma R1 to the DMZ, i turned off UPnP off the netduma and manually set the port forwarding for ports 3074 & 3075. i have deleted the Xbox from the geo filter. The xbox shows no NAT problems and everything seems ok, i simply cannot connect to an xbox live party. please can someone help me? thanks John
  7. hi, i havent used my netduma in a couple of years but im having big troubles with Modern warfare on the xbox one x and thought i dig it out and give it a try. i'm on 1.03.6g i'd like to update to the latest version if you could help me please? also its been a while and i cant remember how to set this up so if you could point me in the right direction that would be great too thanks John
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