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  1. Were any changes made to adblocking? on average id say im blocking a lot less looking at the dashboard and now my windows spotlight works almost every day - something that used to be blocked and remedied via adblock disable i have however recently switched to Brave browser and not sure if this has anything to do with less tracking/advert requests requests going back out to the web anyone else notice any change?
  2. Day 10 on new firmware all is well not 1 issue reported in the house
  3. For me it will push a discord notification through wifi but then opening the app it will mostly stall at "connecting" in the app and wont load, however on occasion it will just work. Its more of a recent occurrence as we were on the last R2 firmware a long time so i have a feeling its the latest ios not playing nice
  4. No page in particular just wondered in general,
  5. Just upgraded + factory reset all is well. Will there be any further optimisation of the ui in the next release to make it snappy as possible or are we at peak loading times? cheers
  6. I just tested BF3 and found the same only a handful of packets are priority traffic - where as BF1 its constant priority and what i am used to seeing
  7. Yeah luckily there are a handful of servers paid for by the community still going.
  8. Hi all A couple nights ago i rebooted my R2 and logged on to play some battlefield Hardline and was noticing a little lag. After id logged out i still had my dashboard up and noticed only a few hundred packets of prioritized traffic had gone through which was odd - playing Battlefield 1 Duma OS Classified games picks up thousands upon thousands of packets. I decided to re-test it again last night with the same result - i know BFH pre-dates the R2 but as other frostbite traffic seems to be prioritized fine i thought id mention it. QOS on - auto enable with a high bandwidth allocation to my desktop, Traffic prioritization ON (Duma OS classified games - Frostbite engine) and i also run 1 Traffic controller rule - to allow Battlefield/frostbite traffic all the time. Battlefield 3 also launches/works off the same battlelog system so il do a test on that also
  9. Cheers Liam, iv emailed all the details in
  10. Netduma Staff, can someone pm me, i need a copy of my invoice for my R2. Iv gone through my email i dont have anything there. i wrote a message on the "contact us" bit of the forum and in the chatbox and iv had no reply so far
  11. Been on the new firmware almost a week no issues to report, factory reset after upgrade as advised and its business as usual using traffic prioritization and traffic controller rules for playing battlefield.
  12. it states "when connectivity is poor" so i think its 1 bar of connectivity vs your mobile connection. new IOS release are far from great thats for sure
  13. I only have 1 wifi device connected to my R2 and noticed that with a recent update Apple have added WIFI assist which kicks in your mobile data when your wifi connection is weak I thought this was a Wifi issue for weeks with my R2 - turned off wifi assist and my phone now stays connected to wifi hurrah Just thought id post it here incase anyone else experienced the same, it can be turned on/off under: Settings> Mobile data
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