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  1. Great news, signed up for beta. Well done all
  2. Yep assign your PC as a playstation in device manager then add it to geo filter
  3. Iv never had dumaOS, im still on version 1.03.6g rb-951g-2hnd If its possible for me to get in on the beta i dont mind updating
  4. iv just got back to D2 I loaded the destiny profile, i have my PC in the geo-filter as a PSN device, and geo filter seems to be keeping things in check in regards to hosts so far set at around 600 miles. Feel a bit left out on this old firmware though wish i had dumaOS
  5. i tried Vyper and the speeds/ping to european EA servers were terrible. Not what i was looking for from "the fastest" vpn. I need to get on and try a couple more
  6. i know, 2 or 3 monthly trials was meaning 2 or 3 companies monthly trial to see how things go
  7. Been toying with the idea of a VPN for a bit, just wondering if anyone has any recommendations especially for gaming and on a Netduma? Its not a big deal to sign out of it for gaming i suppose so maybe more for just browsing? Obviously all the top names pop up once googled, i am tempted to try 2 or 3 monthly trials to find the right one Express VPN, Nord and VyprVPN all sound good choices any experience here? cheers
  8. Just seen the news regarding the Xr500, well done to everyone at Netduma you delivered a game changing product out of nowhere and now one of the top brands on the market run your code - congratulations! Cant wait for my DumaOS upgrade now it looks great!
  9. Isnt PSN capped bandwidth wise?
  10. any chance we can get some movement on this latest batch of people?
  11. hi, im still on 1.03.3 and have remote support enabled - would it be possible to upgrade me? Thanks & regards Jon
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