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  1. It'll throw up an error screen with those Rockstar error codes. Then it'll kick me back into Story Mode. I don't use the Geo Filter setting. When you say put the WAN IP, do you mean my public IP I get from my ISP or the IP of the modem (which is
  2. The XR was out of the equation when this occurred. This was all from the R2. If I use the XR as the primary gateway (R2 is out of the picture) then I get constantly booted when coming back from missions. But the XR500 can stay online without issues for 30+ days. I went to look at the UPNP table and saw the XR500 was setting up UPNP for both PCs except PC # 1 was 3478 and PC #2 was 3479. Seems while you guys offer the features and extra functionality, it has to be built around Netgear's existing network code. When on the R2 both PC's used port 3478 under the Internal column, but used a different External port and it's smooth sailing when the wife and I play at the same time.
  3. That's unfortunate. But, at least based on what you said, it's a confirmed issue and not just something that I have misconfigured. Something weird happened last night were the router rebooted on it's own as I got some notifications that from NAS that it was offline for a little bit as well as the UPTIME on the router lining up. The XR500 isn't bad but I swear UPNP version Netgear uses has to be like the first revision ever of the protocol. Wife and I can't play GTA5 at the same thing without constantly getting booted out of lobbies; don't have that problem on the R2.
  4. I didn't even think to check. I got frustrated and gutted my entire set up. Rewired and labeled all my ethernet cables to make sure there was no looping cables. Ran cable tests on every ethernet cable to makes sure I didn't have a faulty wire somewhere. It just happened again about 10 minutes ago. I wish the logs from the system information panel were persistent past a reboot. Is there no way to SSH into the router to see if I could pull anything from it? The router still functions for LAN connections so it's not completely dead when that bug occurs. I've only dabbled in OpenWRT firmware but man this internet going out every 1-3 days is driving me insane. If I could at least reboot remotely, it wouldn't be so bad I guess but I can't even do that.
  5. Even with the XR500 between the modem and the R2, the R2 still observed the same behavior so it doesn't appear to matter what device is plugged into the R2. I've removed the XR500 from the equation plugged every single device into a GSS108E, including an Orbi unit that handles wifi, (minus my main PC) into port 2. Port 1 is my main PC. I'll see how this works. I've been able to rule out that IPV6 off was causing it because it with on for WAN and LAN it still occurred and had to power cycle to restore.
  6. Does it drop internet on all hardwired connections as well? I've been trying to deduce what causes my router to stop routing WAN traffic for months now and I've had two different R2's that both experience the same symptoms. It's really frustrating and at this point I believe is a software issue. It's crazy since it's been happening since I've got the first one on launch and I have to power cycle only the router each time. At this point, I've reconfigured my network set up so that all devices except for my main PC are going off a managed switch, wifi is off, DHCP is being handled on another device and IPV6 for WAN and LAN is off. I don't understand how this gets past QA and it's been an issue on each firmware for me.
  7. So a Double NAT then? Just want to make sure I understand.
  8. Do you mean like putting a router that's only in AP mode or some such? Still using the R2 as the gateway right? QoS / UPNP Implementation / Device Management are essentially the main reasons I would like to keep using the R2.
  9. Seems like the R2 can't stay on for more than 4 days (most times less) without the internet breaking. Breaking meaning no devices can connect to anything outside of my network. The GUI also breaks and will show just a white screen. I can, however, connect to internal servers such as my Raspberry Pi and Synology NAS server when this happens and before I power cycle it (only the router nothing else) to restore internet. Here's some data on my configuration: Cable Modem > R2 R2 has all WIFI off and DHCP server is off and DHCP is being handled by Pi-Hole since there is no option to whitelist on the DNS Rebind Protection in place. R2 also has Orbi Mesh connected as access point and this handles all my WIFI. UPNP is turned on and IPV6 is off for WAN & LAN. Adblock is off. QoS is set to Auto Enabled with only Apex on one device on Traffic Prioritization (DumaOS Classified and Work At Home are disabled). I did have this set to ALWAYS in the past and still experienced the same loss of internet. Was testing with Auto Enabled. Not using Geo-Filter, Hybrid VPN or Traffic Controller at all. I had my original R2 (current one was an RMA replacement for broken lights) also did the same thing as my current R2 so it's definitely not a hardware issue. My XR500 on the latest beta has stayed on without issue for more than 30 days (last time I remember looking) without it breaking so there's got to be something breaking with whatever variant of OpenWRT the R2 is using, or maybe some hardware conflicting with the code. I'm running out of ways to test honestly. Any guidance would be appreciated as I'd like to continue using the R2.
  10. What's your IPV6 setting on WAN and LAN set to?
  11. I occasionally experience the same issue where the internet won't (Only power cycling will get it working again) load but items on my LAN will (Pi hole, NAS server) will still work with the router dashboard not working at all (white screen). Do you happen to have to IPV6 turned off on both WAN & LAN on the Network settings page?
  12. By chance, have you tried accessing the R2 Router page when the internet goes out? If so, does it load or just show a white screen?
  13. The biggest fix to your ping will come from replacing that modem and using your own or one that doesn't have a PUMA 6/7 chipset. My ping would spike to 100-200ms every 5 seconds because of that terrible chipset. Intel Puma 6 Modem List Chipset Defects – Approved Modem List
  14. I was adding Apex to the traffic prioritization on the QoS module and noticed the Apply To WAN check box. What does this do and should I check it?
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