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  1. Sometimes I'll leave it on a tab but not often. It doesn't error or anything usually I just have to log back in.
  2. Hey Liam, The disconnect happens on ethernet ports since I don't use the WiFi on the router (but I'm sure it would be broken over WiFi as well), that's been disabled since day 1. The only thing I can access when WAN port implodes are things locally, for example my NAS Server GUI or my Pi-Hole Web GUI. Router Web GUI stops working as does anything that needs the WAN Port. Previously my set up was R2 > 10 Port Switch > Orbi (For WiFi) to keep it simple. I have about 50+ devices overall (lots of smart home things).
  3. Wanted to know if there's been any traction on the issue with WAN disconnecting and router not loading UI when this occurs (Happens every 2-4 days). Kind of want to use my $179 dollar router as more than just a paperweight but it's super frustrating when it just stops responding constantly. Only fix is to go upstairs and power cycle the router. I've already done tons of troubling shoot steps in other posts so I'm not looking to go through that again unless there's a new firmware to test.
  4. Yeah, I don't use Geo-Filter at all. We haven't played in a while but since I'm using the XR500 again, I'll try again and see if it's still doing it.
  5. No worries. I already received a replacement for a broken LAN activity light that exhibited the same behavior. For now I'll use the XR500 on the latest beta. Even though it's beta it's stable for me. Only issue I run into on the XR500 is when wife and I try to play GTA Online at the same time (that's where the DMZ suggestion from Lian came from but that won't apply to my config).
  6. Here's all the pages that I can access on the modem ( I don't see an option for that): --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------
  7. There's no option for that in the Arris SB8200. It's it's not a router so the only IP address it can get is the public IP address I get from my ISP.
  8. It's an Arris SB8200. I am using my own purchased modem with my ISP because the one they provided was garbage and has one the PUMA Chipsets.
  9. Oh, I think I know where the confusion is stemming from. My ISP modem is just a pure modem, it's not a modem/router combo.
  10. Well, I guess I jinxed it. It died about 30 minutes ago. I'll just eat it and put the XR500 back on. I can't DMZ the modem because they are not on the same subnet. Super frustrating.
  11. Just an update on the R2. I rolled back to 3.0.179 firmware and the router has been working the longest I've seen since I received a replacement (came preloaded with 3.0.205), 6 days with no interruption. There's definitely something critically wrong with 3.0.205. I know you guys are working on it and hope the issue gets squashed in the next firmware release.
  12. It'll throw up an error screen with those Rockstar error codes. Then it'll kick me back into Story Mode. I don't use the Geo Filter setting. When you say put the WAN IP, do you mean my public IP I get from my ISP or the IP of the modem (which is
  13. The XR was out of the equation when this occurred. This was all from the R2. If I use the XR as the primary gateway (R2 is out of the picture) then I get constantly booted when coming back from missions. But the XR500 can stay online without issues for 30+ days. I went to look at the UPNP table and saw the XR500 was setting up UPNP for both PCs except PC # 1 was 3478 and PC #2 was 3479. Seems while you guys offer the features and extra functionality, it has to be built around Netgear's existing network code. When on the R2 both PC's used port 3478 under the Internal column, but used a different External port and it's smooth sailing when the wife and I play at the same time.
  14. That's unfortunate. But, at least based on what you said, it's a confirmed issue and not just something that I have misconfigured. Something weird happened last night were the router rebooted on it's own as I got some notifications that from NAS that it was offline for a little bit as well as the UPTIME on the router lining up. The XR500 isn't bad but I swear UPNP version Netgear uses has to be like the first revision ever of the protocol. Wife and I can't play GTA5 at the same thing without constantly getting booted out of lobbies; don't have that problem on the R2.
  15. I didn't even think to check. I got frustrated and gutted my entire set up. Rewired and labeled all my ethernet cables to make sure there was no looping cables. Ran cable tests on every ethernet cable to makes sure I didn't have a faulty wire somewhere. It just happened again about 10 minutes ago. I wish the logs from the system information panel were persistent past a reboot. Is there no way to SSH into the router to see if I could pull anything from it? The router still functions for LAN connections so it's not completely dead when that bug occurs. I've only dabbled in OpenWRT firmware but man this internet going out every 1-3 days is driving me insane. If I could at least reboot remotely, it wouldn't be so bad I guess but I can't even do that.
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