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  1. this is getting ridiculous with "Next Week" every week , just give us a solid date and stop taking your customers as fools
  2. please send the update firmware to me too , tired of the issues, ty!
  3. "I support the people being abused & forced to do something by oppressors" you lost me there my friend , you clearly are too emotional and don't understand how 'for profit' businesses and capitalism in general works but I agree its pointless and offtopic to drag this further. let's hope they release the update soon and not yet another delay......
  4. please calm down now. you tried to dismiss my main point by making it all about a simple spelling mistake , I understand that you are more patient and don't care about however long they take but please don't expect that from everyone ,many companies like to push out their devices without completely fixing the main issues and expect us to pay so it's very normal for consumers to expect fixes without delays every other week. Next time don't push what your values are on other people and don't dismiss their points by making fun of their simple mistakes - if you are more old and wise, you should understand this.
  5. Please stop being triggered grammar nazi,we don't all use english as our primary language and it's obviously a simple mistake in the spelling and yeah I read the tweet about the delay they posted last week and delays are a common thing now so I can speak my mind. And No one is complaining about them being good people or not,I am sure they are wonderful people personally but that is irrelevant, the product they released with current wifi state is almost unusable as gaming router + router UI gets stuck all the time when trying to launch geo-filter or ping heatmap apps(which are the main selling points of this router and Duma OS) so I just want them to fix it without delays every other week.
  6. obviously gonna be week end or next week again , they too busy working for nighthawk routers to care about netduma
  7. Any chance of getting the pre release version, i can check it out and report bugs (if any)
  8. So I bought this router mainly for the ability to select the servers in game and check pings with individual servers , Previously I was using AX3000 from tp-link with Wifi6 and its actually cheaper than this router but has better wifi performance and actually pings in game are also same or better with ax3000. Problems I found with Netduma R2 : 1. Useless in asia because game servers in asia are not included in the most of the games featured in Ping Heatmap 2. WIfi performance is also bad even on 5Ghz, I can't even stream games with Nvidia Shield or Steam link with different devices inside the house. 3. I am getting worse ratings on DSLreports on this router compared to my old router even after doing multiple QoS settings and with LAN. I read some of the posts that devs are trying to fix the issues with new update in the future , I hope they come out with something good because at this point I feel like I just wasted money on this product - expected something amazing.
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