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  1. Just in case I notice a couple of month ago that when you setup a manual connection to the VPN Nord lices you to use a pre-generated username and password that they assign to your account. This can be found by going to the site https://my.nordaccount.com/dashboard/nordvpn/ On the bottom of the page under advanced configuration you will find "Service Credentials" (manual setup). I configured my VPN connection on the DumaOS using these credentials and not my standard username/password. If you move the mouse over the i (information button) it states these credentials are to be used form manual set ups on routers. Hope this helps and please not that the username is nothing compared to the normail username. It looks to be over 22 random characters or more.
  2. Hi sytchu4u. I noticed a while back on the original R1 firmware this same issue. I was told it was due to the hardware the R1 was originally made on. The R1 does not have enough CPU power to make the VPN software go faster then 10 MB. Thats why I was thinking of going with one of the newer Netduma's either by NetGear or the R2 itself.
  3. Just curious. The R1 was not able to obtain full speeds on a Hybrid VPN connection due to hardware limitations. Has this been solved with this new hardware? It would be great if I could get full speeds using my NordVPN connection on the router instead of having to install the app on all the devices. Thanks and keep up the good work. The R2 looks sexy AF.
  4. Look good so far. Can't wait to get my hands on it.
  5. By the way you can achieve 10/100/1000 speeds on a Cat 5 cable but it has to be Cat5e. https://lifehacker.com/whats-the-difference-between-these-ethernet-cables-and-5994163 Just look on the cable and you should be able to read the cable type. If not try to pick up a Cat 6 cable if you want to be sure.
  6. Please note that this only affect PC/Steam players. It does not affect XBOX/PS players.
  7. Hi Saint-14 I understand your frustration but this is not Netduma's fault. Although the game is still peer 2 peer Bungie is now using the Steam servers for the initial connection. This in turn is suppose to hide the PC users IP address and using Steam's algorithm does "traffic shaping" or better said determines what users get connected. Netduma's geo-filter was able to see the other players IP address and that's how it worked out the location. Now because of the changes I'm not sure if anything can be done on the PC side. IP's are being blocked by Steam. My guess is the players you do see on the geo-filter list are actually Steam servers that the players are connecting to (I might be wrong though). All of these lovely changes were done in an effort to stop DDos attacks. Although I have read of some DDoS attacks during this first week of Trials, I suspect the attacks were not directly done to the players but to the Steam/Bungie servers that are blocking the players IP. That's why some steamers were kicked out of a games but their internet connections did not get interrupted. So I think it's going to be really hard for Netduma to really be able to do anything to make it work like before. If anything, the geo-filter will at least help choose the closest Steam server (so you do initially connect to a server further away) but Steam has all the cards now and they are the ones choosing who you connected to.
  8. Thank you for the clarification. Should we keep the Geo-Filter settings the same or do you recommend any changes for Destiny 2?
  9. Sorry to say I have not been able to test it much really. From what I have been reading, Steam in a sense does something like Geo-Filter internally now that PC users are using the Steam Network Socks. Not only does it block your IP from being public, it also groups the user according to the internal Steam ID and then match players according to location (please take this all as a grain of salt, I don't work for them and all this is just from reading, I could be completely wrong). My guess is that people should not enable the Geo-Location function for the moment since the peer-to-peer connections are now handled by the Steam servers. Who knows if this is going to help or make matters worse for D2 players. I'll try tonight if my wife does not give me that look 🤣🤣🤣
  10. Hi everyone, Destiny 2 just came out with a new update (for PC players) and it looks like they are now using Steam's Network Sockets. This is to minimize the possibility of being DDoSed since this new season of Destiny is reintroducing Trials of Osiris. I'm just curious how this will affect the GeoFilter now and what might be the best recommended settings now for us NetDuma users. Here are two links that mention the changes. The Twitter link from Bungie even mentions the new UDP ports needed. https://twitter.com/BungieHelp/status/1237424151767310336 https://www.bungie.net/en/Help/Troubleshoot?oid=13610#PortForwarding Thank you guys
  11. Netduma R1 user. Count me in if you need to test out any beta firmware.
  12. Of course the basic setting like WAN information if it is static but for me the DHCP table. I have some reservations and it would be nice not having to write the mac address in again after a reset. I don't have a port forwarding rules but I image that other people would like that also.
  13. I cannot use wifi calling on my Samsung Galaxy S9. I really dont use it but I went ahead and tested it. I took my phone to another wifi network and I could connect so I can confirm that for some reason it does not work behind my R1 Duma OS router. I'm running the latest firmware. I also forgot to mention that I am not using the wifi on the router itself. I am using the Linksys Velop configured in bridge mode (no firewall so it's just an WAP).
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