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    Alex49H reacted to DaveCOP in Need BEST SPEEDS POSSIBLE? 1 router.   
    Just to help someone out, if they have issues and have BT HUB, simply, make go to settings > setup and click pppoe
    Then for username: [email protected]
    password: bt
    and apply.
    Now you get plug the LAN cable coming from your BT MODEN (white block on the wall) directly into the INTERNET port on your Nighthawk XR1000 Gaming Router.
    You can now discard your BT hub/router.
    You are now NAT2 OPEN on all games with the best possible speeds your line can produce. (LAN enabled)
    Im using CAT 6 for all my cables btw, just as a side note.
    Hope this helps someone
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    Alex49H reacted to Luca Manzaroli in Lobby bot   
    Good evening everyone, I wanted to ask how to find lobbybot in Italy
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    Alex49H reacted to Netduma Fraser in Lobby bot   
    Hey, welcome to the forum!
    The purpose of the router isn't to get bot lobbies and I'm not convinced it is possible. The best bet is to force the closest servers to you so you have the best game experience
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    Alex49H reacted to Knomax in how to get better hit detection   
    I agree with @bbursley  when people keep buying COD....they think that people like these "system" of matchmaking...SBMM it doesnt matter what skills you have in aiming ..reactions and so on...algorithm decide if you will "win"...how can realize that..it is pretty easy..in one match with one magazine you kill 3-4 enemies with 2-3 bullets....and the next games you hit a hole magazine in one enemy and he is keep running!!!!
    The problem isn't Netduma or your connection ..it is the game....that's why in previous COD's the configuration was needed was simple and 100% working....find your speeds..adjust bars to eliminate bufferbloat....adjust geofilter...and thats it...you will play sollid games 90-95% of the time.
    In the topic there are so many configurations but i think no one can say that is working all the time....it is just "lucky" to have good games....algorithm SBMM decide it for you.And for sure it doesnt matter for this game what is your ping...even players with really low ping has problems and crap games!!!...."Ping is king" is for old COD's not for this.
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    Alex49H reacted to N3CR0 in ping is king...?   
    SBMM is king if you're talking about CoD.
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    Alex49H reacted to Netduma Liam in Found mislocated servers? Let us know here!   
    Awesome, thank you, I'll let the team know!
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    Alex49H reacted to Azzyadam in Warzone SBMM- bot lobbies   
    It has nothing to do with fencing off a certain area
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    Alex49H reacted to BIG__DOG in How can I Bypass new anti cheat?   
    To prevent this thread from becoming toxic I shall close this now! Thank you for your contributions to this thread.
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    Alex49H reacted to N3CR0 in Ping discrepancy   
    CoD's in game ping includes processing time. Its been the same in all CoD's.
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    Alex49H got a reaction from Piplowe in New U.S Demonware Server   
    Oh that’s right. Not really but it pops up when I search for a game. But instead of the UK Authentication server popping up this one has been seen lately. 
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    Alex49H reacted to Newfie in Lets talk about AntiBufferBloat   
    I’ve always found DSLreports only useful as a rough guide, I tend to use PingPlotter and as long as there’s no spikes when hammering your connection it’s good to go. 
    over here PingPlotter was used to identify an issue with my ISP which is BT where no matter what setting you used i.e. congestion control there was spikes appearing when people were streaming twitch or Netflix. This also included all subsidiaries of BT and they are slowly rolling out a fix. DSLreports missed all that with its tests which is why I tend to use PingPlotter. 
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    Alex49H reacted to N3CR0 in how to get better hit detection   
    The hit reg in CW is total ass!
    I'm playing the free trial and the amount of times I've clearly missed all my shots but still killed the guy LOL.
    Never known a CoD game like this.
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    Alex49H got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in modem intel puma 6   
    Yo he tenido módems con el Puma 6 y te puedo confirmar que causan problemas. Me he desecho de ellos. Mi ISP han intentado trabajar con Arris / Motorola pero eso hace tiempo atrás que intentaron arreglarlo pero no se si han podido ya que no uso o tengo esos Módems. 
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    Alex49H reacted to Netduma Fraser in modem intel puma 6   
    Eso es realmente algo que debe arreglarse en el módem en sí; es posible que ya se haya arreglado para este módem. De lo contrario, puede causar picos de retraso.
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    Alex49H reacted to N3CR0 in Try fix your delay in cod   
    I never liked that site.
    The settings that make the best result on there, make the worst experience in game.
    I've always found CoD likes a little bufferbloat.
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    Alex49H got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in New U.S Demonware Server   
    Oh that’s right. Not really but it pops up when I search for a game. But instead of the UK Authentication server popping up this one has been seen lately. 
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    Alex49H reacted to Netduma Fraser in New U.S Demonware Server   
    The stun servers are usually for authentication purposes rather than actual game play. Are you seeing that server become the host of a game?
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    Alex49H reacted to N3CR0 in New U.S Demonware Server   
    I wonder when they gonna start using Googles servers. They announced that so many months ago, I'm surprised if they are putting in new servers they aren't Google and they slowly phase out the AWS, DemonWare, etc.
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    Alex49H reacted to BIG__DOG in Warzone Bot Lobby Servers   
    People keep saying that using a vpn is better and advantageous but that is not the case. A vpn adds extra encryption as packets are encrypted by the vpn service to avoid being detected like other packets sent through a vpn. Therefore adding gaming packets to a vpn with the extra encryption will obviously add delay to your gaming response as they have to then be decrypted. Where this myth that gaming over a vpn is better came from I don't know. Although it maybe ok for RPG games  it is certainly not for twitch shooters such as COD as every millisecond  counts.
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    Alex49H reacted to RedBull2k in Port 3074 , Moderate NAT ports   
    We prioritise 3074 as that is the port we use internally.
    We can only prioritise traffic thats in our router.  We can not control the outside world. 
    When we are in a game the servers use a different range. Maybe this is why your confused.
    The reason why some of us narrow down ports in tp,  is because we only want the actual game to have priority and not the other non essential game ports.
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    Alex49H reacted to BIG__DOG in Traffic prortization please read   
    I have been reading through the comments on this thread and I have seen a few things that came to my attention. 1 was a suggestion to use ports 1 - 65535, this is the exact same as placing your device into DMZ and getting no protection from firewall and is ill advised. The best way to get open nat is to just use upnp. Activisions algorithm changes the lobbies depending on your score,kd etc etc and this is Skill based Match making and no matter what ports or qos or router you use you cannot combat this at all. They screw you over and frustrate the hell out of the players that play this game and dangle the odd carrot to keep you playing, UDP packets are used for gaming and not TCP so priorising TCP packets would be useless in any case.  Netdumas routers and sooftwae can prioritise your network traffic but no rouer on the planet can affect the algorithm that is SBMM.
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    Alex49H got a reaction from mitchellc756 in Traffic prortization please read   
    Ask all the questions you want my friend. Yes leave UPNP enabled. It’s the best way to get an Open NAT. 
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    Alex49H reacted to Netduma Liam in Port forwarding theory   
    Thanks for posting, I like your approach to this!
    It's a good idea, but NAT doesn't quite work that way. Whether your NAT type is open, moderate or closed/strict, inbound traffic will always stop at the router where it will either work out where to send it or if it's just going to be dropped.
    That being said, we have heard occasional reports that people are having a better experience playing on moderate NAT, whether that's coincidental or not I'm not sure.
    Your second reason is correct in that a moderate NAT is limiting your options, but that won't have any affect on the skill level of your opponents.
    Loving the thought you put into it though, great idea!
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    Alex49H reacted to mitchellc756 in Traffic prortization please read   
    Thanks for the response. I did play with your udp prioritization that Fraser recommended as well as a tcp prioritization another member said with duma classified games off. The games I played, I actually experienced less latency spikes. I normally get those orange boxes on my screen continuously every 30 seconds or so. It’s just so difficult to know if it’s the status of the servers were good for that time or if the settings helped. I’ll keep experimenting. One more question if you don’t mind...
    If I’m prioritizing the ranges on QOS should I also be port forwarding those other ports in network settings(UDP 3074, 3078-3079, and TCP 1935,3478-3480)? 
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    Alex49H got a reaction from Netduma Liam in Traffic prortization please read   
    You can try it in Warzone. It’s whatever makes the game play better for you. Cold War is not consistent and I have used other ports in TP and honestly this game is broken. 
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