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  1. Try narrowing your geo-filter over SoCal (San Diego/LA). These are the servers that i typically have the best connection to.
  2. Like many others, i have struggled quite a bit with the connection in Modern Warfare. Poor HitReg, feeling like my character was always 1 second in front of and behind what i was seeing on screen, regularly connecting to high ping servers (60-100ms) when the closest servers to me in SoCal usually net me 12-19ms. After some reading in here last night, i made a few changes that ended up drastically improving my experience with this game, virtually eliminating all of the above mentioned issues. I played with these new settings for over 2 hours and the results remained consistent. 90% of that gameplay was spent in League play where i really notice my connection. What i did? Disabled QoS features. I run my Geo-Filtering at [2000km, Strict Mode, Ping Assist @35] Previously, i had the bufferbloat disabled, but was running Bandwidth Allocation settings (Giving my Xbox 60% Down/Up) and Traffic Prioritization w/ DumaOS Classified Games. Attached is a picture of the ports i have forwarded. My setup Modem: Motorola MB8600 Router: Netduma R1 ISP: Cox Fiber 1000 down/35 up Console: Xbox OneX w/ a wired connection Monitor: BenQ XL2411 24” <1ms I don’t know if this will be a fix for all of you, but I hope it helps. Please feel free to ask any specific questions you might have and i will do my best to answer them. I’m still fairly new to a lot of these settings and what they actually do.
  3. - Retested in multiple ports on the R1 with the same results - Plugged modem straight into PC and got the same results Im going to guess I can take this modem out and put some holes through it?
  4. - Changed back to ICMP, with 2.5 second intervals after laptop reboot - 10 minute clip
  5. - Test was performed with a wired connection. Interval was changed from 2.5 to 0.5 and to TCP - I’ve used 3 different CAT6 cables and all have the same result - The modem/router were also recently moved from one line in the house to another, with the same results.
  6. Arris TM3402A > NetDuma R1 Started noticing real bad rubber banding 2-3 days ago and have since gone into full research mode. Not sure what info you guys need. Please let me know and I will get back to you right away. Thanks!
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