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  1. It's probably unrelated to the issue you guys are experiencing but I often find my R2 doesn't pick up my internet connection for a while if I have recently swapped routers. I need to switch off my modem and R2, wait a few minutes, power modem on and then the R2. If the R2 doesn't pick up internet I repeat the steps but wait a little bit longer in between each one. I've only noticed this with the R2 - my other routers pick up internet first go
  2. They had heaps of issues with BO4 at launch too didn't they? I think servers were 20Hz, then once they changed to 60Hz it performed a lot worse for a while lol
  3. The only QoS option I have on FT is sfq or pfifo. I've seen fq_codel in some screenshots, maybe it's limited to certain routers? I couldn't find any info. I followed some gaming QoS guide on linksysinfo but I don't think it's good, this QoS doesn't even get rid of bufferbloat (maybe it's these settings?). Whatever the settings did, I only get half my 100Mbps on speedtest and my ping spikes like crazy. Games felt different to the R2. Things kind of felt slower instead of the fast/crisp feeling I get with the R2. I had tcp set to unlimited, udp to 1/s and all bandwidth at 1000kbps
  4. I see the packet burst symbol in most of my killcams. I used to have it quite a bit when I had my PS4 connected via a powerline adapter. I still randomly get it here and there even though I'm directly connected to my router but it rarely happens. The only other symbols I've seen are the yellow or red ping circles when there's someone from Asia playing on our servers
  5. How do you set up R2 with another for using the geo-filter? I'm guessing your fresh tomato router is the main, connect lan to lan with R2, console to r2? Do you only disable DHCP and QoS on R2? Do you put the R2 IP in freshtomato DMZ and console IP in R2 DMZ?
  6. I think the loading was bugged.. I have a ps4 pro with a decent SSD and some games felt like I waited over a minute in the loading screen. Some of these games had already started because I could hear people on the mic playing. One game I waited to see how long it would take and it was a couple minutes and it only loaded me in to see the final POTG lol..
  7. I could be wrong (I don't manually prioritise ports) but wouldn't you just need the rule that's working for you, except make it 30000:65535 as destination. Also reverse it, so 30000:65353 - 3074 UDP. When I've looked at wireshark, if I was reading it correctly, all gaming traffic with the server is through UDP 30000-65535, I don't think I saw any ports lower than that. There is some communication through TCP but I'm not exactly sure what that is - could be things related to your performance, saving stats etc
  8. Thank you, I tried to manually forward ports and got the same error. I'll use DMZ
  9. I noticed 120Hz servers with crossplay on in MW. But every time I get killed by a crossplay player they are lagging and the killcam shows them jittery so i never play with it on anymore, I think there's too many bugs or more PC players have bad internet. Normal servers always 60-70Hz I won't bother with the CW beta. I will pick it up on launch though and give it a go, don't want to be left behind on learning the maps later on if the game stabilises
  10. I had some issues doing it. I'm not very experienced so can't help you further than this if you run into a problem, do it at your own risk You can read how to do it here https://openwrt.org/toh/ubiquiti/ubiquiti_edgerouter_x_er-x_ka http://www.makikiweb.com/ipv6/edgerouterx_openwrt.html Quick version, update EdgeOS firmware to 2.* Download this file and upload it into the firmware update option in the GUI on EdgeOS https://github.com/stman/OpenWRT-19.07.2-factory-tar-file-for-Ubiquiti-EdgeRouter-x/blob/master/openwrt-ramips-mt7621-ubnt-erx-initramfs-factory.tar This loads a basic openwrt version onto the ER-X. After this is done, you won't have access to edgeos anymore or a GUI, the router will reboot and you will have to SSH into your router - use program like putty on windows to do this. Then download this file, it is the full openwrt you will be upgrading to http://downloads.openwrt.org/releases/19.07.4/targets/ramips/mt7621/openwrt-19.07.4-ramips-mt7621-ubnt-erx-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin in putty type this command to transfer the file onto the router scp openwrt-19.07.4-ramips-mt7621-ubnt-erx-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin [email protected]:/tmp cd /tmp sysupgrade -n -v openwrt-19.07.4-ramips-mt7621-ubnt-erx-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin router will reboot, you will now have access to luci gui at I forgot the default username/password - it might be root with no password. I had issues accessing the router and transferring the file over because of my pc's IP address. I needed to manually assign it something on the same network. Also while i was doing this I think I had my ethernet plugged into eth1, the links above might mention which one to use
  11. I originally started playing cod on a 42" plasma tv (back in MW2) but switched to the gaming monitor they used in esports (benq rl2455hm?). Been using this since infinite warfare, I think it's the perfect size cause everything is in your vision. Might get a 27" for the PS5 though and go 2k or 4k depending what it supports at a high refresh rate. I've always played wired. Connection is solid, I've done everything I can from my end.. the issues I experience are out of my control - can't do anything about other people's bad connection and the way the games code handles it
  12. I'm in Australia and have the geofence around my state where the servers are located. Every single server shows the same ping - usually around 8-9ms. I have a stable fibre connection with no congestion - I always hit full speeds when I download, don't notice any ping spikes etc I only have one router connected btw
  13. Thanks, might give this a go next time I use openwrt. I didn't notice any difference when I put the rules into my firewall, I still had some ok games and some bad ones. I get better games using the R2. Maybe I did something wrong in the settings. I did notice when I look at the firewall stats down the bottom there was a section for the dscp markings. While playing I could see the count go up but I don't think this was reflected when I checked tc -s qdisc
  14. I don't know how to reset the duma classified games one but I removed/added the PS4 and will check it again tonight to see if there's more download than upload. I play solo/don't mic so maybe less packets uploading? /edit yep definitely have more download than upload
  15. Have you tried streaming something while playing? Just wondering what the link I pasted above means where it says "For example, this computer would only be able to stream to 5 other devices." while it shows 5/s in the UDP box. I don't want to set this setting to 1 while play and block my partner from being able to watch netflix or something lol.
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