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  1. My bandwidth in-game shows anywhere from 2100-2700Kbps and it's been ok. Can't switch off QoS and use bandwidth limiter on my fresh tomato router, unless it's possible via command line console using tc commands? I haven't checked. Been using my openwrt router and I think it's the only one that gives me playable games on CW. No other router works for me.
  2. Hmm I might try disconnect the power cord/network cable from PS4, I'm willing to try anything this game runs so bad most of the time. I think they have really messed up the code in this game. Are they trying to balance people's connections in-game? They're not doing a good job at it! Having a fast, stable connection with low latency seems to mean nothing in this game.
  3. I really don't like the AK. I think if I picked up any other weapon than that, I wouldn't have died haha
  4. I have experienced this a lot, first round of domination im doing great - hit reg is spot on then second round i'm shooting rubber bullets. I've also been on the other side though, nt being able to kill anything first round then second round coming back and dominating, hearing people rage in the killcam, saying they can't kill me etc
  5. Like I mentioned on the previous page when I looked at an old capture there were 3 TCP ports in use during my game, 1 of which was 443. The IP was from "akamai technologies" which is a CDN so in my case it looks like my ps4 was maybe checking for an update for one of my games or maybe even downloading one.. I personally wouldn't prioritise any tcp ports, especially 443 cause it's not gaming traffic.
  6. I've seen people get banned using a VPN. I can't remember whether it was via playstation or call of duty, could be ok for PC players
  7. I was running the below command, told it was simulating the gaming traffic in CW. Sorry I don't know much more about this.. iperf3 -u -b 250K -l 250 -t 20 -c iperf.scottlinux.com
  8. I've ran some iperf3 tests on my openwrt router/PC and never experienced any losses. My gaming is still shit though, even with a perfect network.
  9. When you're in game and you look at the server you're connected to in dumaos, is your send rate higher than receive rate? Maybe the PS5 sends more packets then downloads while gaming. I remember this happening to someone else as well on PS4, the difference between us was they were using voice chat but I wasn't.
  10. Looking through wireshark there is some tcp traffic during a game I captured which could explain your rule #5 working. Not sure what this could be as it was happening throughout the game, it wouldn't surprise me if it was sending data back for their SBMM bullshit who knows There were 3 IP's - demonware (port 60258), amazon (port 56935) and akamai technologies (port 443).
  11. Instead of calling ABB you can kick your own connection through their app for your phone. I used to have issues where the router just wouldn't get a WAN IP even after power cycling everything and wasting 30 mins I found the quickest way is to stop turning everything off lol. Keep the router and NTD on, unplug cable from WAN port, kick connection via the app, wait 5 or so mins tops then plug cable back into WAN. Might save you a call
  12. Does it work when you play solo? I've seen comments before where people mention they come across more noobs when in a large party
  13. This doesn't work for me cause there's only 1 server location in Australia and I always get connected to it lol. I tried giving the R2 another chance for CW but I feel a second behind everyone else, getting melted on sight. Back to openwrt
  14. Do you prioritise the usual ports or have qos off? I've had the worst experience with the R2 on CW, had to turn off qos completely for it to be remotely playable. This game is so broken I don't know why I bother
  15. Man it seems to run so smooth on PC. I have the same ping but it's so choppy/laggy on PS4 pro. Are you using a controller on PC?
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