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  1. This gun is the LC-10 SMG, it has been nerfed in the past but is still OP. I probably get a connection like this once every 1-2 weeks tops. Leading up to this game I was having a horrible experience game after game and was about to call it a night. When the connection is this crisp any gun melts, every bullet registers in what feels like real time. I was definitely on "the good side of lag comp" during this one! The R2 used to give me this type of connection in MW consistently, it's a shame it can't in MW.
  2. Trophy system ruined my streak lol
  3. Lol ignore him. He doesn't know what he's on about in most of his posts, they're embarrassing to read..
  4. With crossplay off I can't even find a game of domination during peak times on console. Not sure if this game is dead or due to SBMM the game just disregards matching me with normal people. It keeps searching until it finds 5kd players sponging bullets with their 4g connection. Not fun at all. Also I'm not sure how the servers are overseas atm but the ones in Aus are complete ass. Last few days I've had some give packetloss/connection interrupted/game session no longer available errors.
  5. I noticed there's still an overlap of the server/peer icon on the geo-filter map. I can't tell what server I'm connected to when I play because of this, there's usually 2 icons while in game overlapping. Is there a reason it shows 2 and would it be possible to only show the server i'm connected to so I know which one to allow/block?
  6. Is it normal to see packetloss at the first hop/router in ping plotter? I've started noticing it lately as well, I've switched routers and cables but still see packetloss at the first hop. If i tracert via command prompt or run extended ping tests there's no packetloss
  7. I'm also using Surfshark and when I go to download their config file I have the option of choosing either tcp or udp, not both. Which one would i chose for my PS4? Atm using TCP and it does seem to effect ping gaming, I would have thought I'd have to use the UDP config file? Also after dding my console to hybrid vpn, on the right it is selected as do not vpn these services.. but it's working?
  8. Here's why optimizing your connection to be good doesn't work in Cold War. Not sure how many times I hit this guy but it was enough to kill him. You can see his character model is "off" compared to normal players. He uses 4G and has been lagging his ass off to a 3-4KD in every cod. What kind of optimisation can help me kill that? lol.. DumaOS showing my ping to the server as a stable 6ms ping btw.
  9. It's nice when the game works once in a blue moon. Enjoy it while it lasts lol
  10. Great explanation, thank you and I'll be sure to take all your feedback onboard :) I know a lot of my deaths are due to bad positioning etc and I'm not someone to always blame the game for my mistakes. I think a lot of my issues are networking related though, whether that's something internal I'm not aware of or the routing my ISP takes - I can't imagine that's that bad though as when I try a tracert to one of the cod servers it's usually 6-10ms at each hop and I live in the same state as them in my country. As someone who plays cod a ton it's really easy to tell when something's not right connection wise. I feel like it's never been this bad for me and I've master prestiged them all and held a 2-3KD+ in each one with all camos unlocked. When I can be bothered I'll post gameplay of how it plays when it's running well (rarely) vs how it is normally for me. My ping doesn't go above 30ms in-game yet one game my aim sticks to targets and bullets register fast, everything will feel "crisp" and the next it's like my gun has extra recoil and my bullets magically miss their target. I have over 20k kills with the ak74u so it's easy to tell when things aren't performing how they should. I will switch back to the R2 tomorrow and test it out but like many other users of the R2 we have put it aside for CW, it just doesn't "feel right". Do you have any recommended settings for the R2 you could share with us? e.g. prioritise certain ports or the entire console itself, assigning bandwidth etc
  11. Don't the data centres show the ping dumaos does? so it doesn't take into account the latency the game adds e.g. i ping servers 6-7ms but in-game latency it shows 20-30max
  12. I have no idea tbh. When I see people complain they always mention it's only cod that does this, every other game is fine. Could be a combination of bad performing servers and whatever networking tweaks they do silently in the background
  13. Do you have an explanation for why in every match of cold war I feel like I'm half a second behind everyone else? nearly every encounter is me taking damage the moment the enemy appears on my screen without having any time to ADS or with me shooting first but they end up killing me, killcam shows them barely getting damaged/shooting me first? More importantly, do you know how I can be one of those players that can out run bullets or shoots first and kills first? I don't think optimising your connection to be the best it can be is the way to go. it feels like it has the opposite effect tbh. I have fibre direct to my premises (100Mbps), dumaos shows I ping the servers 6-7ms and in-game it's anywhere from 18-30ms yet it feels like how a 100ms+ match would feel it previous titles. The combination of my internet with dumaos didn't go well with Cold War for some reason so I've been using a router with openwrt but since the latest patch this router is also giving me bad performance. My console is hardwired, play on a 1ms monitor, have the necessary ports forwarded and have an open NAT. Even when I'm the only one using my network I still get a poor gaming experience but other users shouldn't matter as I have my console traffic prioritised above all else.
  14. My ping is always in the 20-30ms range but it feels like I'm playing 200ms+, bad hit detection, extra recoil on guns, taking damage from people the moment they appear on my screen etc. It's become worse since this last patch, probably as bad as it was at launch for me. Nothing seems to be working for me and I just have to wait around until they do their next background network tweak and hope that it improves my connection for a change..
  15. It's become worse after this new patch for me. I also have fibre and ping shows 20-30 max in-game, I'm connecting to a local server and the next closest server will give me 120ms so that's not an option. Whatever they've done, it seems to be working for some people and not for others. From what I know, the guys I play with that have fibre are having a hard time but the 1 crap ISP guy hasn't noticed a difference. Maybe they're messing around with the lag comp and it's penalising good internet players even more now..?
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