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  1. I'm guessing it'll be different depending on what type of connection you have? I've had the most consistency with default mtu. Also from my experience I leave traffic prio off, whenever I turn it on to experiment every match feels like the enemies are a second ahead of me, instantly damaging me when they appear on my screen.. it's like only they are prioritized lol. It was like this in CW as well for me but it worked in MW.
  2. Confirming the DNS doesn't work for me as well. It doesn't break anything though, I still have connection on every device.
  3. Every day is different with cod. You might find something works one day then the next you're a second behind everyone else getting melted by everyone, wasting days trying to get a "good connection" again. Who knows wtf is going on with their servers, they're always changing things making it worse for some and better for others. The server host they use are complete shit as well, in MW there was widespread issues of rubber banding/packetloss for over 1-2 months on a certain IP range. They had no idea because the host doesn't even monitor them otherwise they'd see that shit and not let it last 2 months. If I didn't send them an email with tests/timestamps etc who knows how long we'd have to suffer? 2 Days ago I had great bullet reg, I was finally able to get a V2. Since then it's been horrible and I'm getting weird micro stutters every game where my crosshair just yanks to the side at times. I didn't change anything on my end to cause this and my connection is fine, I have direct fibre
  4. What are the settings? Just upnp off and 25/5Mbps bandwidth?
  5. They did raise them a bit, including your teammates & your own I think. I can only hear enemies if they're sprinting and it's completely silent
  6. I've tried everything with the R2 can't get a decent match on Vanguard. My MW settings don't work at all, I might give it a couple more days before I try another router
  7. My guess is none of those matter anyway, all gaming traffic should be in the packets sent between my IP and the server IP on 3074:39370, there wouldn't be a way to prioritise anything for player position only cause we only see the gaming traffic between those ports I mentioned The other traffic could have been the ps4 background stuff or sending data back to activision regarding SBMM or levelling up etc.
  8. Pretty sure ghost is bugged as well, people always turning around and pre-aiming when I'm on the flank even though I have ghost on
  9. I just installed wireshark cause I found an old capture of a match on cold war. I've forgotten how to use filters so I'm manually having a look through the traffic. I sorted it to see traffic with my ps4 IP as destination (so what is being sent to my ps4). Throughout the entire match the server is sending it's UDP packets via port 39370 to 3074. There's a demonware IP address ( which is sending TCP traffic through port 56975 I think. That's all the traffic going to my PS4 during this match. I'm not sure whether this capture was just from in a match or whether I started it while searching for one. When I switch to my other router I'll be able to capture gaming traffic and see it more accurately. Sorting it to see traffic from my ps4 IP as source, it communicates with different IP addresses: (blizzard) - UDP 3074:30000 (amazon) - TCP 64736:443 (akamai cdn) - TCP 60194:443 (akamai cdn) - TCP 60214:443 (demonware) - UDP 3074:3074 (google cloud) - TCP 56257:443 (demonware) - TCP 56975:3074 I probably missed, there's just too much to go through and keep in mind some of these could be something the ps4 is doing in the background e.g. refreshing your friend's list/checking for an update etc..
  10. I no longer have wireshark but maybe someone else has looked into what ports vanguard uses when playing a match. In cold war/mw we found most ports were above 30000 so we would normally prioritise for PS4 something like source:destination 3074:30000-65535. You could try the opposite if you only want to prioritise incoming traffic? So source:destination would be 30000-65535:3074 This only prioritises traffic already in your network
  11. Just wondering is there an explanation of the different options for traffic prioritization? I remember the earlier firmware versions had no option to select gaming/voice, video, normal or apply to WAN. Can we get an explanation of what each one does? I used to get a nice connection with the old firmware so just want to recreate it with the new one, not sure which option to select and whether to apply it to WAN. I was trying a combination of them all yesterday and can't seem to get it working how it used to. I'd like to avoid going back to the old firmware if can recreate whatever setting was used on those with the new firmware
  12. Who knows.. I have the same issue, dumaos says I ping the servers I play on 5-6ms but unless I shoot someone in the back I lose most of my gunfights in this. This is coming from a 2.5-3+ KD player in all cods, this game hates my connection I think they've just lucked out with a router/isp and distance from servers combo that performs well with cod. I've seen matches where people have similar ping to me in-game 19-23ms but their hit detection is smooth and people are dropping quick but when I play I get a ton of hit markers and people usually turn and drop me instantly. Like you said I'm also a second behind everyone else, I'm usually taking damage the moment people appear on my screen - even if I'm already ADS and someone appears in my sight I'm already taking damage before I can fire a bullet. Only thing you can do is keep tweaking settings until you find something that makes it playable I think. I've tried 4 different ISP's and different routers but still have the same issues in every cod. Now that I'm still on PS4 and I'm up against people playing higher refresh rate on PS5 it could contribute to some of the wtf moments more..
  13. I'm in Australia, if I do that it'll still connect me to the only server location in this country, which is in the same state as me. 5-6ms ping but the matches feel like 200ms+ lol. I'm working on the Volk Assault rife atm, the other day I finally had a normal connection and the gun was dropping people so easily. Past 2 days all I hear is hitmarkers as the people I'm shooing at run away with their life or 180 1 shot me with an smg My settings that used to give me a nice connection on MW don't work on this
  14. Using the R2 today and I've blocked more servers than I can count. I'll eventually unblock them all and start all over again when I can no longer find matches lol
  15. Yep couldn't agree more. Each iteration seems to cater to noobs more and more with the map designs, ridiculous weapons etc. not to mention the messed up connections that makes every gunfight a guess to who will win, regardless of who shoots first.
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