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  1. This is a great example of how I can show it’s more to optimizations than settings 😆 Love this question! You seem like a very latency sensitive person which is uncommon. Most people don’t feel the difference. I personally like the Netduma R2 more for gaming and the XR1000 for WiFi/Gaming It goes way in depth but I’ll try to summarize. I worked on about a tremendous amount of these. Both have their benefits. XR1000 is DUMAOS layered over Netgears system and it’s more for a WiFi 6/Gaming Balance Netduma R2 is DUMAOS layered over OpenWRT Open Source Platform which is miles better for Linux Embedded Devices. Of course Netduma can’t state this as they do work on both. Can’t blame them and It’s impressive how much they improved it. This is why I don’t understand post with people using OpenWRT routers + Netduma R2. Lol it’s unnecessary. If you are looking for fast updates and you have something to offload the WiFi, the R2 is better. If you are looking for a all in one, XR1000. Just know that WiFi takes a lot & can effect things like your controller latency (Sony Controllers run off 2.4Ghz on Bluetooth) These are some of the things we take into account while doing optimizations Dynamic and static has their pros and cons. That was just additional info you can disregard haha
  2. Key word: Feel Right Don’t go based off feeling. Unless your always playing the same skill level player, it will always feel off. Ex: higher skilled players will take advantage of the little things. Like sliding to mess up your aim assist which you can’t react to due to the AA bubble. It’s the little things. Tracert won’t tell you everything. Ex: COD can route your traffic through a proxy and you don’t know how much bandwidth that proxy is pushing or the latency between the proxy and the actual server instance. Why people think the R2 is inconsistent in Cold War is due to the Engagement based matchmaking. You are playing more difficult opponents and sometimes easier opponents. Another thing can be how Cold War routes your traffic Another thing can be how the netcode’s state is. it can be a lot of things but I wouldn’t be able to tell exactly unless I was optimizing it. But Cold War works great with the Netduma. It’ll take time to get it tuned from a dev standpoint as it’s a new game really and constantly updating.
  3. Lets break this down. I'll explain to you most misconceptions as this is very common. This is how a pro player/coach would analyze what you said as well. "nearly every encounter is me taking damage the moment the enemy appears on my screen without having any time to ADS or with me shooting first but they end up killing me," - You should be already ADS. you aren't suppose to win gunfights if your enemy has peak advantage or if they are ready before you. Bad Fundamentals "Killcam shows them barely getting damaged/shooting me first? " - Kill cams are not an accurate representation of what happened. "More importantly, do you know how I can be one of those players that can out run bullets or shoots first and kills first? "- You need to learn how to camera correctly and how to analyze good angles. But you shouldn't rely on it. Ex: I optimized shotzzy and he doesn't rely on cameras. He is just technically gifted and his reaction time is low. This is why he "Jokes" People. The router isn't going to do it for you. " I don't think optimising your connection to be the best it can be is the way to go. it feels like it has the opposite effect tbh." - False. All Top Players want the lowest latency possible. Don't try to rely on inconsistency. Rely on fundamentals. This is what happens when you listen to "I feel that its better" post instead of statistical analysis. "I have fibre direct to my premises (100Mbps), dumaos shows I ping the servers 6-7ms and in-game it's anywhere from 18-30ms yet it feels like how a 100ms+ match would feel it previous titles."- This is due to bad fundamentals. You are 100 ms behind because you are sprinting into gunfights not centering. The router can't fix things like this. You have to learn and play to improve. "DumaOS and OpenWRT" - It's similar if you have an R2. Based off the same platform. Duma is WAY more user friendly. "My console is hardwired, play on a 1ms monitor, have the necessary ports forwarded and have an open NAT. Even when I'm the only one using my network I still get a poor gaming experience but other users shouldn't matter as I have my console traffic prioritised above all else." - You only tried to optimize up to the router. There is the modem/gateway -> Node -> Aggregator -> ISP -> Backbone -> How your traffic routes (Least expensive route or lowest cost?). There is way more to it. For the netduma, listen to everything Frazer says and the Netduma Staff. Trust me DON'T GO BASED OFF "It Feels Better Post" This will lead to more inconsistency and you will be even more frustrated. Remember, Pro Players never blame their tech. They take personal responsibility. Learn to do this and improve. We all think we are the best at what we do and let ego get in the way. Professionals know they aren't the best and put in hard work to compensate for it. This is what makes them great. Practice, Improve, Follow the Guides, have fun. Netduma didn't make the router to cheat the system. It's to provide you consistency. You aren't suppose to be sprinting and win gunfights. That only works for low skilled opponents. At the highest level, your fundamentals will cost you a tremendous amount of gunfights. Hope this helps! I hope I don't come off harsh or anything. This is not to criticize you but actually tell you the truth and help you improve.
  4. If the cables more than 10-15 ft I usually recommend cables that are protected. usually, professionals and gamers have to worry about attacks. Especially streamers. This is just additional steps I usually recommend if you plan on growing a major brand. You don’t want to be in a position where you are a top streamer with a sponsored event & you can’t stream. it’ll cost you thousands & VPNs won’t save you. (Most people think their safe by having one but it’s just adding additional latency usually) you don’t have to however. Not needed if casual, but it’s just good to know I’m case!
  5. ONT-> Router-> AP Router. put the AP router in AP mode. The Ethernet from the first router should go into the Internet Ethernet Port of the AP router. make sure MU-MIMO is enabled for both. don’t just plug it in and run it. 1. It’ll disturb the internet if you do 2. You’ll obtain a double NAT if plugged into AP. most people can use old routers as APs which is great! best is obtaining Mesh Systems. They are easy to setup and great in regards to WiFi signal.
  6. I focus on overall latency. A lot of people take Speedtest and think those are their actual results but it’s more than that. ISP (Internet Service Provider( User End (User Behavior, Router, Devices & Infrastructure) Device Latency & tendencies. Routes that the ISP uses: Most use the cheapest route Users Network in the area and calculating the throttle limits and behavior ex: ATT Throttles upload heavily. ISP Authentication Requirements ex: Bell Fiber has a Home Hub 3. the advanced DMZ on the home hub is true bridge mode but it’s glitched. If you restart your router and see that it has a public IP with advanced DMZ on, it won’t provide internet. You want a private IP and want to disable WiFi and also DMZ your router. or you want to obtain the authentication information and a dsl -> ethernet converter. Put authentication info in the router and with the converter you should be able to bypass the home hub 3. Ex of knowing your ISP: The home hub 3 causes cancer so be careful and make sure it’s in a excluded area. I usually make people remove it completely.😳
  7. Sounds like Verizon Fios Exactly. Dslreport isn’t as accurate as you think. Also I’m assuming you are using a G3100 Router (Great for wifi) The G3100 (or any older version of it) uses most of its performance for great WiFi. Doesn’t have any advance settings. ISP Loophole for Verizon: Bypass the G3100 and return it to Verizon. (You’ll save monthly on your bill) Connect your Router directly to ONT. with the Netduma R2 you won’t have as good of a WiFi signal. I would invest in getting a mesh system or Cheap router to use as a access point. Changing IPs: Be careful trying to change IP with Mac Addresses & resetting the ONT. It usually takes max 24 hours for it to change via Verizon. I would purchase static ips instead if this was something you ever wanted to do. Edit to answer last question you asked: *Things the Average person with DumaOS should be doing but aren’t* Reading the guides to understand the DumaOS features rather than trying to use what other users have. Take time to actually understand what features do and how to use them. *Take time to research how your ISP works* (This is hard. You can’t find this from a YouTube search but it’s important) I’ve took time to read most frequent questions on the forum and most people that isn’t Netduma or Moderators are not taking into consideration that everybody has different internet. Myth: it’s impossible to do anything past the router and modem. “It’s a problem on the ISPs end” There is no ISPs end. You can find out everything. It’s just tedious and takes ALOT of time and resources. 80% of information is inaccurate usually so you’ll have to know how to tell. So this is why people say it’s impossible Trust me, it’s possible. That’s part of what we do!
  8. Ask yourself which one you play more. disable UPNP. Xbox has a sleep mode where it stays on I believe. port forward the main console. If WiFi is used a lot: XR1000 (WiFi 6) If WiFi isn’t used a lot or you have a old router you can use as a Access Point: R2 Comcast: Motorola MB8600 Modem. Call the provider to make sure it’s accepted and it’ll do you well. Make sure the coaxial is as tight as possible on it when setting it up! 🔥
  9. A lot of people say that you can't really do much past the Router and Modem but You can. I'll give you a small example! ISP (Internet Service Provider) Districts: 80% of American's have only 1 ISP. This leads to high bills, low maintenance, and bad service You can definitely do something about this. Knowledge is Power - ISPs come to town halls and advise that they can invest in the community as long as they vote for no competition in the district/County. - The incentives are usually better service (lol), Renting out Land (What people that show up care about), Hiring more people (Doesn't work) - The people that show up are usually the ones who benefit off of the incentive but if you are of age, you can show up and vote too! - If you and other gamers/streamers went to town hall and outvoted the request for no competition, then you will have multiple ISPs that will come and improve services (Because competition leads to better service) How do I know this? A Verizon Executive that saw the backend. Can't blame them as this is truly smart if you think about it! If you are in the UK, it's even harder due to the infastructure. However, Fiber is slowly growing there so there is hope! Hope this helps!
  10. Hey DumaFam! My name is Kirneill from SenseQuality and I optimize Professional Players/Streamers/Influencers. (Some of you You might know me from my old name SweatPapi) I just wanted to show my appreciation to the DUMA family and answer some questions you guys might have 😊 To give you a summary, we Optimize almost everything. PCs, Networks, Streams, even Residential Construction. I got lucky as Call of Duty switched to online + Before we started, A lot of people (outside of us nerds🤓) didn't believe in Optimization. The secret to Optimizations? I'll tell you: I don't know everything & I never assume someone's situation is the same. (It never is) This approach leads to better decisions, research, and results. That's pretty much it😊 Why do we recommend DumaOS? Because even though we work with almost all advanced routers (OpenWRT, PFSense,Etc.) , we recommend DumaOS as it's user friendly and people can use it after we finish optimizing them! (Ex: Geofilter) Duma focuses on delivering a user friendly environment and it saves us a lot of explaining while providing the same value than other routers. (AT A LOWER COST, WUT?)🤣 To me, It's about delivering the best most consistent experience! Here is examples of Optimizations: JOEWOE.mp4 So Ask Me Anything and i'll do my best to answer! I appreciate all of you!
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