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  1. never heard of that, can u please explain me what a "p2p method" is?
  2. okay thank u bud! can u explain me what do u mean with "try out with Hyprid VPN"?
  3. hey, thank u for u response! well - i can only tell u to start a new acc and grind for a high KD (5/6+). set ur ping location to 0 to force to the next server. look up for ppl with who seems to be sweats by username, callin card or lvl. if there are a lot of sweats just the leave the lobby and search up again till u are sure to find some "bots". (i think this method is called "lobby Surfing" but it takes some time to get into a really "botlobby".) i used this method by myself and it worked for me. "Another trick that used to work in 6v6 is block all dedicated servers (put your radius in the ocean on strict mode) start the game. The game can’t ping the servers so gets tricked into matchmaking p2p. Then turn off geofiltering and search for a game. That bypasses SBMM and the p2p hosts have no latency balancing. However these are often people that don’t have the best internet connections to start with. If you pull a nearby host with good internet the hitdetection is amazing though, except for when you are hosting." going to try this one tomorrow on Warzone! thx.
  4. okay so if using this from austria - i would probably get a 70-80 ms to play on NA servers, right? and do u feel a dfference in the lobbys when u playin warzone?
  5. hey, thanks for your fast answer. can u tell me why especially the "private internet acess VPN"?
  6. yeah, i dont mean mutex. i have contact to European´s Warzone Streamers. some of them told me that there are some Servers /Region in NA/ Canada to avoid SBMM, which are mostly used for Wagers. of course these ppl won´t tell me which one. some say it´s not based on using a VPN or playin in the morning. there is a way to trick the sbmm & ebmm. of course these information are still not confirmed - that´s the reason for this topic.
  7. hey, i tried this one already and it do affect your game to get into easier lobbys, but since everyone made a video about nolagvpn, all servers / regions u can choose are full of ppl like me (sweats / tryharder). u must have really luck to get into a 0, lobby.
  8. hey, thx for your response. even with those named Servers of course there is like from 10 rounds 2-3 on a avg KD of 0,9 - 1,1 possible to find, but most the time i can´t really find lobbys like streamer do. my "normal" avg. KD lobbys starts with 1.4+ in the first zone there are most of the time only 60 to 70 ppl left - so half of lobby are already dead. i have a 4.5 KD and hold some records on Multiplayer, but still i cant figured out how these streamers can find such bot lobbies constantly under 1.
  9. hey Everyone! on which regions / servers u guys playin to find easier lobbys? besides Kairo or singapur there must more Regions to bypass SBMM & EBMM, bether said to get into easier lobbys. have heard of some Streamers they playin on Canadian Servers, do someone have some Experiences/knowledge to Share?
  10. Hello, sorry for my late Response! if i use a VPN i get into lobbys in these Regions - so there are of course Servers i could join into to your Question - Tbh it feels like the Netduma dont work. The Ping & connection is like without using it. my first Thought was that maybe it was depending on Daystime - so i dediced to search up for games with and Without Netduma on different times. The result: the "netduma" Lobbys are the same as with my normal Router even if i Scale the Whole Europe or only Germany With Various Ping assists from 0 up to 200 (so it doesnt block servers) was the same. i have seen in your Forums, also in your Videos that the Geo filter is supossed to change the Server Regions. please help me out to do this - i waited 2 Months to get this Router in my hands! please help me out !
  11. Hey Thank you for your fast Respond, i am aware that the router is intended for nearby regions. But here in the forum I found out about the possibility to play outside of my own regions, I would like to do so too. i have followed all the steps in the instructions, but i still can't find a lobby. Also, the "Spectating Mode" is not displayed at all i only have the "Filtering Mode". I've tried a lot. I found a lobby in America (texas) but only when I entered my PC as a console and only with strict mode on. of course with a high ping (135MS), but when I tried the whole thing in Afrika (include Egypt) I couldn't find a lobby, even with a high radius of almost 3000 km. to make it (hopefully) easier, here is a screenshot: I would be very happy to receive an answer! You do a very good service, also for customers outside the US
  12. Hello everyone, i ´am from germany and i Really want to change my server Region to near Egypt (Kairo) bether said - the whole near East. I tried to do the whole thing on my own, but realized that I couldn't find a solution However, if I keep my radius completely over the Middle East, I get a ping (20-32MS) and it will stop at 32MS. then I'm trapped in an endless search. I also tried it to America (Texas), and a search for 115MS - 200MS came up. Again I end up in an endless search loop. Friends cannot join my party either. Can Somebody PLS HELP me?
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