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  1. Yea its working Fraser 🤙🏻
  2. By the way i cant open the ipconfig, its closing
  3. Ä° did it but not like this Fuzy and Fraser. Just close the router and take power and all other cables from the router and wait for 3-5 min. Than turn it on and its worked
  4. When Will the destiny 2 filter be enable ??
  5. No nor working again 😕
  6. Ä°ts not working same error page
  7. hi friends. I tried to reset the router but it took a long time and I closed the page and now I cannot login to the interface.
  8. Thank you Liam
  9. These are results and QoS settings ... anything wrong ?
  10. These are test results and my QoS settings Fraser, anything wrong ?
  11. I understand
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