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  1. exact opposite for me CW Multiplayer ..... I quit half way through this morning after many times shouting "REALLY " ...... just give up finished so many games with a negative KD which is certainly unusual for me . It is impossible to work out this game even with Netduma
  2. Hi All Since moving onto the XR500 beta I have noticed that I can not interact with dialogue pop ups on my IPad Pro as per the example below . With the stock firmware this was possible but right now the only way around this is to click a different option on the menu to make it go away . This make it impossible to do certain functions such a TP or even using the the sliders without repeat clicking the menu and then going back to what I was working on . Anybody else have this issue ? Is there a workaround ? Thanks
  3. No its not designed to be wall hung , I have it standing on the desk on its nose leaning against something . I suppose you could buy some of those double sided sticky things and hang it on the wall it is after all a very light piece of kit .
  4. Just to share what I have learned with my R2 , I saw a massive improvement on the WIFI when the router is stood on its nose with all attena pointing upwards . So in a wall mounted position if that makes sense .
  5. Firstly you can force overseas servers I am in the Uk and have tested the US servers and also Dubai by drawing with the polygon mode . In game ping was off the chart and it was a poor experience as Fraser states . I am a little confused as one of the complaints about SBMM is ping is no longer king and you can get thrown into a lobby half away across the world as the first part of the search criteria for these games is Skill based , then connection . At least with the Duma you can eliminate that side of things by ensuring you only connect to a local server which is effectively what it is designed for . To be honest Warzone is utterly broken anyway , I am a very competent 6v6 COD player and have so many times tried warzone ( solo ) and the craziest things happen so many people cheating and just lots of weirdness in general so I always jump out very frustrated and thinking WTH just happened . I never last very long in Warzone . It’s a huge shame as the BR mode and idea is great but Activision dont really give a crap , until the $$$$ start to drop they wont seriously address the hacking and cheating . BTW gone off on a tangent , going back to your original point set up your GEO as per your image before you launch the game , then launch and you should be good . Works on the XBOX anyway
  6. Hi All, So in general I play 6v6 in COD and my in game ping is always between 16-26 I have my GEO covering Southern UK and Northern Europe . So over the last couple of weeks I have dabbled with Warzone And plunder , so when I finish one of those modes I then move into Cold War via the main menu . Then my in game ping is always 50-60 and I feel it in the game and more often than not have to back out. Re booting the router resolves this or closing down the Xbox and open Cold War again . Anyone else experience this or anyone have any idea’s Thanks
  7. Hi Fraser That did not make any difference
  8. No stays very similar - attached is at 50% and 25% original image was 90% CC as always on all three tests
  9. Hi Fraser Back with the Xr500 again on the Beta . The original issue with the connection benchmark is still there , I have attached a screen shot
  10. Okay so right now it would be easy for me to say walk away from this post or just say yes its now open .... which is is !!! .... but no I will tell you the truth it seems my IP in the sky modem DMZ has always been 192.168.X.XX ( my duma WAN) has at some point changed ... to 192.169.X.XX .. most likely by me and yes i should go to spec savers !!! . Anyway now my NAT is open on the XBOX and In Game Cold War . So yes i am a NUMPTY and apologies Fraser and Liam for wasting your time . BTW my gaming experience in CW and hit detection has been excellent whilst in moderate NAT and the wrong IP in the modem,s DMZ . No issues whatsoever with the Xr500 in any way . It was just annoying that it was not open . If my gaming goes to Sh&T I will change it back
  11. Hi Fraser / Liam It is proving impossible to keep my Xbox NAT as open . I am guessing at this stage that it must be a BETA issue and I need to wait for fix ?
  12. Done that and it didn’t work . When I use the test NAT function in Networking on the Xbox this opens the NAT but only for a short time , in game still shows moderate . But when I close down the Xbox it goes back to Moderate when it is turned on again
  13. Okay eventually got it upgraded to 120 . Current have UPNP checked ‘ DMZ with the xbox IP added and IPV6 on .... Moderate NAT .... UPNP not successful is displayed below moderate NAT. Re booted Xbox and so on but just the same. And yes factory re set the router after upgrading
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