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Change Mac Address

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Equipment: Arris SB8200 Modem
Netgear Nightawk Pro Gaming XR500 Router (using DUMA OS)
Cox Gigablast Internet Service (1gb service)

Long story so please bear with me. I need a way to change my public IP address very so often (about once a month) because of an online game that I play. The game is old school and because of my 4K resolution monitor the game crashes for me often and tries to reconnect itself. But because of the constant re-connections the server sometimes timeout my IP address (I'm assuming) for a period of time thinking I am flooding it or something. Using a VPN seems to temporarily fix the issue so I think it's the IP address issue but I don't want to use a VPN because sometimes it is unstable and sometimes I have problems using TeamView to connect to my PC from my phone so VPN is my last resort.

The easiest way is to call the internet provider (Cox) and ask them to assign me a new IP but I don't think they are willing to do so, let alone do it often for me (if someone has Cox and know they are willing, please let me know). I googled around and found that by changing the MAC address of the router, I will get a new public IP address (I don't exactly know how it works). I tried to do so and it worked. From main menu, I clicked Settings ===> Internet Setup ===> Router MAC Address (please see attached picture). Everything is checked to something along the line of "Default or Automatically From ISP) except for the Router Mac Address. I checked "Use This Mac Address" instead of "Use Default Address" and simply changed the last number from 9 to 8 to keep a similar pattern (compared to the default mac address). Once finished, I clicked "Apply" and rebooted the router. It worked and I got a new IP address and everything went smoothly for about 30 minutes until my internet crashed and went down.

I tried rebooting both the router and modem and didn't work. So I then tried to set the MAC setting back to the way it was by clicking "use Default Address", clicked "Apply" and rebooted the router again and same problem. I then tried to reboot the modem again after changing the Mac address back to default but still same problem. I then factory reset the router and went through the wifi setup and that didn't help. Then I used a toothpick and pressed the factory reset button on the modem I think and that didn't do anything. I practically tried everything from resetting the modem, router and rebooting them several times. Last resort was I went to the local Cox store and got their modem, then went back home and activated the modem by calling their support line. Once activated, I plugged my router back in, rebooted the new modem and the router and everything went back online.

Long story short, does any know of a easy or better way to getting a new public IP address other than using a VPN? If the MAC changing is the easiest way and it was actually quite easy to do so (simply changing 1 number) but then something went wrong along the line and internet went down. Is it because I did something wrong? What is the exact procedure to change the MAC address of the router? Change Mac address, reboot router then reboot modem? Is it the other way around and I reboot modem first? Unplug the everything before changing? Please help me with step by step. Also if there is a better way, please let me know because I am scared to try again and don't want to purchase new modem every time.
I just need a step by step instruction on how to change my MAC address properly. Did I do the correct way? Also, am I allowed change the MAC as often as I want and can change the MAC to any number?

PS: I connect my PC to the router via Ethernet Cable

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If you have a public dynamic ip address as you do the only real way to get a new 1 is to unplug your modem for a period of time in order to get a new 1, this method sometimes works but not always. Your isp will allow you access to their network based on mac address identification and changing your mac address alerted their system to the fact a different mac address was accessing their network from your location which is why it eventually locked you out and you lost internet connection. 

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Hey, welcome to the forum!

I would just reiterate what BD has said above, 1. Dynamic IP and reboot of modem, 2. VPN, 3. Change MAC though this will only change the IP slightly.

You could potentially call COX and see if they could change your IP lease time to every 3 weeks or so, then it would just change without you doing anything, never heard of anyone doing that though but worth a try.

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1 hour ago, Nubletz said:

So the MAC address change method that I did will not work?

no, basically! Your mac address is linked to your SH which is a cable modem/router and that is what allows that device to work on their systems. All you have to do is factory reset the XR500  and before setup place your SH in modem only mode and reboot the SH then setup the XR500. 

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