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  1. why dosome dedis show up as peer?..and what do all the symbols mean
  2. so everyday after work i do a speed test wired on my ps4 and wireless on my phone..lately i been getting like 10-30 mbps download(i pay for 300)if i restart my modem my speeds come back. but i literly have todo it once a day. im thinking its isp..but are there any possible serrings on the netduna that could attribute to this?
  3. So i dont have a cpu..When i turn qos off on the xr500 and do a wired speed test on my ps4..or a pingtest on certain websites ..my speed is usually 120-200up and 11 down..and my ping is usually 22 ms to 50 ms..(i think because the ps4 browser is slow my max ping goes way up to 200ms).when i do the same speed tests on my phone over wifi..i get like 400 down and still 11 up..and a 12 ms ping..i have comcast ..im not sure what speeds im supposed to have but i can find out..i was just wondering the possible reason why everything is worse on my ps4 wired vs my phone on wifi
  4. does it have to be a custom game i invite them to or..can i invite them to the regual game..allow them and then make the party chat? it is possible they have dynamic ip
  5. So whem i got Geo in strict mode i invite my friends and hit allow..(sometimes they dont even pop up on the map..)but when in a party chat even the people on my allow list have to leave and re enter the party a few times before it works..am i missing something?
  6. i have tried with geo on..with geo off. qos on qos off..no difference..shoot first die first lag like crazy every 2 out of 5 games..i think its def the isps are overwhelmed and warzone servers arent were they should be yet..they need to remove crossplay from the game and or just make it pc vs pc and xbox vs ps4
  7. they will get it back to normalish..warzone is still fairly new..it usually takes a lil for the servers to get up to par.plus everone being home because of this lockdown the isp is on overload..i know mine is
  8. its the game bro..its happening to me every other game..im getting schredded.esp since the new season. my k.d dropped down like crazy..shoot first die first
  9. k ..i just didnt know if having upnp ..open and ps4 in the dmz would cause an issue..thanx
  10. so if i have my nat open and ps4 in xr500 dmz should i disable upnp?
  11. no. thats just traffic prioritization..unprioritized is other no gaming packeta on your internet
  12. Ya that worked .Still shows low but connects now i found out my speeds were doubl what i thought and put the correct values in and everything is working how it should. Ialways thought clicking never disabled qos. Thanx
  13. Also you have to click the drop down box to see were it says disable qos.Just clicking never doesnt work and then make sure to renable it
  14. So ithought my speeds were 150 down and 5 up.When i originally got the xr500 thats what all my speedtests showed.I was never happy with my settings.Today i disabled qos and did multiple speedtests.I found out my speed is 250 down and 10 up._i rentered those values in qos, put my sliders at 70-70 and my dsl reports test was the best its been.Hope this helps
  15. i put qos on never ..and yesethernet cable..my speeds on the ps4 testsay 80 doenloadand 3 upload ..i changed my dns to clouds and its actually letting me shareplay but still says low
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