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  1. Does PlayStation network even support it yet? Isn’t it better for gaming? And if so why isn’t it being pushed more? ESP for people having issues with moderate nat. Just curious because I read somewhere it can even improve latency and everybody else always says keep it off in netduma. Thanx
  2. sorry its a netgear cm500v comcast...but thank you!
  3. it acually does not..its a surfboard i bought modem only....but my nat is saying open now after i removed traffic prior and rentered it..im think since my son was on first upnp auto have him the 3074 internal and external and gave me 3074 internal but some other number external..dunno if the numbers i put in trafic prior conflicted or what
  4. its workin fine for me. def the game and mot the duma when it happened rho i checked offline amd it still did it
  5. anyone else? its not even like lag its like a frame skip. the hit detection and everything else feels great..
  6. set up the r2 in wich dmz? my modem is modem only theres no dmz..and my xr500 is in ap mode
  7. So my nat has always been open ..but today it went from strict to moderate on call of duty(says type 2 on ps5)..my son has a ps4 in the other room when i have upnp on it gives us both 3074 but changes my external to something else..he gets 3074 internal and external and his is open..ive tried turning upnp off and just port forward mine put mine in the dmz. restarted console..still wont change..i got comcast..modem to r2 (wired to my ps5)to xr500(jist for wifi amd i beleive hes wired into the xr500 wich is in ap mode)not sure what else to do ..geofilter is off as well
  8. umm ya. i wish my ping was that steady and jitter that low..u have nothing to worry about my friend
  9. pretty sure the game pits you on a servers ..east west wdtever your located..you get on bubbles and then it switches to peer possibly? not sure but geo never seemed to work for me with 2k
  10. I have your exact setup..u have to login into the duma router..go into settings and turn dhcp on..ur modem is not a router so u need thr netduma to give out ip address..i would reccomend making the xbox ip static aswell..if it doesnt work right away. turn them both off completely..turn on modem wait 30 seconds then turn on duma and viola
  11. the less splitters the better but as long as there tight and clean ull be fine..and u can close duma os u dont habe to leave it open..and no upnp wont cause any hit detection issue
  12. it all depends on what u have running at the time..i to have xfjnity is yours still cable or do you have the fiber? they dont have fiber were im at..but regardless your stats look pretty good esp if you have cable..fiber tends to be more stable..it also matters ehat time of the day u do the tests network traffic factors in...i wouldnt however keep upnp on of you have portforwarding as this can cause a double nat..but if it works for u cool..your settings seem good to me tho
  13. ok so dont put it in ap? i already gave it a static ip on the r2 prior.
  14. its also disconnecting lan ..i tried everything and cant log into the xr500..should i factory reset?
  15. So i have xfinity modem only>r2(connected only to my ps4 wired) >xr500 in ap mode using just for wireless..so just recently i have had to manually change anything that connects to xr500 wifis ip addresses to the 192.168.77 range because they wrre all failing to find ip..now today im looking in device manage and the xr500 keeps going online and offline every 60 seconds. tho my wifi stays connected theres no internet intermittently..wired and everything on r2 still works its just the xr500..i tried the 30 30 30 ..nothing ..cant log into the xr500 with routerlogin.net and just takes me to the r2..should i disable dhcp on the xr500?( if i can find a way to log into it) brcause my r2 is apllying my dhcp..thanx in advance
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