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  1. k ..i just didnt know if having upnp ..open and ps4 in the dmz would cause an issue..thanx
  2. so if i have my nat open and ps4 in xr500 dmz should i disable upnp?
  3. no. thats just traffic prioritization..unprioritized is other no gaming packeta on your internet
  4. Ya that worked .Still shows low but connects now i found out my speeds were doubl what i thought and put the correct values in and everything is working how it should. Ialways thought clicking never disabled qos. Thanx
  5. Also you have to click the drop down box to see were it says disable qos.Just clicking never doesnt work and then make sure to renable it
  6. So ithought my speeds were 150 down and 5 up.When i originally got the xr500 thats what all my speedtests showed.I was never happy with my settings.Today i disabled qos and did multiple speedtests.I found out my speed is 250 down and 10 up._i rentered those values in qos, put my sliders at 70-70 and my dsl reports test was the best its been.Hope this helps
  7. i put qos on never ..and yesethernet cable..my speeds on the ps4 testsay 80 doenloadand 3 upload ..i changed my dns to clouds and its actually letting me shareplay but still says low
  8. evertime i try to start a ahareplay it says connection to low..i have comcast 150 down 5 up ..if i plug directly into my modem it works..i tried disable qos andstill no go..is there a setting that could be blocking it?
  9. It may be placebo as far as the qos ..but I have tried both and without seemed to work best..maybe because I only get 5 upload? I know games don't use much so I don't know ..the geofilter connects and works and the ping is usually ranging from 22-40 and it seems like the same server Wich isn't too far from me but when it's on my games seem to have a stutter to them. Doesn't feel like lag more like frame rate drops.the way the online works is there's a neighborhood that 60 or so people can be in at once and to play you get on a bubble and start a game..but it doesn't actually connect to a server on the geofilter until you get on the bubble and start even tho your already connected to a open world neighborhood I might be reading to far into it as I haven't had any issues except with this one particular game..thank for the help
  10. So when I traceart it goes 1.router IP 2.modem IP.3.wan ip..maybe I'm misinformed but I thought it should go 1.router IP 2.wan IP and so on. And I mainly play nba2k19 and the geofilter does not work well with it..it also may be placebo but it seems like I lag more with qos enabled as well(only for nba2k19) For call of duty geofilter and qos work wonders for me
  11. I have Comcast Xfinity. Whatever you wanna call it.150 up and 5 down.i have a Technicolor tc8305c modem andthe xr500 connected to it with 1 PS4 plugged in Ethernet of the xr and 1 PS4 on wifi of the xr..I put the modem into bridge mode but it is not in true bridge mode.i saw something on here that said to take the Mac address of the modem and put it into the router Mac address of the xr500 but when I do that I get no internet.any suggestions? 2nd question.is it best to just use upnp for 2 ps4s to avoid double Nat? Or portforward? Sometime I have issues in party chat where I can't speak to people because of our Nat type. Any help would be appreciated thank you
  12. Upnp seems to always open 9308 Wich I don't even see as a port for nba2k19
  13. @Flamenation247 have you found any good settings?..xr500 works great with ever game but this. I lag in almost every park game.it seems to be a lil better when I disable qos and geofilter..tho most time it looks more like frame rate drops than lag
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