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  1. Majority of VPN cripple your bandwidth. I would VPN your pc and leave consoles off the list. Unless your pc is your console. Aside from that gaming in general doesn't use alot of bandwidth.
  2. I have three sons and they all have there own consoles so that's three xboxes. I have a ps4 and a Xbox total five consoles. Although my boys are young I like to think that I have given them the best scenario for coming out on top in the games they play. Do we go outside? Yes lol for myself I guess I could delete one or the other when I want to use the other system for matchmaking but it would be cool to have everything setup and each console to be color code to know what each one was actually doing at the time.
  3. I have five consoles. All running full bore. Why can't I add a fifth device to be able to be under the geo filter? Will I ever be able to use more than four devices within the geo filter? What can I do to get it to work? Will this limitation ever be resolved?
  4. It appears to be working. I just need confirmation on the question prior to your response.
  5. Within VPN setup log there is a line that says (WARNING this configuration may cache passwords in memory - use the Auth-no cache option to prevent this.) How do I do this? I also created a backup of the router configuration and the file that is saved to my computer windows gives me warning that type of file may cause harm to computer.
  6. I think I have it figured out. It only shows my username and the status is connected. Everything else is N/A. from the knowledge base it says some VPN clients will not fill in items.
  7. I'm on ps4 wouldn't having upnp enabled help sort out ports over manually forwarding them?
  8. I have been using this VPN client for a while. Can I use it within the hybrid VPN built in to the xr500?
  9. Any update? Also when I added my friends ip address within the geo filter circle I don't see him in the Geo-Filter at all during games. I still have it on spectate mode. My house always has three different consoles going online. It would be nice to know which server/peer each one was using on the fly. Possible color coded.
  10. I have barely started playing apex legends on ps4 and it is lagging all over the place. Do you guys recommend anything in the settings for this to get ironed out?
  11. I was having issues with att fiber 1000 a ways back. Simply pulling the power cord is not a legit reboot. There is a reboot tab with the user interface. Try that. For a gigabit connect in QOS manually input 900 down 900 upload. Sliders at 90 each and see what happens. You will be surprised out gaming doesn't use megabits up like we think. Only time is about 300 megabits down when pulling a whole game on ps4 and Xbox.
  12. Thanks guys! I knew I seen that somewhere just needed push in right direction!
  13. I have att fiber 1000 for service. Can the R1 function with this speed tier?
  14. So how can I set it up so the PS4 is top priority? My old netgear X8 had several settings, Low, medium, high and highest priority. I would put my kids consoles on medium and my console on highest.
  15. This shows up when on forum or logged in to the router.
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