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  1. In the past my dealings with netgear there is a non disclosure statement that is agreed to when dealing with firmware sharing. I could be wrong with this one but I would not hold out in thinking netgear is running standard protocol with this one as well.
  2. Netgear community name Roadrunner79 Yes me and Killhippie have been PATIENTLY WAITING for beta or non beta firmware for a LITTLE while now 🤣🤣🤣
  3. Netgear community name Roadrunner79 😎🤟🏽😎
  4. Where do I ago to sign up!!!!!!?????!!!!!! 😍
  5. Xbox actually recommends the use of ipv6 for better online experience. https://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-one/networking/ipv6-on-xbox-one I just recently started dabbling with this myself. When I check ipv6 through that link posted I indeed see a ipv6 address. The thing is my boys are complaining about constant disconnects. It appears the xr500 drops the connection to all three Xbox ones at any given time. This needs to be ironed out.
  6. Ok it is VERY possible to setup the hybridVPN using private internet access VPN service without the use of a computer. I used my wife’s android phone instead of the iPhone. I used a file manager app to see the line code and it was plain as day! I’m sure anyone that’s more savy with iPhone can get the same result, I just don’t know how. only thing now is it says “connected” I added my cell phone to list and when I go to PIA website it still shows me not being protected by the PIA I’m going to reboot router and see if that’s helps. well did reboot but phone is still not saving to add device list. do I need to add advance settings for ports beginning/end destinations?
  7. I don’t want to post it in case it has personal account information for my account in pia
  8. Do I just have the wrong files? Is it supposed to be openvpn configuration line code?
  9. It has a notepad but I don’t know what to use to view the configuration line copy it and then paste it within the hybrid vpn configuration screen.
  10. I had installed private internet access “PIA” with a laptop months ago. For whatever reason connection fails now. I don’t have no computer at the moment but I’m on iPhone. I can go to hybrid vpn section advanced enter username and password but can’t paste the pia openvpn configuration file. Has anyone ever setup hybrid vpn through iPhone????
  11. Majority of VPN cripple your bandwidth. I would VPN your pc and leave consoles off the list. Unless your pc is your console. Aside from that gaming in general doesn't use alot of bandwidth.
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