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  1. XR500. I’m in now. I had to switch from auto detect router to nighthawk router in order for it to work! Thanks for responding regardless.
  2. It’s not working for me for whatever reason. I’m on iOS phone.
  3. Will there be select ping targets for battlefield 4 or rainbow six siege in the drop down list or are these games already in the QOS DumaOS classified games list?
  4. Who is your ISP? What’s the model number of your gateway? You can go on YouTube and look up your specific ISP and gateway model number and search it with pass through or bridge mode. you might have to turn quite a few things off and change a couple of settings before turning off the Wi-Fi settings in the gateway last so you don’t have to factory reset the gateway. Here are examples of my particular ISP gateways and getting them to work with XR500 router. Obviously you can tell my ISP ATT FIBER and my gateway is a BGW-210. your specific ISP and gateway may vary. 🥸
  5. Geo filter off traffic controller off and I never seen ad blocker in XR500. I might be overlooking it somewhere???? I have fiber gig connection although pipes are big I still want my gaming packets bumped ahead of the line upload and download. I leave QOS off but to me that’s a major link in this all as my household is heavy streaming of various online HD content.
  6. Will recreate zoom meeting with it on secure and open see if I notice anything. It’s the weekend so we will be sleeping in late 😎 will keep you posted. right now Xbox won’t go online wired but wireless it will. Alex I will try everything you mentioned as well Thanks again 🤘🏾
  7. Thank you Alex if no new firmware arrives by the weekend I’ll take this weekend to set everything back up. Yes the 7th of October is when things started to go wrong.
  8. I had to factory reset my gateway and take the xr500 completely out of the loop for my kids sake. They are all on chromebooks doing home schooling and every period they attend the virtual learning of each teacher with zoom meeting but starting Wednesday last week zoom was not able to connect they would join the class but then get dropped. Talked to school technical support did all these foresters in chromebook but in the end I reset my ATT fiber gateway back to stock and connect to it and everything works flawlessly. on the xr500 side it’s running the beta firmware and multiple factory reset dances have been performed. Regardless of all these resets only thing I noticed that wasn’t right was ipv4 and ipv6. I never really cared about ipv6 but within inner circle of friends on Xbox everyone would be running ipv4 and ipv6. Right now even though my ATT gateway has ipv6 enabled my console is getting an ipv4 address but my kids come before my gaming so as long as school keeps spinning for them I will sit on sidelines. I’m curious if anything in the next firmware update will help with this. Gratuitous ipv4 currently on console not bouncing back and forth from ipv4 and ipv6 like it would when the xr500 was connected.
  9. This was what I was going to look into but since I had it for so long running on .56 firmware and the LAN light was always white this made me wonder both sides of the coin. Was it not working right on 56 and nobody ever caught that little hiccup. I will still post this over on the netgear board and see what netgear has to say for confirmation. I am 99.9999999% you are correct Newfie 🤟🏽
  10. Ok swapped cables and ports on XR500 and still the same. Port 4 is Arlo base station port 1 is my Xbox. I added the arp error pic as a side quest in the list of what you guys have on hand.
  11. Yes it’s the same. I will switch it out for this testing purpose and report back give me a few minutes.
  12. I had never experienced this with .56 stable firmware within LAN detection of Arlo Pro 2 security camera base station registering as a gigabit connection. Now with the 3.0 beta firmware the base station is working fine but it is being detected as a non gigabit connection. Light is orange instead of white. I have factory reset router as a standard after firmware update process. The base station is also one of the many devices that bounce between online and offline modes in device management.
  13. I will start another thread but I installed 3.0 again and when you delete offline devices because they do not populate with an IP address they are indeed offline get removed but come back detected still with no IP address so they keep bouncing back and forth from online to off line but never get an IP.
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