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  1. When’s the Beta over & it become the done deal? Thanks.
  2. Cool, so do I select both TCP / UDP when I do this? Thanks!
  3. So right now I have moderate NAT type due to my current setup. I’ve used the dumb switch method since I have AT&T fiber & bypassed their gateway. The Duma is handling everything now which is great but even with port forwarding I can’t seem to get an open NAT. I had to clone the gateways MAC address into the settings of the Duma in order to get connection. UPNP doesn’t do anything for me since the Gateway didn’t support it and since my setup is fooled into believing its still connected, UPNP is broken. Surprised I couldn’t get open NAT with all BO4 Ports open? Wonder if I should open up 1 - 6,000, or whatever the default is for ALL ports? How do I DMZ the consoles (I have both PS4 & Xbox) into the Duma? Thanks!
  4. Hey all, maybe I missed it but I’m surprised there’s been no mention of MW4.......the Beta is about to be released & was wondering if it’s all good to go on the Duma? Will the servers be the same or do you have to add this to the Duma as well? Thanks.
  5. Cool, so every time before shutdown, I should uncheck filtering mode. Then once the game boots up, reenable filtering mode, wait 2 minutes-ish, then join lobby?
  6. So, we shouldn’t leave Geo on during shutdown & bootup of game?
  7. Ahhhhhhh, got it. Makes sense. Yes, the WiFi router is in AP Mode & connected to Duma via Ethernet. But......the question is, does it affect device distribution/congestion control due to it seeing them as all separate devices versus only seeing just the WiFi router “if” it was placed in router mode?
  8. So, weird thing is that the “XBOX ONE” & “M” are connected via the WiFi router (WNDR4500V3), yet it shows them connected to the LAN?
  9. Why does it show “2” WNDR4500v3? That’s my WiFi router of course but somehow reading it twice? Also, out of curiosity, does it change the way the Duma handles the extra load / congestion with it showing all devices versus only showing the router (if it was in routing mode)? I ask because of course my flower petals have ALL devices equally divided, in this case 9% going to each device.........whereas when my router is in routing mode, I’ve only got 3 devices on the flower, showing 33%.
  10. Hey all, My setup is Gateway (set for IP Passthrough) - Duma R1 - PS4, Xbox, laptop & Wifi router all hardwired to the Duma.....the WiFi router is set to AP mode. I thought all I should see under Network Devices would be just the modem (Gateway) - Duma - PS4 & Xbox - WiFi router? Just curious as to why I’m seeing EVERYTHING that’s connected wirelessly to my router that’s in AP mode? It may be affecting my distribution? And what’s the top portion of devices showing offline? So weird! Thanks!
  11. I’ve just been experimenting with different options. I figured since I have the fiber 300/300 with literally nothing else going on in the house, with a perfectly stable line while gaming, that the use of the Gateway’s WiFi wouldn’t affect my QOS.......I could be wrong but I don’t feel I need QOS at all. Unless there’s something I’m completely missing, I thought as long as I’m running PingPlotter and monitoring during gameplay and I have a perfect line, QOS should be good, right? This is what my line looks like when I’m playing “without” the Duma hooked up......just straight hardwired into the gateway with port forwarding & even while my wife is steaming Netflix off the gateway WiFi. Now if I run a speed test or something, then yes, I get pretty big spikes since there’s no QOS.......but I’m not loading my line like that during gameplay. This is why it’s got to be something that’s not seen that’s causing bulletproof enemies & that’s what I’m trying to eliminate by trying anything I can. First I’ll try hooking the Duma back up and use my own WiFi router hardwired into the Duma along with my two consoles.........and turn off all firewalls/WiFi from the gateway and see if it improves. Then maybe try assigning static IPs for both consoles on the Duma? After this, then maybe try the dumb switch method.......but I wonder if I can hook the Netgear s8000 Switch straight into the ONT or not. Or would I be better off buying the XR500? Would that be able to be directly connected to the ONT without having to do the PPOE route, etc? Trying to keep this simple but I want consistency in my gameplay more.
  12. My plan is to stop getting hosed when I should be winning gun fights! Lol 😂. Simple plan, right? So whatever that takes I’m down. So what would it look like if it went ONT - Dumb Switch - Netgear S8000 Switch - Duma R1 - then connect my PS4, Xbox & personal WiFi router to the Duma as normal? I just keep hearing & seeing that there’s inconsistency with the AT&T supplied gateways & even with IP Passthrough, it can’t be trusted as far as in game experience. Even though on PingPlotter, my Fiber 300 looks flawless during gameplay, yet my opponents still eat my bullets for lunch. I’m no pro at this and with the limited knowledge I have, everything “should be” perfect gaming experience......hardwired, Fiber Internet, 1ms gaming monitor.......so frustrating! Also, what are your thoughts on setting a static IP instead of the dynamic (auto)? I’ve heard this may lessen lag as well. I also have all the firewall features still enabled on the gateway right now since I’m utilizing its WiFi still.......maybe this is contributing?
  13. Hey all, anyone have experience with using a dumb switch in conjunction with Duma R1? I have AT&T Fiber & forced to use the BGW210-700 gateway. I’m trying to bypass it “completely” & take the fiber straight from the ONT (modem) to the R1 for full control without the gateway in the mix. I’ve tried IP Passthrough and like every other setup, it seems to not change much.....gameplay seems more a matter of luck than the right settings. And no it doesn’t make a difference what settings the Duma is on since garbage in equals garbage out (in the case of the gateway feeding the Duma). Hopefully someone has some good experience with this since it’s real hard to find “exactly” what I’m looking for in general forums online, as far as gamers go. Thanks!
  14. Yes, I have tried all the above & regardless of settings and with or without the Duma hooked up at all, I get very inconsistent gameplay. Just depends on the day.....everything works great on all settings then nothing matters.
  15. I am trying to set up port forwarding for Xbox & PS4.......but there’s a couple ports that overlap so it won’t let me. Any ideas?
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