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  1. I’m in Texas with 5ms ping servers, yet I choose forcing Europe servers.....I played last night on 138ms ping & gameplay was on point. Bullets actually did their job & when I died, it’s cuz I deserved it. Crazy but true story. Oh & that’s with no CC set......running 100/100 but I do have 370/370 fiber speeds.
  2. I’ve never done it to the game server......how does one ping the game server? Lol 😂 Everyone only talks about pinging Twitter so that’s all I’ve ever done.
  3. When I ping Twitter using PingPlotter, I get 20ms versus the 36-40ms I got with cable with almost zero jitter no matter what’s going on at the house . I feel I have the ultimate connection but apparently BO4 thinks otherwise. Yes, I have the R1.
  4. BO4 is literally unplayable for me without forcing further servers with the Duma! I tried just hardwired to my modem with Fiber internet & it was shoot first / die first no matter what. My Ping using the Duma to check network is only 4ms!!!
  5. If we upgraded once already, downgraded to original R1, & want to go back to the upgrade DUMA OS......can we go back and use the original email link or do we need another?
  6. Do I have to be the party leader (inviting everyone) in order to take full advantage of the Duma, or can my friends invite me and it not impact where my GEO is.....as long as they’re “allowed” on my GEO?
  7. Yes, for sure. What exactly is this server?
  8. Everything seemed to work fine today since I rebooted the Duma......here’s the pic of the server that was being blocked, giving me NAT issues. It’s in Texas so just assumed it could have been my area?
  9. Not that I’m aware of. Same as what I always use.......Just my Mac Book pro as always. I disabled geo, reset my home location & rebooted the Duma. When I get home later I’ll boot up the console, then enable geo. Whats the proper procedure to change home location? I also found the reason my NAT was having issues. For some reason it’s locking out what looks to be my true location. I have to “allow” myself apparently to get an open NAT.......but I’ve had to redo this several times as well. Not sure what’s up?
  10. So here’s a weird one for you....... im in Texas but have been forcing my server overseas to around the UK area for the higher ping. I set my home location with everything on..... Geo enabled, console on etc, then reboot the console. I have strict mode on & O ping assist. It worked perfectly and only allowed hosts in my radius. Here’s the problem...... I booted up console today & even though nothing was changed on the Duma, it allowed connections back at where I previously had my home location. So I rebooted the game again and still didn’t work. Acted as though my geo was off. Then, all of a sudden, the next lobby I played, the home location moved all on its own back to what I previously played on the day before??? I’ve never seen that. It’s like it was stuck but the weird part is, is that it was working then decided to shift all on its own. Duma voodoo magic??
  11. Perfect! Sounds great........thanks so much for your time. I’ll keep ya posted 💪🏼
  12. Ok, so far so good. Just unchecked enabled, turned console on & had Open NAT. I literally was waiting to get hit by lightning for how easy that was! Lol 😂. After I turn the geo back on & play, I’ll check again. Whats the preferred method for Geo when turning on & off console on a regular basis. I’ve heard mixed stories on whether to turn Geo off or leave it on upon every shutdown, then turn back on once console is on? What are your thoughts?
  13. Should I remove my console from GEO, reboot, then check network NAT with GEO still off......or any other specific method?
  14. No, but I’ll try that next. I’ve never seen it do that before but that’ll be nice if it’s just the GEO. Now I did reset it in a round about way after I factory reset it so not sure if the GEO would be the cause. But definitely worth a shot.
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