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  1. I even rebooted in spectating mode & still “unavailable”. In spectating mode I can see that nothing is blocked yet still no NAT. Weird thing is that with enough messing around that I’ve done, it’s given me open NAT on the 1st start up after making some changes (put in spectating mode, then restarting the Xbox using the “clear alternate Mac addresses” option. But then I change absolutely nothing and right back to NAT type “unavailable”. No matter my configuration, I cannot get it to work.
  2. My NAT shows “unavailable” on the console & of course cannot get party chat because of it.
  3. Real quick question........ If I want to manually add my console instead of Duma Classified Games enabled, what do I put in for the ports........if I remember right, it’s different than what I’d use for port forwarding right? Thanks!
  4. There’s was an Xbox Console update as well.......could this be affecting party chat as well?
  5. How does that have anything to do with “me” being laggy? If my radius is set to within 250 miles around my home & the server I’m connected to is within the radius & shows 100ms, how is this me being laggy and not a Geo error? In the couple years I’ve used the Duma, it wasn’t until I got the XR500 that this happened. Now granted, it could be due to the console update so I’m not blaming the XR500......just questioning.
  6. Yea, it was pretty amazing to start with but unfortunately, it’s kinda the same experience I’ve had with the DumaOS on the R1.........every time I feel like I finally found the setup, things go wrong. Then I find myself chasing ghosts, only this time with the XR500, it’s causing me connection issues. It was booting me from the game last night just by trying to turn QOS back on. I literally have EVERYTHING that I’m supposed to be using to benefit me turned OFF in order to just play the game.......crazy thing is that I’m having awesome gameplay! Lol 😂. Im still within my 15 day window, so I may take it back and grab the Linksys WRT3200 or something along those lines. I wanna give it a solid chance but a little worried it’s not going to work out.
  7. I’m assuming “Duma Classified Games” is still prioritizing packets, since I think that’s separate, so we got that going for us?! Ive had some funky high pings lately with servers that I normally get 5ms ping on in my home location. So maybe the authentication servers have moved & need to be allowed as well, like you said. I’m trying to avoid factory resetting if at all possible.
  8. On Xbox I couldn’t party chat with my friend.....yes, everything’s setup correctly (whitelisted etc). I’ve had NO PROBLEMS with it up until last night. I noticed the console had an update so not sure if that had something to do with it. Ive had Open NAT up until recently and I’ve changed nothing. I tried anything I could think of.......port forwarding, UPNP on/off etc. So here’s what I found today.......REMOVED my console from the GEO & now I have open NAT! Right now I have all QOS & GEO off.......not exactly what I payed $300 for. I understand everything has its glitches & issues but hopefully there’s a fix for this??? Thanks!
  9. Can someone please explain this one to me.....I live in Texas & literally right on top of this server yet I’m getting 100+ ping. This just started happening! Same for both PS4 & Xbox.
  10. What exactly is all this talk of tickrate?? I don’t see it on the XR500 whereas I did on the R1 DumaOS??
  11. Yes, it was enabled. With all factors involved, is it not likely it still had me connected to overseas servers? I’ve been using Duma for years (just got the XR500) & I’ve never gotten anything like this using the same area......something was definitely up with that. And the fact that it happened right after I forced some Europe servers & came back to my home location. As if it didn’t register.
  12. Correct me if I’m wrong but anytime we set the sliders (CC), it throttles our connection. When they’re set at 70%, I now have 70% of my full speed, even on the XR500, right?
  13. Yes, 5ms on the Geo....I never look at what the game shows since I hear that’s inaccurate anyways. This pic is a perfect example of why I think the Geo still has me in Europe yet shows me in Texas....... I did a reboot of the XR500 & Console after I saw this and everything seemed back to normal today. But apparently this is an issue and would explain why I’m in all foreign lobbies! The peer I’m connected to is literally right on top of me, yet ping-wise, so not the case.
  14. So, I’ve got a random question for ya........ Is it possible for your Geo to be showing in one location but actually in reality, be in another? I ask this because my geo is set on my actual home location (Dallas Texas) And shows 5ms ping in-game to the server.......here’s the strange part......for the last few days, the lobbies have been all foreign.....all yelling and screaming in foreign language from everyone in lobby! Lol 😂. I recently forced servers in Europe just to test higher pings. I was getting about 125-150ms as expected. I rebooted the console of course before playing and all was well. Here’s the deal......a couple days ago, I went back to my home location, yet as stated above, I’m still getting all the same foreign language (which I enjoy by the way) in all my lobbies & my gameplay has felt a little off. Today, PS4 had an update and interestingly, my home radius which is only about 250 miles played me on a server with 125ms ping, even though the icon was literally on top of me! I thought maybe the update threw off the Geo so I removed my console from Geo, re-added, then rebooted console. I joined the next room of a common server at 5ms ping again......but....with all the same foreign language & feeling a step behind as if I’m more like 125ms ping?! Is my geo stuck In Europe & lying to me???
  15. What do you mean by “why would they”? Do they not need the update or something?
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