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  1. So, you’re using 3074-45000 as source? I’m using 3074-3075 source, then 30000-45000 for destination (all UDP only). I’m on OG R1 firmware but not sure if that matters?
  2. Perfect, I’m going to start with the ports as this is one thing I’ve yet to try.
  3. I may try Preemptive instead of Reactive since I know it’s a different algorithm & meant for speeds under 150. Curious if this will affect gameplay since it’ll slow my speed down.
  4. On the OG firmware, I’m curious how just switching from reactive to preemptive would do? This in itself I think would take my 300/300 & tone it down. It’s a different algorithm so I wonder how that’d work since it’s designed for slower internet speeds.
  5. You got DumaOS on the brain! Lol 😂. Don’t forget about us Lil OG R1 users 💪🏼💪🏼
  6. Just out of curiosity, I’m using OG R1 firmware (not DumaOS) and was wondering if any of this applies.......especially as far as the ports go? Considering OG doesn’t have ABB and seems to handle traffic differently, so didn’t know if Prioritization of ports would be necessary. I’m utilizing Hyper Traffic and just have the console selected but no customization. What are your thoughts? Thanks, this is an awesome thread!
  7. I am in the Original Netduma R1 Firmware Support section, correct?
  8. Cool, thanks for the response. Was just curious because I have 300/300 fiber & tried to see if putting lower speeds (50/50) in there would actually throttle / limit my incoming speeds, but it did not. Looks like on the OG R1 firmware, only the sliders do that.
  9. I’m on OG R1 firmware. I set my CC sliders to 8% down / 1% up which yielded me 25mb down & about 3mb up (I have 300/300 fiber). This seems to be the way to do it on OG R1 firmware?? When throttling like this, am I at the same time limiting packets? Just to spice it up even more, I utilized the device Prioritization flower & dragged it to give 75% (up & download) to my WiFi router, which runs everything else in the house, leaving 25% to gaming. I’ve only played on this for a couple days but I’m feeling like with the quality of the fiber while throttling the crap outta my connection, may be inducing the great gameplay I’ve had. I’m giving it more time of course but so far it’s been drastically improved as far as hit detection etc. I’ve experimented with BO4, MW & WW2 for a couple hours a piece (so far).
  10. What exactly does the inputting of your bandwidth function serve? Does it really matter what you put in?
  11. Awesome, thanks for the detailed response! Some of this can seem overwhelming. So for the bandwidth allocation / flower, say I’m playing MW on PS4 and I have the wife streaming Netflix, would I drag the flower petal to give more bandwidth to the Netflix (70% for example) leaving 30% for PS4.......or the other way around? I have fiber 300/300 so not sure I need any of this but just wanting to try some things.
  12. So just whatever IP address shows up on the Geo during gameplay, type that one in to the website?
  13. If I set sliders to 70 for example, this means all other devices get 70% & my console gets 30% of given speed, correct? Also, since my configuration is modem - Duma - PS4, Xbox, laptop, WiFi router all plugged into it........I should see that 70% of speed on my laptop, utilizing speed test. So, since this is the case, is it truly considered throttling speeds since I’m getting 100% total still but it’s just divided up 70/30? Or are the sliders truly cutting my overall speeds down to 70% of my overall bandwidth & the flower petal (OG R1) doing the Prioritization? Im just still confused on how these all work together. Hopefully someone can take the time to give a super detailed response on how these work....I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!
  14. Hey all, hope everyone had a great New Year! When I see the IP address for the server pop up on who I’m connected to on the Geo Filter, how can I look up where it’s actually located? Also, if I’m just using the log screen, listing all the IP addresses I’m connecting to, how would I know which one I’m “currently” connected to? Is is the most recent UDP one? Thanks!
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