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Bristol Massive UK :) Can Netduma save a marriage....?


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Currently I have banned the wife from Facebook while I am on COD


only problem is I am on COD a fair bit.....


I don’t know what those Facebook programmers are up to but Facebook appears to be able to take over my whole network and bandwidth and keep it for itself whatever it needs to do with it ..and I am a little paranoid about that.......but that is not the main issue.


....The main issue is that it sends my ping through the roof and my KD through the floor......


There is no QoS on the Virgin hub

So, it is either divorce, or the Netduma prioritising QoS stuff has to work.


Should be arriving soon


Will get back to you.





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I am a VM user as well as I have 2 other on the net while I game one of them is my Gf on Fb and YT at tis same time.


This router allows me to have fun on games and keep others happy at this same time.

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Well, the Netduma sorted the arguments over the connection out for sure.


As for cod......Weeeelll unless she gags me, i don't think we will ever see eye to eye lol I do get a little animated if i don't agree with the death lol.


On second thoughts, better not give her any ideas.


Well to the duma forum dude, there are plenty of cod addicts round here methinks.

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  • Netduma Staff

Hey Net-1, welcome to the forum :)


This will definitely help you imo!! I was in the same situation as you a while back and as soon as my Duma arrived, everything was ok and lag free while other people went on Facebook/YouTube etc :)

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Thanks for your responses guys.

All sounds very encouraging.

The router arrived this morning but due to work and family commitments (see I am not that selfish! ...well dont really have a choice... ) I wont be able to get my mits on it till saturday afternoon.

Will be sure to report back once Ive had a good fiddle...while we are all on various gadgets, doing various things on the internet, in different parts of the house.


ahh.....weekend....for good, quality, family time .....

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Thanks.   Naa Internet still broken here


For the first time, I skimmed the T&Cs of the contract I (we virgin customers) have with virgin

and am a little shocked to find that there is absolutely no service level agreement.


Chapter 4.b states

With regard to "Virgin Broadband" "Services"

"Due to the nature of the Internet we cannot guarantee specific levels of performance for internet access."


This is the contract we have "signed"


We are idiots….

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Sounds like my house.


Nothing worse than doing well then everything goes to hell cos someone started watching HD vids or something.


I’m quite surprised how annoyed it makes me....I have to remind myself that it is only a game and /loosing/KD matters not……


So it looks like I might finally be back in business.

Talked to someone at virgin yesterday.  They are upgrading to DOCSIS 3 in the area which means new cables and switches.  Should increase the capacity of the local network but will cause disruption until Feb L. 

While i was there I took the opportunity to kill off TV and phone packages that aren’t being used and upgraded bandwidth to 100mbps. And it’s all £20 pm cheaper! 

Also looks like the usual 15ms ping has gone down as well!

Hopefully everything dosent go to crap again tonight which I suspect it will

but at least I will finally be able to have a fiddle with the Duma





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Ahh man back to this crap.....I was going to plug the netduma in tonight but I wont until I have a dependable connection again otherwise I wont know what going on.  


No gaming tonight though that's for sure...


..you black ops boys are safe again.....for now.......





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Had 2 days Internet in Bristol. It's gone down again tonight. However I did have 2 nights and a morning gaming on black ops 3 with the duma and....


Set up according to wiki for 100-120 connection. Setting geo to cover UK, eire, northern france and a bit of Germany (!any smaller and PlayStation network didn't like it I think there is a psn server in France that needs to be talked to from time to time. )


Interesting to see the lobby light up on the map. I can see why people are getting laggy bops3 games now because the bops netcode is happy to connect people from different continents across the globe into the same lobby. . In some cases I couldn't believe I was being connected to Africa and US.


So now...with netduma

I have managed to at least half my ping s all while youtube being watched and minecraft being played and Facebook being vewed elsewhere on the house network


Bops3 games have been ultra responsive and smooth. And 10 times more fun because of it..


So this is just my initial impression, and I do have a few things will raise elsewhere, but, in general, I'm very impressed.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Internet problems resolved

Virgin giving me a nice 6-7ms on speedtest.com. 

Netduma telling 20-25ms to bops servers

successfully using host filtering to a handful of servers in

northern France or Germany.


I bought the netduma primarily for the Congestion control and it has definitely improved things,

I look forward to the updates on this front. So yes,   ...marriage safe for now...I think....


There is one unexpected benefit which I must thank you for….


I know you can network monitor on other routers but the network monitoring live rolling graph on the duma software makes it nice and clear what is using how much.


And it turns out that my daughters (9 and 10) have been staying up rather late watching YouTube videos which I never knew about.


It was very funny,

watching the network monitor on my tablet seeing a very high vita and ipad data stream after 11pm on a school night i ventured upstairs

then seeing the vita and the ipad data stream drop off as I approached their bedroom,

then peeking in to see them “fast asleep”,

then see the data stream start up again as I went back down stairs…. 


…..Suffice to say vitas and ipads are now left outside the bedrooms at bedtime....


 Sorry Kids…..

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