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  1. Until they sort out the superhub 3 (issues with firmware causing massive jitter and lag) then steer clear of virgin for gaming. Also , as far I can see bt automatically prioritise gaming packets and don't cap upload on all packages. But you have to specifically get gamer 200 to have the same on virgin. But to get virgin gamer 200 (as a new virgin customer) you need to have the superhub 3. So.. ...
  2. I think it is just misidentified servers. All the lawbreaker servers are showing as us but im getting 20-30ms from uk every game. There are some hit detection issues in some games but i think they are related to there being no african nor , possibly, eastern euro servers. So all these players are being shoved into eu servers with the resultant high pings. There are south African players complaining about this on the lb forum and they are quoting 200+ms to eu servers. This could be the source of your hit detection issues, and I dont think duma can do much about that.
  3. ‚ÄčIve listed a Lawbreakers "US located" server ID: ea233803c089999e that was pinging 20ms from UK in the incorrect locations list http://forum.netduma.com/topic/18965-cloud-incorrect-locations/?p=157410 this looks like maybe another one. (There is probably a cluster of them)
  4. Right (i put this already in the new games for geo thread but as this is the official list im copying here) Lawbreakers Server ID: ea233803c089999e Server location: East Coast US Ping: 22ms My location: UK (West Coast)
  5. Hi Fraser, long time since ive been here hope things are well. Im playing Lawbreakers on PS4, its a great game Ive just checked a few games and im getting connected to ea233803c089999e at 20-30 ms from UK but it shows as east cost US
  6. On PC they definitely have a system in place that continually adapts the individual send and receive server and client tick rates according to client network quality. Maybe that's why they recommend no qos. I'm not sure they have the same system on console though. They said they were looking into it but then I read a post on the blizzard forums that seemed to imply it was already deployed. Ive had 2 ps4s on 70 70 and hyperlanes now for ages without any issues. I'll give it a shot without to see. Though its hard to tell when things go wrong in Overwatch due to the nature of the game. Every death always feels unfair especially those roadhog hooks or spamzo headshots....
  7. Happy to help test Overwatch. especially as Blizzard advise people to turn off all QoS and trafiic /management/shaping on routers to optimise game network performance. on PS4 in UK with Virgin Cable
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