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  1. have you tried this set up without the switch though so that your pc and console are wired directly to your duma instead? Also due to your setup does this mean that you are running wi-fi on your own router and the duma? i know this can sometimes cause issues if so! And yeah it's frustrating when companies do this with their tech and make it so that you are made to have to just use their hardware rather than making it compatible for multiple setup situations!
  2. Proper enjoyed reading through this post to be quite honest, thank you for taking the time type it sir
  3. Dude i am always serious! except when im not lol
  4. Yeah i get you dude, I payed what is a lot of money for me tbh for my R1 too and i cannot afford the XR500 either otherwise i probs would upgrade! And yeah If i am totally honest i probably am a little frustrated as again like you, i was totally excited for the new Os! Disrespected though! No! I don't feel disrespected in the slightest! Because i understand that sometimes in life, shit happens! And the devs just like me are only human and sometimes saying very little is better than constantly saying lots of different things and when i stop and think about it and consider things, maybe they are just as frustrated at these turns of events too! But at the end of the day the bottom line is no matter what they came out and said! whether now yesterday or last year, If its not what a particular collective of people want to hear then still there will be complaints! "You just can't please all the people all of the time", "only some of the people some of the time"!
  5. I cannot confirm this or deny it as i do not own one! It wouldn't surprise me if there was a bug or two as there is no such thing as perfect and in my experience of software, It is quite common for something new to have such things no matter how long in development but then that is what patches, fixes and updates are for! So If the rumours you have heard are in fact true then i am sure some kind of fix is in the pipeline if the devs are aware of such bugs
  6. I totally get what your saying dude but sometimes in life, it makes sense that things totally make no sense! It just is what it is and thats the sense of it!
  7. haha i know, it made me smile reading this! It was like he was thinking out loud or having a convo with his self lol #DumaArmyRock
  8. yeah and the congestion control on 70/70 for up and down I think.....That should give you games hosted within your radius! Also always try and make the changes before you load the game up!
  9. Nice looking routers though for sure! Its a shame we don't have an option to buy one of these for the better hardware and then flash them with the Duma os software! Maybe in an ideal world lol
  10. Well im guessing it probably did happen as I did receive an invite to a netduma beta test but unfortunately was unable to participate as I am going through a separation at the moment and a lot of things of mine was still at the property i no longer lived in (the netduma r1 being one of them). That said I do remember reading that it was only going to be a select few to minimize bugs and things and people affected by them should there be any potential problems!
  11. Who knows, it's a new OS so maybe licensing or other legislation's for it have changed! Im not an expert on such things! But they changed terms and conditions plenty on psn with updates to it all the time and facebook and the like! Again though this is just a theory, and there seem to be a lot of those floating around at the moment, so i think its best to just wait and see what materializes again though, thats just my opinion! Lets face it! Life has a way of throwing up unforseen curveball's all the time!
  12. could it just be a faulty unit maybe! Could you not ring their customer services tell them your a network guy and have tried all the basic stuff and ask if they can replace for a new XR500 and RMA your current one
  13. Nice one Duma guys Thoroughly enjoyed reading everyones posts as well, nice thread on the whole, enjoy all the hype and speculation and waiting to see what materializes at the end of it all Happy gaming one and all ho ho ho ;P
  14. yeah first film was awesome, much better than i expected. Apparently the director or producer or writer...not sure which has said that they would be happy to make a 3rd too!!!
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