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  1. Hi Fraser, i haven't waited for it to time out to be fair. I go to my computer, turn on the VPN via DumaOS, do what i need to do then when i return its disconnected and sometimes (rarely) the script, username and password has scuttled off somewhere. One of AirVPN's selling points is that there is no time limit so i don't think its disconnecting their end due to inactivity? I will try another script from AirVPN and let you know. Cheers
  2. Hi Jack, i only lose the VPN line, the standard fibre connection is still "live". I do have an ad blocker but that is disabled for my Duma's URL. Have not rebooted the router since i upgraded to duma OS and i will try another script from airVPN, ill let you know. Cheers
  3. I have an issue with the Hybrid VPN where it seems to disconnect itself and, on occasions, it completely wipes the OpenVPN script, username and password from the advanced VPN settings tab, any takers??
  4. So its safe to say that unless improved wifi is REALLY important to you, stick with the R1??
  5. Cheers for the vid fella!! It confirmed my initial thoughts of not bothering with the NetGear XR500. I have a netgear modem and an apple airport/time machine in bridge mode (for the wifi/extra switch sockets) all hooked up to the R1. All my gaming is done hard wired so investing in better wifi capability (if it is better than what I have) is pointless. I suppose the only question is one that cannot be answered until April, will the R1 hardware stand up to the demands of the new DumaOS?? I don't feel let down by NetDuma for partnering with Netgear, this was bound to happen down the line at some point, excellent products always get hoovered up by the big boys!! Lets see what April brings.
  6. Hi Guys, i got the following error message (see attached) when updating, any pointers???
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